Saturday, June 16, 2012

L'Oreal Chroma Straight Hair Makeover at David's Salon Eastwood

Happy weekend once again!  The week passed by pretty quickly but I have managed to use my time wisely!  Last week, after the Estee Lauder counter visit, I went straight to David's Salon located at Eastwood for my L'Oreal Chroma Straight Makeover.

As you all know, L'Oreal was kind enough to give away Chroma Straight Makeover to one lucky AMW Reader!  The winner and myself were originally planned to do this makeover together, but I guess scheduling was a huge problem and I was a bit too busy for the past weekends so it was a perfect Saturday afternoon for me to finally do something to my "starting to get unmanageable" hair!

Let's rewind to my Rebonding History, some of you may not know that my hair is rebonded!  My first rebond was a result of "boredom in China"!  It was those years I was young and easily swayed so I was talked into doing this treatment (In Chinese!*lol*) even though I do not have super curly or frizzy hair.  Like most people who went through the rebonding process, you would probably understand why we need to do the process again and again!

After a year, yup!  A year!  Thanks to all those hair treatments, serums and moisturizing sprays that I tediously apply on my hair as it survived a year of "half and half hair" (wavy on top, straight at the bottom)

Let's get back to the makeover story!  I do not go to Eastwood much so I did ask directions from the friendly security guys and we were guided to the right direction, as I entered the salon, I took notice on the lovely hair products display right away and went straight to the receptionist as I have an appointment!  Waiting area is huge and a staff went up to me right away to lead me to my area!

What's a Chroma Straight Makeover?

It is a 2-in-1 makeover service that beautifully straightens and adds reflective colors to your hair.

Let me start by sharing to you my personal accounts.

Josie, the girl who assisted me the whole afternoon, washed my hair with heavenly smelling shampoo from David's Salon. I was advised that "light shampooing" was done to remove excess oil and dirt.

I also met the Sr. Stylist, Nedz, who checked the situation of my hair and asked a bit about my "rebonding history".  I breathed a sigh of relief when Nedz agreed that only the "regrowth" will be applied with the straightening chemicals.  

My hair was sectioned and applied with a moisturizing product at the bottom end of my hair (where it was rebonded in the past) to protect the hair from the chemical that would be applied on top.

Josie continued to apply the moisturizing treatment while Nedz started to massage neutralizer with her bare hands!  I was shocked and asked her right away if it's alright, as I strongly remember most hairstylist would use rubber gloves to protect their hands!  Nedz assured me it's okay and the neutralizer isn't harsh on skin!  *whew*

After the hair has been covered with hair treatment and neutralizer, my hair was gently combed section per section.  By this time, the combing part is starting to make me feel sleepy!

My hair was washed and blow dried!  As soon as my hair was 80-90% dry, both Nedz and Josie flat ironed my hair making sure all the "waves" were straightened out!  By this time, I'm sitting straight up as I'm afraid of burning my scalp!  *trembles* :P

Oh, Mr. AMW was with me but we had a super early day of makeup gig so we were both sleepy!  Thanks to him, he gets to wake up every now and then just to take photos of each steps!  *awww* Shall we give him an award? :D

Since I've done rebonding treatment a couple of times, let me tell you, this is my most favorite step of all!  I get to see sleek straight hair! :)

As soon my hair has been completely straightened, X-tenso Moisturist was applied, this, is the most important part of the rebonding process and you have to be very careful in knowing what brand they use for your hair!  I am comfortable with L'Oreal X-tenso as this brand was offered to me even when I was in China!  

X-tenso moisturist has emollient and softening agents that offers exceptional conditioning while straightening, so after the treatment, I always go out with soft, smooth and shiny hair!

This is the part wherein I need to sit still for a good 15 minutes (1 hour in the past) and guess what?  Dearest friend, Angela, came for a visit to accompany me while Mr. AMW takes a break in helping me stay away!  Angela stayed with me til the end of the Chroma Straight makeover!  (Aawww, thanks Angela!)

Ohhh, I had to move my chair facing Angela just to be able to chat with her without moving my head!  I think I did my part as Josie congratulated me because NOT A SINGLE STRAND of my hair moved!  NONE at all!  *laughs*  This time, I deserve an award!  hahaha

My hair was washed then this time, Dialight Acid Technology was next!  What's Dialight?  It's "Cellophane" in the past!  This gives a long-lasting luminous reflects with shine while giving conditioning effect on the hair! 

After 3 full hours, my hair treatment is finally done!  
I believe this was my old hair color but it pops like it was newly colored!

Angela and I chatting all the way!  I love how we both wore red that day!

So far, I'm loving my L'Oreal Chroma Straightened Hair!  It has been a week and I'm happy with how soft my hair feels!  The additional factor of the treatment being formaldehyde-free is a huge plus for me as I'm really scared of side effects!

Thanks L'Oreal and Davids Salon (One Orchard Place, Eastwood) for the lovely "me" time! (P.S. Josie gives great head massage!)
Thanks Mr. AMW and Angela for accompanying me!  I really can't survive doing NOTHING for 3 long hours! :)

Have your hair gone through rebonding treatment in the past?
Do you like it?  What's your hair condition today?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nice! Just thinking how much it would cost if you are a walk in client?

    1. It really depends on your length and thickness of hair! But usually it'll cost around 3K-7K :)

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  3. Awww... sayang the Chroma Straight Makeover they set on June 9th was cancelled... ayaw pa talaga tyong pagtagpuin ng tadhana? (naks!)

    The Loreal peeps told me that they have a difficult time setting a sched, so, they'll update me this week... =)

    1. I know Angel! forever pa tayong di nag meet! Pero I'm glad your hair looks great after the makeover!

  4. Awww... No problem dear! :D It was a long over due catch up that 3 hours wasn't enough!!! Hehe! I have to say, you're so good at not moving your head at all! Hehe! I wish to have loooong chat again with you soon! :D

    1. THANK YOU!!! I super appreciate your companionship!!! Love love love you! :D

  5. Hi, Ms Nikki! Wow, you already had your session for the L'oreal Chroma Straight makeover, and thanks for sharing the experience. I got more excited for my turn. I haven't schedule mine yet, because of work. But, Ms. Nikki (also) of L'oreal was so kind to inform me that I can avail of the complimentary service any time I want, and on my most convenient time. How I wish that we coud've done it together but our schedules don't really match, plus our preferred salon locations. Anyway, thanks again to you and L'oreal team! More power!

    1. Hi sis! Have you finally have it done? How was it??? :D

  6. I've never tried hair rebonding. My hair is wavy and I'd like to give it try but I'm scared that it might make my hair dry,stiff or worse - mag mukhang walis tambo ;)

    1. So far, my hair is still fine (knocks on wood) hehehee As long as you take care of your hair on a weekly basis or use a hair treatment conditioner! Siyempre chemical pa din ang nilalagay natin sa hair so all we can do is to protect it and save it :D

  7. How much is hair color for long hair? Buo and highlights?


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