Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Something New: Cynos Inside Hair Care

Last year, Cynos Inside Hair Care launched a party at Creations by Lourd Ramos at Glorietta 5, Makati!  The busy, working girl in me missed the fun cocktails but Kira lovingly brought these goodies for me from Makati to Shangri-la!  See Kira?  I won't forget goodwill ever! :)  

I have this inside my "stock" case for quite some time as I'm taking time finishing up hair products as I go through reviewing them one at a time.  I just had a Chroma Straight Makeover 2 weeks ago and a nice layered cut last weekend, it's time to do my job and pamper my hair!

CYNOS, the brand name, may sound unknown to many so I'm sharing to everyone what I know about the brand.  CYNOS is derived from the word CYNOSURE which signifies the ambition to lead the way to fashion.  CYNOS also translates to Cycle, Natural, Original, System.

This may sound Greek or French or Spanish to you, CYNOS was actually born in Korea!  That made me want to try the products more as most Asian hair products work better on my hair!  

CYNOS Pliancy Shampoo and Conditioner
"Contains Vitamin B3, its moisturizing ingredients softens and restores hair's elasticity.  Its gentle formula replenishes moisture, leaving hair pliant, shinier and healthier than ever.

The unique with deep moisturizing ingredients of the conditioner can effectively repairs damaged hair, hydrates and replenish lost moisture.  Its excellent formula restores hair elasticity leaving hair easy to comb, pliant and shiny."

 Balance Conditioner
"Also called as "Hair Perfume". It has white essence form that acts as a protective mask on hair.  Revives any colored or permed hair quickly, while its blue essence penetrates the hair with supplements and needed hair nutrition.  It prevents any unwanted odor making hair shiny, soft and manageable."
I have actually used this and this product smells so good! This works as hair conditioning spray at the same time makes my hair soft and smooth.

Only Freeze Spray
"Micro-fine non-aerosol spray with pro-vitamin and natural oil that protects hair from UV sunscreen.  Brushes out easily and fast drying."

My mom may not be into makeup or skincare but she loves to style her hair!  I must have gotten that from her as I love styling other people's hair too!  She's been buying this particular hair spray brand for the longest time and I gave this to her and she immediately forgot about her old spray and has been using this for months now!  She loves the scent and loves the fact that it doesn't leave residue.

CYNOS Nano Intensive Keratin Treatment
 "Enriched with fortifying proteins that helps repair, balance and nourish hair's condition brought about by excessive chemical use.  Its rich protein treatment is scientifically and specially formulated to damaged hair that helps restore and rejuvenate hair's natural structure and healthy shine. "
This is one product I'm most excited about.  Coming from a super sensitized hair!  Hair color, hair rebond etc... I'm looking forward to use this and revive my hair's natural structure!

Aside from what you see on photo below, CYNOS have a wide range of products to suit your hair's needs!  Feel free to smile and click HERE to learn more about their products.  Like them on Facebook.

Have you heard about this brand?
Are you willing to try brands that aren't that commercialized to treat your hair?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i like keratin treatment for my hair..

  2. Awww...you're welcome Niks :D

  3. im using the shampoo and conditioner and it's very good. i think it would work a lot better on those with thick, wavy hair though. but i love it :) ill try the hairspray next kasi i saw it being used at the fashion show kagabi and parang okay sha, bango pa :)

    1. Sis eh di bagay sa akin yung shampoo and conditioner! Yon nga lang not thick ang hair ko! wavy lang (before) I'll try pa din! :)

      About the hairspray, try it, my mom loves it, strong hold nga lang :)

  4. where can we buy the keratin treatment? i'm in cebu. :) i've tried it and i like it.

    1. Sis, try their online site http://cynos.shopinas.com/ You can give them a call or send them email to check if they have any visible branches in Cebu.


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