Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Japan Report: Akihabara

Akihabara Day is the day for Mr. AMW!  Who would have thought the "a couple of hours" visit turned into a half day adventure?  

Akihabara is known as the "Electric Town", when they say Electric Town, they mean every single word!  The place was filled with computers, anime and Otaku goods (Otaku refers to someone who has a devlotion to a subject or hobby.)  In simpler terms, it'll be makeup for us girls! :P

Once we got out of the station, my eyes scanned on the streets right away (as I'm a trained dog! *laughs) I immediately exclaimed "Yodobashi, Akiba!" and Mr. AMW told me it's quite a famous building and he's actually including it as part of his itinerary!

The building is closer to the JR Line but since we're coming from the Metro Hibiya Line, you have to walk a bit to arrive in this building!  Various vending machines are available for you to stop and have a drink!

Now that we're refreshed and ready, we got in to the Yodobashi, Akiba building and scanned on the floor guide!  We do not plan to go for building to buildings and floor per floor but we like taking the elevator ride to the top most floor and scan all the way down!  Trust me, everything is faster that way! :)

My attention was caught from the "battery" area!  I saw a cute display of ENELOOP rechargeable batteries with Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs!

Then there's a Panasonic version with One Piece characters Luffy and Chopper!  We actually went for this! :)  Mr. AMW won big time! :D  

It actually wasn't even a competition at all, I told Mr. AMW that One Piece characters in a rechargeable battery is more unique! 

I've seen a whole lot more gadgets but I guess, my eyes were trained to look into stuff that are interesting  to me and Mr. AMW, just like the Asus super slim laptop in metal pink and black color. 

I also tried the Graphics Tablet which was a bit too difficult to navigate but I'm sure whoever's gifted with drawing skills can use this easily!

Arcade games played by both young and old and the SUPER young! :P

Did you know that I went straight to the Information counter and asked for Sergeant Keroro stuff?  I was told there were NONE at the whole 6-storey building!   I wasn't disappointed though, look at how many other characters that suits your "Kawaii" taste.

Some of the cashiers can speak a bit of English and some, even Mandarin!

One Piece New Merchandise
You get to purchase them in boxes but wouldn't know what's inside!  Mr. AMW and I gave it a try and purchased 2!  Each one of us picked one and I'll tell you what we got at the latter part of the post! :)

More characters

Going Merry and Thousand Sunny

Mr. AMW trying out the PSP Vita

Random PSP casing

Kiddie AND Adult games! *hehehe*


Casts of Doraemon

Chibi Anime Characters

Sexy anime girls 

Various gunpla



Very cute display of Doraemon with different expressions

It took us almost 3 full hours inside the building!  Mr. AMW and I separated for an hour because I planned to check out some cosmetics!  Yes girls, the building's 4th floor has personal care and cosmetics!

Ninja shots taken by my iPhone as photography I think isn't allowed? (not sure)

Random flat and curling iron

Shiseido's Integrate Cosmetics


 Esprique Cosmetics

 Random Japanese Made Cosmetics 
some I haven't seen or heard of! :)

As soon as we planned to get out of the building to walk around the street, a strong gust of wind greeted us and it was extremely cold and windy!  We've decided to put our feet to rest and visit the famous Gundam Cafe!  

And it wasn't easy to line up outside the cafe if your legs are extremely tired, you can't feel your ears and face from the cold, and you're hungry!  *laughs*  But of course, the last girl on the lineup was still able to "pose" and give a peace sign for the camera!  *winks* :P

After around 30 minutes of waiting, we finally got in!  You can request for English menu as they have one available.  We went for Matcha Latte.

Frau's Concern - Garlic toast and soup
Granada Lunar Pizza - a crispy-crust pizza created in the image of Granada's Lunar surface. Served with spicy salsa.

This is what you will see at the cashier area!

A flat screen television was there to show the various Gundam History

After our quick snack, we went to the next door "Gundam Store" and purchased freshly made Gundam character custard pie.

I'm not a custard fan but I actually LOVE it!  Mr. AMW *obviously* loved it too!

As our tummy were filled with a bit of "this and that"  *lol* we walked around the streets of Akihabara and see just how many people crosses the street in every 5 minutes?

So  many things to see but so little time!

We reached night time at Akihabara

Overall, we've found a lot of stuff but One Piece items definitely ruled the city!

Speaking about One Piece, we were quite excited with the box we each picked, to our glee, check out how lucky we were!  

We've got Luffy and Boa Hancock!
See?  Even in anime characters, LOVE rules! :P

Random photo of what Mr. AMW does when he visits another country, hoard on unique Coca-Cola bottles!  

For a beauty lover, would you go to Akihabara?
I am surprised I squealed with delight with all the cute anime characters I've seen!  

For me, yes it's definitely a must visit!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Haha last month i went to exact same place you visited! I remember the curling iron and makeup section and i bought a great curling iron and a lot of bubble hair dye!!:P
    Im so going back there, so fun!

    1. Hi Carla! Wow, I just want to purchase more but I have enough curling and flat iron to curl 10 heads if I have 5 sets of hands! hahahaha :)

      I wanted to kick myself for not buying the Liese Bubble Hair Dye, I was busy looking for "gifts" for family !

  2. The snack is called Gunplayaki. I totally love that!

    Gundam cafe's so cuuuuuute! I wasn't able to try it because of the long lines! You sure are patient. ^_^

    1. Gunplayaki! that's a super cute name! thanks for helping out!!! Mr. AMW mentioned this is the best custard snack he tried! :D

  3. I have to save up to be able to get myself and hubby in this wonderland! Hubby loves Gundam! Baka gustuhin nya nang tumira sa Gundam Cafe! hahaha!!! =D

    1. Sis, you really have to save up and I'm sure both you and hubby will enjoy this place!!!

  4. Parang I want to live there na!!! =D

    1. go lang! pwede naman, kaso ..may closing pa din siguro ang pagtira hahaha

  5. You are KILLING me with your photos, Nikki! Akihabara was one of my favourite places to visit. It's very difficult dragging me out of each store, and even more not to buy anything! :P

    1. Oh Tine! You'll spend all your savings if you buy something from EACH store! Trust me you'll go crazy, Keith is lucky his wife has self control! hahahaha

  6. "See? Even in anime characters, LOVE rules!"---I really love your funny/cheesy one liners!

    1. LOL! Sorry for the cheesy one liners hahah you know me! :P I get too cheesy at times! Blame..ahmm..blame my mom and dad!

  7. I love your comment about Boa and Luffy :3 If it were me though, I'd be wishing to get either Sanji or Zoro! heehee

    1. Naku sis, no chance of choosing! hahahahhaa pero alam mo? I was really wishing for anything basta with LUFFY on it, look at his face! Isn't he adorable there??? :D

  8. I sure would love to go there! :) Luffy and Boa Hancock were cute! :D

    1. I'm sure you'll love it there! It covers your love for cosmetics/skincare and ANIME!

  9. One Piece xD
    soooo cute! my friend is going back home (japan) and I am need to ask if she can find these for me xD

    1. I'm sure your friend won't have a hard time as you can find One Piece merchandise EVERYWHRE! But for the exact one we got, it's at Akihabara area as it is quite new! :)

  10. grabe! the anime characters you got are soooo cute! resembles you and Mr. AMW! :)

    1. aww thanks sis! Mega "apir" kami ni Mr. AMW when we found what's inside the box! :D

  11. was Esprique cheaper there sis? cute naman ng toy picks nyo haha!

    1. we don't have Esprique locally for me to compare pero not bad the price just like Majolica and other brands na mala Drugstore sa kanila :D


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