Monday, July 30, 2012

AMW Reviews: Sleek Makeup PPQ Me Myself & Eye

Happy Monday!  Let me guess, you're not that in a good mood as it's a Monday right?  Well, I'm focusing all my energy for a very productive week so I'm looking at the bright side!  Hope you do too! *crosses fingers* :)  Let's all wish for great week!

I've done various looks on the Sleek Graphite Palette (which I won from Cosmetic-Candy years ago) and have been raving about it each time I used it. Looking back, I didn't create a special post regarding the good quality, drugstore UK brand as I guess it's unfair how I can rave about it yet I can't seem to find a way for local readers to purchase one without the cost of shipping plus the hassle of waiting!

Guess what?  Years after, our 'beauty-related prayers" do get answered by our wonderful local resellers who were hardworking enough the bring the good stuff down here!

My second Sleek Makeup Palette to date ---

Limited Edition PPQ Me Myself & Eye  


Sleek says ---
A palette of 12 coloured eye shadows perfectly designed to use with all Sleek MakeUP avid fan. Long-lasting and specially designed to breath a new lease of life into your eyeshadows.


AMW says ---
  • Very sleek palette that's easy to take anywhere!
  • The free sponge tip applicator is long and easy to maneuver.  Quality of the sponge tip is good.
  • All shadows are very pigmented.
  • The palette consists of bold and neutral tone tones with matte and shimmery finish making it a very versatile palette! 
  •  Budget-friendly price!
  • Locally available!
  • Limited edition. Sleek Makeup has collaborated with British Fashion House PPQ for London Fashion Week so this is the "grab it while you can" palette!
Definitely one palette to look out for when you're into collecting eye shadows or even if you're starting up! The eye shadows are very pigmented and shades are true-to-the-pan!

  • Choose to use an eyeshadow primer to prevent eyeshadow creasing and fall outs.
  • If you want the eye shadows to appear more vibrant, use a colored cream base underneath.
  • Be adventurous, mix and match various shadow shades!
  • Feel free to use the sponge tip applicator and gently dab on the lid for a quick eyeshadow look.
Will I repurchase?
Yes, other palettes!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who loves to put eyeshadow on a daily basis!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally, priced at Php650.00 (approx $15.10)  available at Updated Trends Multiply Site.  You can also check Sleek Makeup at Crossings The RAMP Shangrila Mall and Crossing THE RAMP Q. Ave.


 Shade Names
Upper L-R Barry White, Black Box, Salt N' Peppermint, Simply Red, Pink Beret, Primal Green
Lower L-R Fade to Grey, Blue Monday, Supernova, Chris de Burgundy, Lilac Allen, Golden Silvers

Swatch on hand applied with a q-tip.
No primer nor base underneath

Here's a simple eye makeup I've done 
using the PPQ Me Myself & Eye Palette

 AMW Diagram
  1. Apply Supernova, a matte flesh colored shadow all over lids going a bit beyond the crease line.
  2. Using Blue Monday, which looks like moss green in person, I applied it on top of my Supernova eyeshadow base and concentrate at the balls of my eyes.  I also include application on the outer 3/4 of my lower lash line using the sponge tip applicator.  I pick up a blending brush and blend in harsh edges.
  3. Using Primal Green shade, pat the color at the inner third of the eye also including the inner third of the lower lash line.  
  4. Dab a bit of Golden Silvers and apply at the brow bone.  Blend using a clean brush to create a sparkly effect.
Final Look using only the Sleek Makeup PPQ Palette 
without eyeshadow base and no eyeliner yet (on photo)

Would you grab a palette from Sleek?
How many eye looks do you think can you create in just 1 palette?
I can go on forever!


  1. I'm glad you managed to get your hands on another Sleek palette.They're wonderful, aren't they? Love the colours, they are beautiful and pigmented.

    1. I agree they are very pigmented and wonderful! :)

  2. ooops! just remembered that i have one unused ><

    1. Xin, lol you are too funny! i'm glad I reminded you to touch the Sleek Palette of yours!

  3. uhh usually the Sleek palettes are amazing, but this is not something I'd want to get. It has only 3 colors that are ok for my taste. >.<

    1. I know what you mean, pick a palette that you know you can use most of the shades!

  4. wow, this is very affordable! and it looks very pigmented... :)

    1. Issa, I'm sure you'll love the Sleek palettes!


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