Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunshorts: Oh my Goth!

Friday the 13th, a day of bad luck!
A black cat passed by you, oh no!  You're in bad luck!
Seven-year itch, relationships will fail.

We Filipinos have so many beliefs and superstitions no one can tell which holds true or false!  Personally speaking, I believe in creating your own luck!  If you wake up in the morning expecting bad luck to come your way, chances are, you may indeed have a bad day!  As for me, I always wake up thanking God and looking each day as a day full of possibilities!  Armed with a positive attitude may not guarantee a positive day but at least, with a positive outlook, it is easier for me to create a back up plan on how to deal with life's daily challenges.

Watch one of the 5 short film Sun Shorts: Oh My Goth!  It stars my favorite "Halloween" Lola!
(Five digital short films by five renowned film directors were done to interpret Sun Life's Brand Promise of "Life's brighter under the Sun".)

Since we're on the topic of backup plan, I can still recall my mom's failed operation almost 3 years ago and she has nothing to secure her hospitalization bills or operation costs.  That's when I realized the importance of having my own insurance plan.  Spending a big chunk of my salary/earning for a life insurance has never crossed my mind.  Until one day, when I realized I'm not getting any younger and I do get sick every now and then, I contacted my Aunt who's a Sun Life sales agent and seek advised from her for a good insurance plan that matched my lifestyle. After purchasing my own plan at Sun Life early this year, I have this strange sense of security that money can't buy!  I can't believe it took me this long to secure my future.
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Before I end this post, Sun Life is having a flyaway promo to San Francisco, USA!  Smile and click HERE to know the mechanics!

Do you believe in superstitions?
How do you deal with everyday "bad luck"?
Do you have a backup plan for your future?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy! 

(this is a sponsored post.)


  1. Very true! It's about uour outlook! As my husband says "wala pa kasi internet noon kaya ganyan pinagkaka abalahan ng mga tao" hehe. I especially hate the pamahiins before your wedding, never ko talaga sinunod no matter how much my mother insists.

    1. Ah I agree on all those pamahiins during wedding day! ang dami! nakakahilo na no? :D


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