Monday, April 9, 2012

Japan Report: Asakusa + Senso-ji Temple

Happy Monday everyone!  To my Philippine-based readers, how was the long holiday?  I'm still in Tokyo today, but it's my last day! *inserts sad face here*  Mr. AMW and myself are enjoying the Japanese culture, the weather, food, etc.. it feels like we've been here forever!  

We were quite professional with our navigation skills and because of that, I was asked several times by strangers for directions!  hahaha  

Speaking about professionalism, I will be reporting about my Tokyo trip differently, I used to blog on a daily basis and share to everyone the things I did in a day, it will not be the case in this travel post because, I love you guys so much I don't want you to take a look at this post for your future Tokyo plans and experience the numbness of legs we've been experiencing at this very moment!  *laughs*

Dora, The Explorer, you've got a competition here!  *ME!*

Because a lot of you shared your interest about this trip, I will be writing a post base on the each area!  Today, I'll share the place closest to our hearts --- ASAKUSA!

As you all know, I picked the hotel at Asakusa area because I am for the Old Town feel!  It doesn't hurt that the hotel we are staying have these as our view....

Cherry Blossoms at Sumida River Park
Plus the famous Sumida River is just around the corner!

Tokyo Sky Tree 
Lucky us that we do not need to get off our hotel room, we see this view day and night right at the balcony of our hotel room!  Tokyo Sky Tree is a radio tower constructed July 14, 2008 and recently completed on February 29, 2012!

The Asahi Flame
The golden flame  which we saw immediately on the night we got off the train station is known as "Flamme d'Or" which means flame of gold.  This is actually represent Asahi Beer! This too, is very much visible at the hotel room! 

Random old men and women playing "golf" at the park! :) 

 Cute Vending Machines

 Cute and unique merchandise being sold at tourist spots
Price points aren't bad!

 Random dogs, big and small roaming around the streets of Asakusa!

We were quite lucky that the day we left the hotel a bit later than usual, we heard loud drums from our hotel room, as we took a peek at the park, there were a lot of people and tourists at the park!  There was a festival of sorts and thank God we caught the drum performance!

 It was a drum with a bit of dance number!

Very cool old Japanese men holding their high-tech cameras sharing photos and tips on taking good shots! :)

Gorgeous women in Kimonos

 A quick demonstration on how to wear Kimono

Cherry Blossoms up close and personal!

Now, if you visit Asakusa, a must visit place is the Senso-ji Temple!  Senso-ji Temple is 10 minutes walk away from the Dormy Inn Hotel, Asakusa, after asking the hotel concierge the direction to the temple, we were given a detailed map of the temple!  Quick tip?  If you're lost, just follow tour buses and tour groups!  We did that and we were guided to the right direction!!! *laughs*

Senso-ji Temple is Tokyo's oldest temple found during the 7th century dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy.  According to my research, this temple was founded by 2 fishermen who were able to pull out a golden statue of Kannon from the sea, from there people flock to pay their respect!

You will immediately see the entrance of the temple with a massive paper lantern.

A traditional Japanese slippers but this was in "giant" version!  You'll see a pair of these on both sides of the entrance.

Five storey Pagoda

We did what the locals do! :)  
Even Chinese does this so it's not unusual for us!

The temple has a street leading from the Thunder Gate (front gate) to the temple itself, Nakamise-Dori is the name and here you will see various shops selling souvenirs and food!

Random food stalls and souvenir shops

Banana Chocolate is quite famous here

 Cute trinkets

Mini Games to play

Yoyo Balloon

Yokitori sticks

 Erm, I'm not really sure what this is?

Nearing the main temple entrance, it is time to do this!  Each visitor who plans to visit any temples in Japan must follow this...

 I did, eventhough the water was dead cold! hehehe

Inside the main hall
This opens 6:00am to 5:00pm

I played it by the ear and said a silent prayer and threw a coin and make as loud sound as possible!

The detail of the huge lantern

Overall, Senso-Ji Temple is a must visit, the temple ground (except main hall) is always open!  To prove a point, we went there around 11:00pm to take photos at night and it was even better at night as there wasn't much people around and the temple is well lit!

If you plan to visit Senso-ji Temple,  ADMISSION IS FREE and it is just a few steps away from Asakusa Station.  It doesn't hurt that the night view of the Tokyo Sky Tree...

 and the Asahi Flame is there to guide you and you won't get lost! 

Do you like to visit Asakusa and Senso-ji Temple after reading this post?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. These photos are beautiful. It looks like you guys are having a great vacation :)

    1. We did have fun!! awww we want to go back for sure!

  2. Those drums are called TAIKO! So lucky! I didn't see those taiko performance and ladies in kimono during my trip there last March. Probably coz it was raining. ^_^

    And I must say, your hotel is really great! You get to see Tokyo Sky Tree everyday!

    1. Taiko! thanks! We were still inside the hotel room when we heard the drums and rushed outside!!! :)

      I'm lucky to see Tokyo Sky Tree everyday on different sky color!!!

  3. yes, i would love to visit this place!!! the cherry blossoms are lovely! :)

    1. Naku sis, save up and who knows di ba? I'm sure your son will enjoy Disneyland/Disneysea!

  4. It's so great seeing Asakusa once more, it's been over a year since my last visit ;__;

    The last vendor is most probably Okonomiyaki :) it's a kind of Japanese pancake/pizza thing, you should definitely try it (but it contains plenty of seafood, be aware!)

    1. Wow! We actually wanted to try Okonomiyaki but we were just done with our Breakfast at the hotel when we visited so our tummy doesn't have any space..NONE at all!!!

    2. There should be more chances to try it, for sure :) Although the best Okonomiyaki is in Osaka, not Tokyo >..<

  5. It is so nice to see Asakusa yet again, it's been over a year since my last visit ;__;

    The last vendor is most probably Okonomiyaki :) It's a Japanese pancake/pizza thing, made with cabbage batter and other ingredients you chose by yourself. Definitely try it, although there's plenty of seafood included, so beware!

  6. I admire your researching skills! I'm actually planning to visit Cebu, probably this May? I think I'm going to need your tips! I'm travelling alone! For the first time so I'm a little bit scared! eeeeh! Keith reminds me a bit of my officemate! haha!

    1. Cebu? Hmm..basta, do read a lot of reviews and google on areas you want to visit and you'll read some blog posts or forums about a place you travel! Tips? Basta..just pack light, always wear sunblock, tapos keep your belongings close to you at all times! I research the night before para masiksik ang oras talaga :D


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