Friday, August 24, 2012

AMW Reports: Sophie Martin Paris Makeup Talk

Sophie Martin Paris invited me and 2 other bloggers to be part of the Sophie Showtime: Unleashing the Fearless SOPHIEnista!  We were invited to speak on topics we're familiar with --- Beauty and Fashion.  The event was held at the Sophie Head Office Showroom on a lovely Saturday!  

As I entered the showroom, a huge back drop greeted me and a stage where I will be doing a makeup demo! 

P.S. My mirror was sitting pretty on top of the table! :)

I was able to check out some of the Sophie Paris Cosmetics laid out neatly on the table and I familiarized myself to each of the products as I'll be using them for demonstration.

As soon as the welcoming remarks where done, I was called up on stage to do what I love to do!  Talk about makeup techniques.

One of the Ms. Sophie Paris Philippines 2012 Contestant was called up on stage to be my model.

I pressed on the importance of skin care to the audience before I proceeded with the makeup demonstration.  For daytime makeup techniques, I stressed to the audience why "less is more".  If you have good skint o start with, foundation can be applied only on areas that needed coverage and leave the good skin a space to breathe.  Our model is young and pretty, so I've decided to apply foundation only on the under eye area and sides of the nose.

P.S.  A huge holler to my favorite Charm Pro Makeup Artist Toolbelt

A lot of blending is needed.  Since most of the attendees do not own as much brush as I do, I've given them options to use a brush or clean fingers!

Eyeshadow application for daytime or work appropriate makeup
I asked the model to pick an eyeshadow shade she wants and she went for pink --- perfect for Sophie Paris Philippines!  I also included tips and tricks on how to apply eyeliner using pencil and liquid. 

Blush was applied on the apples of the cheeks for a healthy glow.

After I completed the simple, full-faced daytime/work appropriate makeup, I taught the audience how easy it was to transform daytime to date-time makeup in minutes!  With a pencil brush, I picked a medium brown shade eyeshadow and contoured the crease area to create depth. 

Darker lipstick can be used for date-time makeup.  I went for Sophie Paris lip liner which was matte yet very moisturizing!  I can't help but gush about their lip liner on stage! 

One of the attendees asked about lipliner application and I called her up on stage so I can apply it on her and explain to the audience how you can manipulate the shape of your lips by using a lip liner!

After more than half an hour of presentation, it was lunch time and everyone went up to the Sophie Paris training room and we had lunch there while I took a look around the area.  I saw a lot of nice clothes


Bags and Shoes!

Now on to the fashion part! Carizza Chua started the talk on dressing for your body type! 

Tin Iglesias, continued the fashion talk by sharing some mix and matching techniques!  I'm intrigued with her example on print on print!

After the beauty and fashion workshop, contestants were given a chance to practice what they learned for the whole day!  Each were given a task to create their own outfit (complete with bags, shoes and accessories)

They also need to practice what they learned from my makeup demonstration!  They apply their own makeup using all Sophie Paris products.

By late after, 3 bloggers were called on stage as we were gifted with Sophie Paris gift packs.

Carizza and Tin on stage

It was a lovely day spent with fellow bloggers who have the same passion on beauty and fashion as I do! :)  Thanks Carizza and Tin for the lovely time!  I learned so much from both of you!

Thanks Sophie Paris Philippines for trusting me to share my knowledge on makeup to your lovely attendees!  I can't wait to do this again!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Blooming ka dito ah! Bagay din sa iyo ang suot mo ; )


    1. love you sis! :) Thanks and glad you liked my outfit here :D

  2. Sounds like a really fun day!! :D I'm sure you did a fabulous job as you're amazing! :D

    And oh I super love your pink brush belt! :D

    1. thanks Jenn! :) I think they did learn something so I'm quite happy :D

  3. I love using Sophie! Everything there is pretty and affordable

    1. I agree, I wish they come up with more makeup pa! :) Their makeups are promising!!!

  4. You look so polished and professional here Nikki pretty ^_^

    1. Professional effect...successful ba? hehehheheh :) Thanks

  5. Wow galing mo Ms. Nikki! I hope you can do some makeup on me din. Thanks for sharing!

  6. hope we could meet/work together again soon! this sophie event was full of surprises haha and i had so much fun with you and tin! ;)

    1. I agree, I hope it isn't the last meeting! :) And It was great meeting you that day :D


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