Sunday, July 29, 2012

AMW Reports: Forever 21 Finally Opens at SM MOA

Last Friday, July 27, 2012.  SM MOA was creating a huge buzz as the much awaited opening of the Forever 21 Store. 

I'm one of those excited ones as SM MOA may not be close to where I live but it's the closest Forever 21 branch for me!  That means, more chances of shopping!  

A fashion show was set up for us to appreciate the up and coming collection from the brand.

Kudos to Forever 21 team for maximizing a tiny space creating a unique fashion show!

After the fashion show, the audience were asked to strut the unique runway on their own going to the Forever 21 store.  Everyone was in high spirits and I can't help but get excited as well!  

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

 Finally, the store is opened for us to take a first peek!

The 2,000 square meter Forever 21 store has done it again!  The beautifully styled mannequins and attractive displays inspires anyone  to be creative in terms of fashion!  

You can definitely find the latest trends you see on runways or magazines come to life and within reach!

Kids' section
I see a lot of kids outfit I want, but of course, they can never fit on me! *laughs*


  Some denim pieces

 Aztec Printed tops and shorts




And a whole lot more!  
(2 photos below taken from Forever 21)

Forever 21, Love 21, Heritage 1981, Forever 21 Girls, Forever 21+ and 21Men.  The store definitely has wide collection of shoes, accessories and intimates that anybody can relate to!

Forever 21 New!
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Have you visited the Forever 21 SM MOA branch?
Which branch do you usually visit?
I guess my answer would be SM MOA branch!

P.S. Thanks Jane Kingsu-Cheng of Forever 21 for the invite! :)

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