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AMW Reports: Block & White - Lightest Lotion to Date

Let's go down to memory line.
If you are a long time reader of my blog, you probably remember how I was part of the Vaseline's Roadtrip of a Lifetime (full story HERE) , it was a fun, memorable trip and I can't help but smile each time I reminisce those days!  

During our road trip, we were each given a Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 Triple Lightening Lotion and I really LOVE this product!  (Read review here)  I got my sister hooked on this product too as she always mention to me how "light" the product feels and how good it smells!  

Then, early this week, I was invited for Block & White event, which surprised me by the way as later on I realized Block & White is under Unilever (same company who makes Vaseline), I kept mum but I have these thoughts in mind: "This is going to be one sticky night!"

Yes, you read it right, I have a colleague way back who uses Block & White lotion after EVERY lunch hour and each time I touch her, I felt the stickiness of the lotion so I always have this impression on how sticky Block & White Lotions are!

The event proved me wrong!  And I'm not saying it just because they served us good food!  *laughs*  I don't easily get swayed!  :P

The event was held at Casa Marcos, Burgos Circle.  :)

Tables were set and the ambiance was very relaxing!
Side note, it is a perfect location for night outs or even date nights!

Going back to the event, it was a relaxed, informal get-together as all the bloggers know each other, we caught up over delicious food! 

Gretchen King, Brand Manager for Unilever Skin Products, welcomed everyone and introduced us the star of the night.  The brand that pioneered whitening in the Philippines and I have to agree!

 Jheng and I laughed on how much we knew about the product lines that Block & White came out  (Block & White Ultima!) during "those 19-forgotten days". 

Did you know that ---
  • Block & White launched the first whitening lotion year 1993!  (Some of you weren't even born yet!)
  • The first Whitening Soap was launched year 1995. (If you're still not born in this year, I'm starting to hate you! #justsaying lol)
  • The first Whitening Deodorant from the same brand was launched 1997.
  • Year 2002, Block & White launched the first whitening lotion with SPF!
  • Block & White means BLOCKing the sun and WHITEning.

I used to dislike the idea of using whitening products as I've always thought of them as chemically-laden products that would make me look unnaturally white!  After attending several events about skin talk, I learned that whitening products are there not only to "lighten" up your skin but to give protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.  It also helps make your skin looks healthier, more vibrant and of course, even-toned!

All new Block & White Lotions
in new packaging

  • Block and White Pearly White UV Lotion (Pearly Powder)
  • Block and White Spotless White UV (Japanese Rice)
  • Block and White Spotless White UV (Papaya)
  • 25ml Php15.00 (for Pearly White and Spotless White Papaya)
  • 100 ml Php64.00
  • 200ml Php112.00
  • 350ml Php180.00
Everyone went out to give the new Block & White lotion a try and we all shared the same thoughts!
  • Smells WONDERFUL!
  • Very light and gets absorbed into the skin easily.
  • No heavy, nor sticky feel.
  • The packaging looks cuter and perfect for the younger generations! (Spoken like a true mature lady!)

The effectiveness of  3x more whitening actives and natural ingredients won't be visible for now, it's too early to tell!  But I'm really impressed with the 3 variants they came up with!  All of them smells wonderful and gets absorbed into the skin in no time!  Out of all the variant, the Pearl Powder is my favorite!  Aside from its sweet-smelling, long-lasting scent, the fact that it contains pearl powder is something I'm quite excited about!  I'll tell you why....

Chinese loves to use finely ground up pearls and use it in skin treatments and cosmetics!  I myself have tried drinking a tiny bit of pearl powder which my brother bought from China, I can't say if it worked or not as I wasn't consistent!  *laughs*  My mom shared to me that other moms would drink pearl powders during pregnancy so they will have a fairer-looking kid!

To cut the side story short!  The fact that the brand has this variant makes it unique, interesting and very refreshing!  I will definitely try this variant out and I will share to you my in-depth reviews soon!

**Bloggers and friends from Unilever and MRM
top: Next
shorts: from Malaysia

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  1. Hi Nikki! I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time now and noticed how cute your outfits always are (totally unrelated!). Would you consider coming up with fashion entries as well? I really like and can relate to your girly style! :D

    1. hey! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! I do put on a bit of some outfit that I wore but I really haven't thought of creating a special fashion post! hahahah I felt the way I dress is usually leaning on "pa-cute" hahahah but I appreciate it that you find my style girly! Thank you! Will TRY my best to share some outfit shots! But please..walang high expectation ha? hahahaha :) Take care

  2. Hi do you think block and white lotion is safe for kids 8 yrs and above?

    1. I would prefer you use a sunblock that's safe for kids rather than let your kids use a whitening lotion at a young age. :)

  3. hi! im 4 months pregnant and i just want to ask if is it safe to use b&w intensive whitening lotion while im pregnant? thanks ;-)

    1. Check with your OB I believe it is much better not to use any product with whitening ingredients, but at the end of the day, it boils down to the measures you will go through to make sure no harm will happen to your baby! :) Congrats!

  4. maglalabas paba ng block&white ultima?

  5. Whitening products are not only widely used to whiten the skin, but, to treat several ailments also. My little sister had a skin issue before she uses Block and White Spotless White Japanese Rice and Camellia Oil that we bought at almost two years ago. Everything went good. I'm very thankful that we discovered the wonders of Block and White products. Thank you so much for this post!


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