Friday, August 17, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Big vs Small Game

Happy Friday guys!  The week went by pretty quickly, I guess it's because my brother is here for a short visit and he's leaving on Sunday!  

Anyways, on to the good-but-useless news!  *hahaha*  I got my own Resort's World Card! *yay*  Hey, don't give me that shocked look lady!  I'm not a gambler and will never be, but I won't be a party pooper inside a casino!  I'm scared of losing huge amount of money so I always set a side a very small budget just for the experience and fun!

And one game I would totally try aside from the Roulette?  It's the Big vs. Small game!  My brother and I played the game once inside a hotel in Macau and my bet was multiplied by 2 and I immediately cashed out!  (I'm a sissie that way!)  hehehe  My brother, on the other hand, has the luck, his bet was multiplied by 16 but he continued to play and before we get to zero, I asked him to leave!  So yes, I'm nagging gambling partner!

Today, I've created a nail art design to celebrate the game I can play at the casino.

My Big vs. Small Game Nails

Step 1:
Apply coat of your favorite base coat to protect your nails from chipping and yellowing.  I used ZOYA Base Coat


Using Revlon's Fearless Nail Enamel, I applied 2 coats of it and let dry.  Red will always remind me of casino and luck!

Step 2:
Using a dotting tool, an art brush, or L.A. Art Deco Polish in Matte white, draw a square as shown on photo below.  This will be the dice!

Step 3:
Using a toothpick, or dotting tool, create black dots on top of the white square once the base is completely dry!  I had fun picking the dice digit!  Mix it up!

Step 4:
For more variation, I picked L.A. Art Deco Polish in Black and create another box beside the white dice.

Try to make the dice looks like it has just been thrown out of the table!  

Step 5:
Once the black boxes are completely dry, apply white dots to complete the dice.

Step 6:
Wait for the nail art to completely dry, apply your choice of top coat.  In this tutorial, I used The Face Shop's Clear Coat.

Apply a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.  My nail art looks more polished and definitely more quick drying!

My Big vs. Small game inspired nails

I guess I should visit Resort's World again and play the game!
Who knows?  I may go home a milliionaire....or...probably not!  *laughs*
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hehe~ This design looks great on ur nails!! Very pretty!

  2. so cute!!!! i have rested my nails for about 2 weeks and i think it's time to stain them again! ;)

    1. I rested my nails for a week too! and I guess, it's time! I missed doing these :D Can't wait to see your new design!

  3. hmm gamble nails. Who would have thought of that! Very creative twin!!

  4. so cute! malay mo, this nail art will give you luck sa casino, hihi :)

    1. OO nga, I need to go back to the Casino!!! :)

  5. So cute and creative, love it!

  6. This is SO CUTE!! :D :D You're always amazing with nails!! :D

    Your red polish looks very similar to my Red Hot Tamale... from Revlon too! :D

    1. thank you Jenn! :) Really? red Hot Tamale sounds like a nice polish name! I am really loving this red polish shade called Fearless!

  7. omg ang puti ng hands! haha (vs. mine!) LOL

  8. Hey Nikki,
    Your nail post is so cute.. always so creative.
    last week heard news that there's flooding in Manila. hope you and your family are ok ...

    take cares..

    P.S weekend again yay!~~~

    1. thanks ! I'm glad you liked it.
      And thanks too for asking about how we were, we were shocked with all the flooding, but I'm lucky me and my family are fine :) Thanks for the concern :D

  9. I love the nails! I'm not a gambler either cause I have the worst luck on earth.

    1. Hi Chrissy, :) Don't worry your luck may change, I used to say that I have the worst luck on earth too but look! When I played Casino in Macau, I won!!! Though it's just multiplied by 2, it's still money!!! hehehehe

  10. Wow girl!! You do some amazing nail art tutorials. Have just started following you on Google connect. Do keep these tutorials coming. I also try doing nail art designs on my blog, but those are not as good as yours. :) Will love to recreate some designs of yours, and I hope you won't mind. I will make sure to put up your link though. :)

    1. Thank you Shruti, I will check your nail art too once I get the chance :)

      Feel free to recreate the designs, take care!


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