Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Krazy Garlik

I am very proud of the group of friends I have!  We may not see each other often but we make time to catch up at least 3 times a y ear!  No matter how long the "gap" is, it felt like our lives where put on pause and we were just trekking on different roads holding hands!  (Yes!  We're the holding hands kind!  *lol*)
So when one of my college friend texted me for a mini get-together, I didn't hesitated as it has been a while since our last meetup!  When asked where, I immediately went for Krazy Garlik!  I've seen the restaurant, been invited to an event but failed to go, liked the Garlic stuffed toy so much but never tried the food!  So thanks to my friends who agreed on the venue and look at who greeted us at the Krazy Garlic entrace!

Pole-dancing Garlic!  *laughs*
SO cute!!!

Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad
Php275.00 (approx $6.40) for Regular - photo below
Php475.00 (approx $11.00) to Share
 A refreshing Asian salad mix with cucumber, bell peppers, onions and 
oriental chicken strips tossed in sesame lime dressing.  
Topped with fried wanton and peanut sauce.

What I love about this salad is the way it was well shredded into tiny bits and pieces making it easier to enjoy each flavors even more!  The extra crunchy wanton made the texture special.

Krazy Garlik Porkchops
Php550.00 (approx $12.80)
Thick and juicy grilled pork chops 
served with mashed potato in creamy mushroom sauce
This was my friend's order but she nicely offered me to have a quick taste and I did!  The pork chop is indeed grilled to perfection, well done but very juicy!  The mashed potato is very flavorful, I can taste the butter used!  My friend loves the mashed potato, I would enjoy it more with extra gravy on the side! (Personal choice!)

Mongolian Beef
Php525.00 (approx $12.20)
Thin slices of premium beef, turnips, onion with their own Mongolian sauce
 This is our order!  I am in love!  This is not the regular Mongolian Beef you try in other restaurants, the chef obviously created a unique Mongolian sauce that can only be tasted at Krazy Garlik!  The beef is very succulent to taste and I can't help but nod and enjoy each flavorful bite!  A bit pricey in my opinion but worth to treat yourself good quality beef once in awhile!

Hara Kiri
Php245.00 (approx $5.70) for regular
Spicy fried rice with chilies, squid, shrimps and bacon
2 of my friends ordered Hara Kiri and the funny thing is, the level of spiciness of both bowls were different, we were told that we cannot request on "mild", "moderate" or "extra hot" so I don't get why one is spicier than the other!

This bowl of rice is not for the faint-hearted!  You have to be someone (like me) who really enjoys and thrive for spicy food to enjoy this dish!

Infinity Drinks - Iced Tea or Lemonade
Php110.00 (approx $2.55)
My favorite Iced Tea to date!  Well, next to Wendy's!  *hahaha*  But seriously, I'm happy that their Iced Tea and Lemonade are bottomless as I love this iced tea so much I even changed the minds of soda drinkers on our table! :)

Overall, Krazy Garlik is called "Krazy Garlik" because of the presence of garlic in their dishes!  I was expecting to leave the restaurant with the need to buy fresh mints but it isn't even needed!  The use of garlic was just right and the taste of garlic NEVER overpowers the dish!  

With regards to the price, prices were moderately expensive!  But you get what you pay for, good, quality food, wonderful ambiance and very clean washrooms!  

I don't get the Alice in Wonderland theme but the garlic looks cute nevertheless so I'm okay with it! :)

There's one thing that boggled my head about Krazy Garlik, Greenbelt 5 branch (where we had our dinner), as we paid our own meal, it is normal to ask help from servers or cashier to break down the money, we were advised by 2 servers that Krazy Garlik in Greenbelt 5 do not have their own cashier.  I immediately asked what they do if customers pay cash and needed change, it was explained to me that they request for "cash paying" customers to pay the exact amount (as much as possible) as can't commit to give you a change!

I know, sounds absurd right?  But true story!

Anyone who dined at Krazy Garlik,GB5?  Would you please clarify if this is true? :)

Things may be a weird at the latter part of the evening but we enjoyed the evening catching up!  To me, food will always taste better with good friends around! :)

Krazy Garlik
Second Floor Greenbelt 5
Tel. Nos.(632)501-3752 to 53

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. the pole-dancing Garlic is hilarious! LOL.

    That whole paying the exact amount is absurd alright! I've never been to a resto with that kind of a requirement. How odd!

    1. so cute right? I had a huge smile looking at it!

      Same here, it was odd that they said that, must be because it's closing and they don't want to break down the money? I don't know! Beats me!

  2. Awe! What a YUMMY place to meet up with friends :) Great weekend!

    1. Thanks, yup, the place is great to catch up, it wasn't too noisy!

  3. Replies
    1. yon nga eh! that was the exact reaction on my part! As in WEIRD! ganon ang sinabi ko! hahahaha

  4. so why put up a restaurant if you can't install your own cashier?!


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