Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Ramen Bar

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!  I'm sure restaurants are mostly full today as most families will be dining out to show how they appreciate their dads!  I myself have 2 dads so I'm definitely dining out twice!  I am thanking God for giving me two cool dads!  My dad, whom I've always thought to be distant to us is really a hardworking father who has been working very hard just to give his sons and daughters good education, he works from early morning til late at night to provide our needs!  I really appreciate my dad and I am not afraid to show the world how much I love him!  

To my dad-in-law, who's equally as caring like my dad has always been there to support me! :)  

Since I'm busy stuffing my face with food this weekend, let me share to you the restaurant we tried last week!  After the 3-hour L'Oreal Chroma Straight Makeover, I asked Angela, who live around Eastwood area to recommend a good restaurant!  She named a few and one of them is Ramen Bar!  Keith and I were craving for something "warm" and we always get that "warm, fuzzy feeling" from noodle soup! 

Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping
Php165.00 (approx $3.80)
This order was under "Big Plates" category and the bowl came in a bit huge but the serving is enough for one hungry Nikki! :)  Don't worry, I get to share this with Mr. AMW as we both like variety when it comes to food!  The Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping from Ramen Bar is quite tender and tasty but I would appreciate if they could add more of the Yakiniku sauce on rice!  We tried to ask for more but we were offered a different sauce instead.

Sapporo Miso Ramen
Php320.00 (approx $7.45)
Miso infused Tonkotso Ramen topped with tamago,
naruto, negi, chasyu, butter and corn

We've always been a fan of Chasyu noodle soup at Aji-sen Ramen so we gave this a try right away as I was craving for miso based soup!  The ramen soup came with an okay serving of pork slices, noodles, fish sticks, dried seaweeds and spring onion.  What's unique with this ramen is the addition of butter!  The taste of butter was a bit overwhelming at first and I felt it doesn't belong but after several sip, we're actually liking how the butter easily melted into the soup making the whole experience more tasty.

 We accompanied our dinner with a nice cup of house tea and Iced Tea

Oh, if you look up, Ramen Bar have different photos hanged on each side and Mr. AMW loved this photo so much as he told me she looks like me!  COME ON!  When do I eat my noodles like that?  (Ahem, at home!)  *laughs*

Overall, service was good and I'm loving the busy-vibe of the restaurant!  Reminded me so much of a busy restaurant in Tokyo!  The restaurant accepts both cash and credit card and they add service charge to the total bill.

Ramen Bar
Ground Floor Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City, Philippines
(632) 570-9457

Have you tried Ramen Bar?  
How's your experience?  Any other must try noodle dish?  
We'll definitely go back!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. the drawing is so cute hehe. now im craving for ramen >,<

    1. Go for it, I've been craving for ramen at least once a week, must be the rainy season down here! :)

    2. I'm so glad to see people appreciating the drawings I've made for Ramen Bar. Here are my drawings! hehe

      Surely it's a great place to dine with all the wonderful dishes on the menu.

  2. We ate there twice, the first few months after it opened and then maybe a year later and we noticed the servings have become smaller, but that's ok since the first time we tried the big bowl it was really big, nakakasuya especially the one with lots of butter. Servings are still generous and more than enough to satisfy a hungry person. I like their house tea a lot, you can ask for it hot or iced, it tastes good and it's free!

    When I saw this post I revisited some other reviews by food bloggers and it seems they recommend the kakuni buns. I'm looking forward to trying it if we ever happen to be in the Libis area next time.

    1. WOW talaga? Sayang di ko naabutan ang BIG BIG BOWL :) Well, at least this time, seems like they've improved their quality , sana lang they didn't reduce the size of their meals but I'm quite happy with what I've tried and seems a lot of people inside the restaurants are enjoying too!

      Thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a try when I return! :)


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