Thursday, August 16, 2012

AMW Reports: AMW Tried Segway!

Segway isn't new to me!  The first time I saw it was last year during our Singapore trip!  We were super tired after all the walking at the Universal Studios then we went straight to Sentosa Island, I saw huge posters of Jackie Chan on Segway and I playfully asked Mr. AMW to buy me one!  Of course he chuckled and play deaf!  *hahaha*

When Nuffnang Philippines contacted me and asked me if I would like to try Segway with friends, I immediately said yes!  Mr. AMW was very excited as well!

Why use a Segway you ask?
Well, it is one great alternative to accomplish daily tasks like going around the village, going to a nearby store, etc...  Segway is called "The Sweet Green Ride" because it's an electric two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation, easier to park, can take you places without as much noise and pollution as a scooter and can travel as far as 40km on a single battery charge.  This device was first introduced to the public on "Good Morning America in year 2002" and 10 years after, it's finally here in the Philippines.

Before we hopped on the Segway ride, Angela and I were given a short brief for safety precautions.  I have to admit, both Angela and I were squeezing each other's arm as we wanted to run out of the court!  (Yes, we're over-reacting that way!)

We were each guided by a Segway personnel on the basics. I kept in mind that the movement is totally controlled by me so I can't go dancing and shake my booty while we were on the Segway course!

Angela on Segway for the first time

And me getting nervous and laughing at the same time!

The Segway stays upright by itself, stepping on the Segway needs to be done in caution.  As soon as you're comfortable, lean a bit forward for the Personal Transporter (PT) to move forward,  To move backward, leaning a bit backward is the key.

The Lean Steer frame is easy to manage, turning left and right is quite easy making the Segway course challenging yet fun!  After the first round, both Angela and I relaxed a bit and increased the speed.  

We actually felt safe and in control!  This is definitely easier than riding a bike!  *laughs*

Off we went for a short course at Rockwell's old basketball court.

Angela having fun

and isn't it obvious that I'm enjoying this too?

No wonder international celebrities like Jackie Chan, Justin Bieber, Jim Carry plus local celebrities like Pops Fernandez and Crystalle Belo were all seen using a Segway PT.
I wouldn't mind owning one!  Seriously, I don't want to get off the ride!  Angela and I managed to go for 4 rounds!

Kiddie Mr. AMW gave Segway a try too!

To learn more about the Segway PT, visit or LIKE them on Facebook.

** Simply Moving Philippines, Inc. is the exclusive local distributors of Segway PT
** Thanks to Arthur and Angela for the photos!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. Yay! it looks like a lot of fun! I want too :) LOL~

  2. you and Mr. AMW look like kids having lots of fun! ang cute niyo! :)

    1. hahahahah well..we're definitely kids at heart :D


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