Thursday, May 24, 2012

AMW Reviews: Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cleansing Oil

One cleansing oil after another, I can see how much I love to cleanse my face with the help of cleansing oils even if I don't use much makeup!  

It must be the relaxing feel of massaging the lightweight oil onto your face and leave it for a couple of seconds, I'm not sure if it helps in making my skin feels smooth but I'm loving the way my skin feels after every wash! 

The most recent cleansing oil brand I use came from a brand you wouldn't expect to have cleansing oils --- Revlon.

Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cleansing Oil

Revlon Cleansing Oil says ---
The Absolute C Radiance Moisture range works to protect skin from harmful environmental effects and restore radiance.  It incorporates a breakthrough intense delivery system, which continuously releases high stable Vitamin C.  Combined with marine extracts it boosts hydration for smoother and more radiant skin.  With continuous use, you will experience an exceptional illuminated complexion.

A deep cleansing oil for quick and easy removal of makeup and skin impurities.  Contains moisturizing ingredients to leave skin fresh, soft and radiant without stripping skin of its natural oils.


Net Wt.: 130ml

AMW says ---
  • Very simple, clear pump packaging making it easy to see how much product is left.
  • Expiration date clearly printed on box.
  • Very lightweight, doesn't emulsify as much as other brands but effectively remove all traces of makeup.
  • Citrus (orange) scent.  Anyone familiar with car freshener "My Shaldan" in Orange?  Smells exactly the same, I don't mind, I love it!
  • Skin feels oil-free yet moisturized immediately after wash.
  • No skin irritations occur during the span of usage.
  • Can remove hard-to-remove mascaras and gel liners.
  • Doesn't blur out my vision BUT my eyes tear up a bit even several minutes after washing.  
  • Price

From a brand that's known for makeup and not cleansing, I wasn't expecting a lot from Revlon's Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cleansing Oil.  Imagine the shock of my life when it removes even the hard-to-remove mascaras and gel liners!  The cleansing oil is very light-weight, feels "almost like water" yet very effective in terms of cleansing!

  • Pump 2-3 times for the whole face.
  • Gently massage the cleansing oil with your fingertips and add a bit of water to emulsify.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and don't forget to follow up with your choice of facial cleanser.
  • Since this product puts me to tears, I prefer to skip application on the eye area and leave it to eye makeup removers that are made for sensitive eyes. 
  • Remove eye makeup with the help of cotton bud and cotton pads.  
Will I repurchase?
Not for now.  I still have loads of cleansing oils to use.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Those who dislikes the heavy feel of regular cleansing oil.  This is one of the lightest cleansing oil I've tried to date.

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally, at Revlon counters for Php550.00 (approx $12.80).

Have you heard about Revlon's Cleansing Oil?
How many cleansing oils have you finished up?  I can't count mine!!! I'm sure it's more than 10!!! *laughs*

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. so true!! had no idea they have a cleansing oil! i would check that out bec im curious what its orange scent is like. :D

    1. Di ba? hahahah I was surprised as well! But this is surprisingly super light and refreshing!

  2. wow, this is affordable! really? you already finished a LOT of cleansing oils! :)

    1. oo sis! SUPER DAMI NA! more than 10 bottles for sure!!!!

  3. I actually have no clue that Revlon has a skincare range...I would definitely try those once they hit US...

    1. I've seen them around at counters but they're usually at the corner or at the bottom shelves so people don't see it much! :)

  4. I don't see any vitamin C in the ingredients...

    1. They did claim to have Vitamin C though not written on box, which I think most cosmetics company do not list down ALL the ingredients, with the brightening effect and scent, i have a feeling they have at least the tiniest amount of it :)

  5. i used this once upon a time, because i bought the classic revlon colorstay foundation with soft plex for oily combo skin, which is a foundation you can actually swim in, LOL
    BUT each time i'd use it, i'd get welts on my face, so i ended up having a really pricey brush cleaner =(
    sayang ang bango pa naman nitey

    1. ahhhh, sayang! Hiyangan lang talaga! :)

    2. check, pero in fairview, mas trip ko pa sya kaysa sa shu, grabe ang thick ng shu LOL :P

  6. Thanks for the heads up about this Nikki...I hope it won't cause acne breakouts hehe :)

    1. heheheh oo mahirap na if it cause you to breakout!!! Ang sensitive din naman ng skin mo!

  7. whaa. I didn't expect revlon would release a cleansing oil producT! definitely worth try! thanks for the review, I'm really going to buy this :D

    1. Di ba? I was surprised myself! It is a good buy, can easily remove makeup !

  8. Hmmm im addicted to any product with vit c..
    but the ingredients of this did not attract me. ;-)

    human nature sunflower cleansing oil is still my ideal oil. ;-)

    1. I know what you mean, I have yet to try the one from Human Nature :)


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