Sunday, April 8, 2012

Japan Report: Tokyo Disney Sea!

Happy Easter Day everyone!  Is it okay to pause the weekend food trip post just for something even more exciting? :D  

We allotted just ONE DAY to get back  into our childhood, Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea?  After talking to friends who have visited Tokyo and research, we came in to the final conclusion --- Tokyo DisneySea it is!

We arrived in a sunny, yet super windy day at Tokyo DisneySea, but before I share to you more about our experiences here, the route is worth mentioning! 

P.S.  This is the only picture of Mr. AMW and myself together, unlike Hong Kong Disneyland and  Universal Studios in Singapore, tripod aren't allowed!  I wouldn't mind though, it was VERY windy that day and I am sure a lot of cameras will topple down!  

Wherever you're staying, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are accessible via the JR Railway and Tokyo Metro Subway.  If you have an Apple gadget, you can download and you can use the app anytime even without internet connection to get the answer on how to go to a specific location and which line to take!  This is a very useful application, if you do not have an Apple gadget, thanks to Rowena for sharing THIS ONLINE SITE, you can search via internet before you leave the hotel and note everything down.  

Wherever you are in Tokyo, take a train ride connected to KEIYO LINE and go down at the last station called MAIHAMA.

You'll see this..

You will definitely be walking together with a lot  of other people and go into the Disney Resort Line because you have to pay up for another ride!  The Mickey Mouse Train!

It is a bit intimidating to use the machines but do not be scared to ask (even by using hand gestures) as people are very friendly and you'll definitely get the help you need!

A huge map showing the huge "playground"

Since I opted to go straight to Tokyo DisneySea, there is a ticket price on how much one way cost, always look for the ENGLISH button and everything will be in English!

Note: You do not have to click on DisneySea but click on the "amount" going to DisneySea, the board says JPY250.00 (approx Php125.00)  so click the JPY250.00 icon and you can purchase as many tickets you need.

Mickey Mouse train is here!!!

If you plan to get off different stations (Tokyo Disneyland, Hotel areas, Tokyo DisneySea and a lot more), you can opt to purchase "multiple entry tickets", again, we know that Tokyo DisneySea on its own will take almost a day so we went there straight!  

We're here!!!

Purchasing of the Tokyo DisneySea ticket was easy, the people working there can speak English, the old man even complimented my nails!  He said: "CUTE!" *laughs*  He handed us the tickets and Tokyo DisneySea Guide Map in English!

A 1 Day Adult Passport costs JPY6,200 (approx Php3,100).  
 Yes, it is very expensive but it's once in a lifetime :)

I was greeted by the perfectly shaven Mickey Mouse! :)

What I've noticed at the Tokyo DisneySea?  The merchandise are way cuter!  And there are a couple of guests who would wear cute costumes and bring along a lot of their stuffed toys for photo opportunity? :)

So cute!!! 
Not chipmunk...ME!  *laughs*  
Just joking...where was I?

Tokyo Disney Sea is quite big, the area is separated with the following adventures ---

Port Discovery
Visit the scientists of the Center for Weather Control.

StormRider is one must try!  The line was extremely and painfully long, but go for "Fast Pass" by inserting your ticket and another ticket will come out with the time for you to return!  It's worth it!

DisneySea Electric Railway is also there to help you jump into one area to another without much walking.  Line is long but turnover is quick!

American Waterfront
Here you'll find the excitement of big city
and the charms of New England fishing village
Another attraction that has the longest line!  The Tower of Terror.  Go for fast pass card as a lot of screaming and shouting were heard from the outside as tourists tour inside the house!  Too bad the line was too long they have to cut Fast Pass entrance so we gave this a skip.

Here you can also enjoy dining at the S.S. Columbia Dining Room.  Photography in this area is worst!  The wind was too strong they nearly blew my hair away from my scalp!  *laughs*  Exaggeration but the feeling was there! Hahaha

Mediterranean Harbor 
The ambiance of Southern Europe 
and you can even take a ride on a gondola

Lost River Delta 
The ruins of ancients Central American civilization

Arabian Coast 
Genie from the Disney classic film Aladdin is the major attraction here

Mermaid Lagoon 
The world of my favorite Disney character, Ariel

Mysterious Island
Captain Nemo has created this secret base for his explorations
 into the depths of the Earth and  beneath the waves

In here you will find Journey to the Center of the Earth

A couple of rides we enjoyed and was able to (sneakingly) took photos!

A not so scary roller coaster ride that took around 30 seconds even if the wait was 45 minutes!  *laughs*  Don't worry, there's an adult version of this roller coaster that has 360 degrees turn!  Of course we didn't take photos anymore! hahaha

Jasmine's Magic Carpet Ride

Again, lining up is a serious matter!  Though it was a Thursday, I was told that kids were on Spring holiday!  Or Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are jampacked 365 days a year? 

Oh, I've seen the cute bear called Duffy at least once every 5 seconds (not joking at all).  Duffy Bear is quite famous here and people (super young and super old) would carry them around!  Keith and I both felt out of place without one!  Hahaha

Overall, the experience is quite good!  The pain of lining up and meeting up characters is more difficult as compared to my other "theme parks" experiences, please bring in some "snacks" that you can purchase at the train station!  We actually survived 8 hours without lining up on restaurants!  The lines were EXTREMELY long during peak hours even on those popcorn stalls!  

Bento boxes like these are seen EVERYWHERE!  I am seriously amazed on how pretty they package everything!

 Random snacks that tastes ...well I just tried the thin potato crisps and they taste really good!

Though I can't seem to understand the flavors, I went ahead and purchased 2 of these and both tastes good!

 Here's a cute camel that makes a "camel sound" every 5 minutes which scared a lot of girls..and boys! hahaha 

And Mr. AMW likes to kiss her! :P
or look like her?
Don't worry I'm as confused as you :)

 Gorgeous flowers that greeted us even on our way out!

Cherry Blossoms! :)

Overall, it was a lovely experience!  I highly recommend to visit either of the 2 theme parks or if you have enough time, go for both!  It is a type of experience wherein you'll tell your kids and grand kids about it!  :)

Would you visit Tokyo DisneySea if you get the chance to visit Tokyo?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. ang ganda!! nakakainggit! I wanna go to Japan too

    1. I started with wishing, then it happened! :) It took a while but it's all worth it!

  2. For commuting, I loved using to compute fares and the magnetic card called Suica (like HK's Octopus) so that I don't have to purchase tickets everytime. ^_^

    And man, 6200 yen! Even more expensive that the Disneyland in USA! But then it's Disney, it's always worth it ^_^

    1. Claire, I agree, it got more expensive when I went there! But it's a once in a lifetime experience so's okay :)

      I did use the magnetic card, we have 2 days unlimited and bought another 2 at the station , it's easier just walking through the entrance and not worry about purchasing tickets each location we go to!

  3. Wow, I'm so jealous!:D My family went to Tokyo DisneySea a couple of years ago. It was really fun. But yeah, the lines were seriously very long. We also went there during the summer break (which also happen to be Japan's spring break). I saw lots of Duffy merchandise. I was wondering who he is, but he seems to be very popular. I didn't buy one and I greatly regretted it!
    When I went to HK Disneyland last year, I was very surprise to see Duffy merchandise! I finally bought a stuffed toy. He is now happily living in my home and he sleeps on my bed!:))
    I would also love to see Tokyo Disneyland, but I think there is no DisneySea anywhere else, so we chose it over Disneyland.
    Thanks for telling us about I will download this app the next time we visit Japan!:P
    Btw, if you're a fan of Studio Ghibli movies (e.g. Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro), you might want to visit its museum.:) Here the official website:

    1. what??? HK has Duffy too? I was really surprised and even wanted to research who he is on spot! hahahahha

      Thanks for the heads up, I actually saw some Totoro plush toys!!! :) You're lucky you get to buy Duffy even in HK! hehehe thanks dear!

  4. ANG CUTE MOOOOOOOO! Especially dun sa may camel! Now I wanna go to Disney Sea, too! =)

    1. hahahahhaha baka dahil cute si Camel! hahahaha

  5. You seemed to have a lot of fun. That was a cute shot of you riding on that camel and Mr. AMW with the camel too. The place looks fantastic! :)

    1. It is indeed a super fantastic place, I highly recommend anyone to give Tokyo a visit or Japan in general, super love the place!

  6. I absolutely love Disneysea! I've been there twice and loved every moment of it. If I do get to go to Japan with Tim this year, it will definitely be a holiday destination for us :)

    1. Wow twice???? I would want to give Tokyo Disneyland a visit next :D

  7. sis!! thanks for the report :) it feels like as if i am with your trip! (good and bad) i really can't wait to visit jp when i am allowed to :D :D

    1. I will definitely share more so you get to visit too!!! Show these to your parents! change their minds! hehehhe

  8. Thank you for posting this! I booked a trip to Tokyo after reading your posts :). How much time should i allot for Disney Sea. We just have 3 days & 3 nights in Tokyo.

    1. about a day! :) If you plan to line up to a lot of rides, then it'll definitely take a day but if you just plan to look around, then you may go for half a day and scan through quickly! I strongly suggest a day though! :)

  9. Hi, I have a question.
    Do they sell the Disney Mickey Fitflops at
    Disneyland Tokyo?????
    Please let me know , I would luv to find a site where I can buy them...
    I am in the USA...
    thankyou Janie

    1. Sorry wasn't able to answer this! I believe they change merchandise!

  10. mukhang enjoy to the max nga, i love themeparks!

    1. super miss ko na! hahah sorry 3 years after ang reply! now ko lang nakita hahaha when balik mo? miss na kita!


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