Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eureka Moment: A Travel Bag that's also a Makeup Bag

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I have this love for collecting makeup pouches, mini bags and what-not!  I always tell myself I'll be able to use them during travel but I always ended up using them for my makeup gigs!  No wonder I fell in love with the ZUCA Pro case as I love pouches! 

Recently, I have found a nice travel bag from the brand of camera bags, laptop bags etc...  who would've thought they came up with a nice travel collection?

Toiletries Bag
Under the Dry Red Travel Collection

I went on to the Crumpler website and here's the description of the bag ---

"A good looking carry-all for the goods you carry to look after your good looks, the Dry Red No. 1 has toiletries transport in the bag. An open and shut case for the beauty of organization, it includes seven separate storage zones – two wet, five dry – plus the convenience of an inbuilt hanger strap. "
One feature that I find quite unique is the inbuilt hanger strap, I wouldn't mind attaching this on my makeup traincase as believe it or not, the Zuca case is favorited by makeup artists worldwide for its ability to carry loads of stuff but would you believe I have it so full I can't seem to put some "skin care cleansing" products plus extra makeup brushes anymore? 

Yeah, talk about bringing LOADS of stuff!  That's me, everything's important and a "must bring"! *laughs*

Crumpler Dry Red Travel Bag zippered mesh pocket on the reverse of the opening flap is great to store some tissue paper, cotton pads, makeup sponges and a lot more!

Inside the pouch, you find 2 zippered compartment for more products to bring, I like putting in facial cleanser samples, toners and moisturizers plus a tiny amount of makeup brush cleaner.  

The elasticized loops are great to store more brushes!  

Zippered pocked at the front part for random retouch products from powders, blush to lipstick!  This is a great pouch to hold when you do retouch for clients!

Crumpler Dry red Travel Bag is made of water-resistant material!
I don't mind the Black and red combination as it is actually one of a favorite color combination of mine!

The travel bag is a bit pricey at Php1,950.00 (approx $45.00) but it's all worth it if you find a good way to  use it!  In my case, I'll be using this on makeup gigs so it'll be worth it!

Crumpler Limited Edition Dry Red Collection is available at ---  Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet, Trinoma, Megamall and Robinsons Ermita.

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  1. looks so cute!!! i love collecting mini bags too XD i bet this crumpler bag will last forever

    1. yes it will, I have a laptop bag from Crumpler for years and it's still doing great!

  2. Nice!!!! i wish it came in prettier colors though! Like green!

    1. I guess, the collection is Dry Red for a reason , they have most of their stuff in black or red! I agree, sana more colors :D

  3. Oh, I actually like using those bathroom travel cases as makeup cases because of that zipper compartment and the hanger!

    I bought the Diva one in both big and small sizes when I was in Malaysia. And it's pink.

    I like this. I am going to look out for it the next time I come across a Crumpler store.

    1. I know what you mean, I have soft spot for anything with zippers! hahahah :) I like keeping those free makeup pouches! :)

  4. Replies
    1. di ba? ang saya lang! I love anything with a lot of zippers! lalo na yung kakakuha nating bag from UCB! :)

  5. this is a very nice bag! there's a lot of compartments :)

    1. Yes, I love various compartments wherein I can put in a lot of different products on different sides! :)


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