Saturday, April 7, 2012

AMW Wears: Le Bunny Bleu

A couple of weeks ago, I got this cute box with a cute bunny staring at me in a candy blue colored box!  It came straight from Korea....

Le Bunny Bleu

Check out what's inside!  Yay!!! It's another boots!  I own a suede brown boots which I bought from Greenhills many years ago and I want to kick myself for not purchasing the black version!  I guess the feeling of regret can be thrown out to the trash can....

Le Bunny Bleu is a shoe company started from New York, and today, they have more than 80 shops in the world and I believe the brand would like to knock on Asia Pacific market!  

Everyone knows my love for comfort amidst the "cuteness".  I wore it right away and indeed, it passed my "comfort test" and I will be taking this with me on my Tokyo trip!

The shoes is quite versatile because you can wear the pair with shorts, leggings or skinny jeans!  You can fold the shoes to show the checkered design or leave it all the way up for that chic, classy look!

LE Bunny Bleu No. 2495 is available in 3 different colors, Black, Beige and Khaki.  They are sold out at the moment on site, probably because it is winter time in most countries!  For the price of Php3,308.99 (converted rate), I think the price is okay as that was the price of good, quality Cow Suede plus Wool Fabric that I got way back when I was still working in China.

The only downside of this is that you need to go to the Pasay customs office to pick this up!  I guess, this online shopping is definitely for people who are used to purchasing online and picking items up at the post office or customs office.

What can I say about the comfort?  Well, I brought this pair with me on my Tokyo Trip and guess what?  I wore it for 2 days straight, even walked for almost 8 hours straight at the Disney Sea and my feet aren't complaining at all!  My legs were!  I haven't been walking this long for quite some time (plus I'm not getting any younger by the way!  *laughs*)

 Inside the JR Railway

For those who aren't comfortable wearing boots in a hot, tropical country like ours, do check out their other shoe designs!!!  These are some cute ones that I would go for next!

And a whole lot more!!!!
Have you seen their site? Which pair tickled your fancy?

UPDATE: Le Bunny Bleu will be available in Manila Philippines!  Visit Le Bunny Bleu at Shangri-La Mall!

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