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AMW Reviews: Lancome Teint Miracle

Good morning everyone!  It's yet, another start of the week but local readers will be having another break on Tuesday!  June 12 is the Philippine Independence Day!  

Speaking about independence, isn't it great how we get to live the life we choose to live?  As we wake up everyday, we should thank God for giving us a chance to be who we are and do the things we love to do!  Don't forget to tell the people you love how much you love and appreciate them okay? 

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent my first Lancome liquid foundation, I have always wanted to try the brand as I heard they make good foundation that has the coverage minus the heavy feel!  I have also been stalking (specifically) Lancome's Teint Miracle as I have read various reviews by international bloggers on how this is such a moisture-magnet type of foundation!  I know, I've always been complaining about my dry skin but this time, this "need" and "want" isn't for selfish reasons.   I've been longing to get my hands on this product because I need more foundation choices for my mature (and still gorgeous) clients!

Thankfully, I have a couple of wedding packages booked for the past weeks so I was able to road test the Lancome Teint Miracle at work and of course!  At the same time, I've been trying this out myself! 

Lancome says ---

Natural light creator
Lancome invents its first foundation that boosts skin's surface radiance and reproduce inner light.

10 times less powders, for weightless perfection
This fresh veil smoothes, unifies and erases imperfections - resulting in perfectly natural and sublimely nude complexion.

18H moisture
Enriched with almost 40% of water (v.s. an average of 20%) and natural softening Rose extracts, this luxurious formula melts into skin to provide 18-hour moisturizing action.

Size: 30ml


Available in 8 shades

AMW says ---
  • Nice pump packaging, product housed in a glass.  (insider tip:  you can easily clean up the bottle by twisting the pump and reuse it!)
  • Very lightweight.
  • No weird scent.
  • No skin allergic reactions.
  • Blends well and creates a nice natural looking skin.
  • Light to medium-heavy coverage. (Build-able coverage)
  • Moisturizing!
  • Does not settle into fine lines.
  • Skin looks healthy but never glittery nor shiny.
  • Oil-control isn't as good as other foundations.
  • Price
  • Super problematic skin may find them piling up on this foundation, it's no biggie as the foundation NEVER feels heavy but it is quite pricey to pile on a lot!  Easier to finish up a bottle.
  • Designed specifically for Asian skin, our friends from the west may find this range a bit too yellow/orange for their skin.  Don't fret though, base on research, I think Lancome came out with a whole different range meant for you.  Asian versions are made and formulated in Japan.
Tried and tested on myself and on mature clients, the Lancome Teint Miracle can be used even without moisturizer underneath, it never sets into fine lines and it gives a nice, youthful glow.  Clients appreciate the "lightweight" feel and I certainly agree (after pulling this product in and out of my train case as I enjoyed using this as well!).  The best asset for this product is its ability to make you look like you have naturally good skin without the obvious foundation look.  The only set back is the price.

  • Shake well before use.
  • Oily skin may go for Lancome Maquiliquide UV Infinite which is meant for oily/combination skin.
  • Apply using a foundation brush is the best tool for me.  I use the right amount of foundation without wastage.
  •  If you have dry/oily combination skin, apply Lancome Teint Miracle on your drier areas and apply only a thin layer on the oilier area.  Set with your choice of oil-control setting powder or powder foundation.
  • For full coverage, finish off with a heavy coverage powder foundation.  It seals the deal.
  • If you feel that most concealer could settle into the lines below your eyes, use this foundation and spot conceal the darkness without the heavy feel.
  • Before you purchase the product, ask help from Lancome's SA to help pick the right shade for you.  Best to have them apply the product on one side of your face and check how the shade matches your neck.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
This product is best used for people with normal to combination skin and are willing to shell out a bit more for liquid foundation because of the super lightweight feel.

I also found out after using this on some of my makeup gigs that this foundation works so well on mature skin.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Lancome Boutique for Php2,200 (approx $50.00).

Product shots and swatch

Shade: O-04
 (O is Ochre while BO is Beige Ochre) 

Beige Ochre has a bit more yellow tone than Ochre
O-04 can be used by medium to medium dark skinned individuals

Left photo- bare face
Right photo - with a layer of Lancome Teint Miracle in O-04
A thin layer of Lancome's Teint Miracle gives me an even, light coverage.  The mole on my left cheek as seen on the after photo (right) is blurred out and some of the redness on the sides of my nose was lessened.  The good thing about this foundation is the wonderful fact that it still looks like my skin. 

Keep in mind that if you have scars, zits or pigmentation, a concealer is still needed for extra coverage.

Left photo - with a thin layer of Lancome Teint Miracle
Right photo - set with a thin layer of L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Foundation in Golden Ivory

Coverage from light to medium can easily be done without piling a lot of products, setting the liquid foundation with a medium coverage powder foundation will give an extra coverage and oil control that you need.

A photo of me wearing Lancome's Teint Miracle several hours after the "kiddie party".  The effect was very natural even with flash. (Thanks Mr. Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar for taking a photo with us!  LOL)

Have you tried Lancome foundations?
What's your favorite Lancome product?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. hehehe uso na talaga ang water eclavu sa foundation ngayon ah, i'll be reviewing my loves Lunasol and Laniege in a few hehehe water water din isang water modeling isang water supreme hahaha (eh di naman akech dry) bonga hahaha

    1. lol basta ba hindi din siya oily, i think its ok :) I can't wait to read your Lunasol and Laneige review, haven't tried both brands in terms of foundie!

  2. I keep on seeing this foundation in almost every single time I read a fashion magazine abroad! :) It seems like a really good foundation. Quite pricey for a college student like me though! Maybe if I'll have a formal event to attend to, I'll pick it up. :-)

    1. I think they've been around because of its lightweight feel plus the fact that its moisturizing! :) Give it a try first , maybe prior going to formal events, have someone do a makeover on you :D

  3. Sounds like a great foundation! Looks so natural on you!

  4. i have it too :) but i find that the coverage is quite heavy and matte, i actually prefer a foundation that gives a luminous effect

    1. Sis, I agree with you, the foundation might be a bit heavy in Malaysia as I felt most of my makeup doesn't last as long as in the Philippines! So if you found any lightweight foundation that works in your country, I'm sure it'll be a blast! Share it to me ok? :D

  5. i love the teint idole 24 hour ultra foundation! its great

    1. thanks for sharing your Lancome foundation love! :)

  6. Hi Nikki what is your shade in MAC foundations?thanks

    1. Hi, I'm an NC20, but this particular shade from Lancome is a tad bit darker and I like using darker foundation as my face is a bit fairer compared to the rest of my body! :) This shade is for NC30-35 :)


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