Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AMW Reports: The New GlamBox Pro 5000 Series

Over the weekend, I was very excited to attend a short Airbrush workshop from GlamBox Cosmetics.  It was a better day as the rain stopped and we had our workshop done outside Mango Tree Bistro at Greenbelt 5. 

There I met Noi, who trained us in the afternoon.  His makeup artistry resume is impressive and I can't wait to learn more about Airbrush makeup.

As we all know by now, airbrush makeup is called the next generation makeup and was originally developed for High Definition.  Then, several years after, brides were requesting for airbrush makeup on their wedding day as it is effective in terms of coverage, staying power and oil control. 

With Marge as our model for the afternoon, Noi started by cleansing her face, removing all traces of makeup with a makeup remover.  Marge, by the way, have lovely skin even without makeup!

When it comes to Airbrush, concealing and correcting is first done before you start with airbrush foundation.  Noi applied Bobbi Brown concealer under the eye area and some random spots that needed coverage.

Now, it's time to pick the right airbrush foundation shade!  One tip is by patting the airbrush foundation on the chin area going downwards.  Whichever color disappeared, that's the best shade to use.

Oh, before I continue explaining the steps that was done, the newest GlamBox Pro 5000 Series was used.

The new GlamBox Pro 5000 Series 
  • Has higher PSI function (up to 40 PSI)
  • Power saving automatic sleep mode feature.
  • Bigger gun cup capacity and this comes with a lid!
  • Compact design and built in handle for ease of transport.
After foundation application, airbrush can also be done on eye makeup.  How?  Well, you can always control the PSI (Pounds per square inch). From 10-40 PSI, meaning, you can ontrol the amount of air and liquid that will flow.

Check out the gorgeous eyeshadow shade 
that was done using the GlamBox Pro5000 Series.

Gorgeous Marge after the makeover.  
She looks flawless, blooming and just happy! :)

Next, an Avant Garde makeup was also done by Noi.  
Here's the final look

Up close

Each of us were given the chance to try on the New GlamBox Pro 5000 series and so far, I'm getting the hang of it since I'm quite comfortable with the airbrush system.

At the end of the workshop, we were each given a blank face mask and we were asked to create looks using airbrush and regular makeup.

This was my super quick finish product!

The masks were judged by a magazine editor and the winner gets to take home the newest airbrush system from GlamBox.  I left earlier as I need to be somewhere else but I heard it was Chrissy who won the challenge!  Congratulations Chrissy!  You've done a great job!

GlamBox Pro 5000 Airbrush Kits ----

Pro 5000 Starter 
Php19,500 (approx $ 453.00)
1 Foundation of choice, 1 Cheek color of choice and 1 Thinner/cleaner
Pro 5000 Deluxe
Php22,800 (approx $530.00)
4 Foundations, 2 Cheek Colors, 1 Luminizer, 3 Thinner/cleaner

Pro 5000 Premium Pro
Php27,500 (approx $640.00)
5 Foundation, 3 Cheek Color, 2 Luminizer, 
3 Adjusters, 3 Thinner/Cleaner

**All 3 choices includes compressor, airbrush gun with accessories, gun holder, adaptor, airhose, tutorial CD and a GlamBox Bag.

Congratulations to my schoolmate Valerie and her friend Andrea for the wonderful event and for coming up with a more professional line for airbrush makeup!

For more details:
Log on to
Like the on Facebook 
Contact or call 0922-8200172
email them at:

Have you tried airbrush makeup?
Do you like it better than traditional?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I agree Marge has very nice skin talaga noh. ganda ng makeover... I haven't tried airbrush makeup.. but the finish of airbrush makeup looks very natural and flawless :)

    1. Issa dear, ikaw din good skin kaya wag ka nang mainggit :) heheheh :)

  2. That looks cool! Are you gonna be doing airbrush makeup now, Nikki? :)

    1. Crystal dear, I've been doing airbrush for quite some time na :) I offer that to my Bridal clients for more than a year na! And yup, I studied, I had a one on one class :)

  3. hahaha, you always have nice things to say talaga sis! kaya love na love kita eh, feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko! mwah! :)


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