Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AMW Makeovers: My Friend's Special Day!

Good morning AMW Friends!
I will be sharing to you a recent Bridal gig that I have done and I am so excited to share this to you not only because they are my clients but because the bride is an old friend of mine!  I've known her since elementary so it was an exciting moment not only for them but also for me to be part of their very special day!

The happy couple after the ceremony

The Bride
Skin type: Normal, perspires a lot!
Request: Makeup that stays and natural to look at

My friend has a beautiful face to start with so I'm not at all pressured to prettify her.  This look was done using airbrush.  Prior to airbrush foundation, I created a smooth base by applying face primer all over her skin concentrating on visible pores.  After the primer was set, I corrected her undereye circles a bit with a concealer and applied some light-colored concealer on the center of her face to create an "inner glow".  

As soon as I'm happy with the result, I whipped out my airbrush system and mixed 2 foundation shades to come up with a color that matches her skin.  With a darker foundation, I also contoured her face for a very natural three-dimensional look!

I've decided to pick neutral-colored eye shadow (which is perfect for Brides) and created an illusion of a deeper set of eyes, of course, with the help of eyeliner!  Lashes were also used as it'll always look perfect on photos!

I airbrushed a very simple rose colored blush on the apples of her cheeks and matched her lip color.  

Here's a photo to show you why contouring and highlighting is super important on photos!  The right placement of contouring and highlighting shades will create "depth" and make even black and white photos more alive!

So pick up your contour/highlight powders and practice, practice, practice!

The Groom
Skin type: Combination (normal and oily)
Request: None
The groom was easy to groom even though it was a first for him to have his makeup done, he didn't move much and let me do my thing!  :)  

I don't usually apply much makeup products on groom unless needed.  What's important for me is to know the condition of the skin and apply moisturizer or oil-control primer on areas needed.  For this groom, I applied an oil control primer on the t-zone and leave the rest for him not to feel too overwhelmed with makeup products.

I applied powder foundation all over his face and used 2-3 shades darker powder foundation as a contouring powder.  I gave his nose, his cheeks some dimension that would work well on photos!  

Since eyebrow shaving is mostly required for models, a groom does not need to have their eyebrows trimmed and be careful not to do so unless requested.  I picked a spoolie brush and gently brush his brows and use a bit of wax to tame them.

For the lips, I used a very natural colored tinted lip conditioner.

Mother of Bride
Skin type: Normal
Request: To look younger!
The MOB has gorgeous skin to start with and I can't stress how much a good skin care can help your skin "trick" old age!  *lol* 

I took my time applying an oil-free moisturizer on MOB and applied wrinkle-fillers on the lines under her eyes.  After making sure the products are all-set and the client doesn't have any itches or skin irritations, I proceeded with foundation application.  For clients with mature skin, it is very important to take time in foundation application to prevent flaking or foundation sliding off.  The client may have some tiny discolorations around her cheeks but it can all be covered with a medium to full coverage foundation.

I've decided to take my time to draw her brows as her original brows are thin and sparse, adding the thickness of the brows will make a person look younger!  For the eyes, I originally used a medium brown colored eye shadow but due to client's request, she wanted something a bit brighter, something pink, so I added a pink eye shadow on top of the medium brown eye shadow to highlight her eyes.  

Peach colored blush was used and a medium red colored lipstick (as requested by client as well.)

Sister of the Bride
Skin type: Normal
Request: Very light makeup
The sister of the bride is not part of the entourage so she requested to make her look "made up" but not too much!  She's not into makeup so applying too much makeup may make her feel uncomfortable.  

Since her skin is gorgeous to start with, I picked a foundation shade closest to her skin color and applied it all over her face.  I lightened up her brows as the client has colored hair and it instantly made her look younger (also as requested)  *laughs*.  

For the eyes, I picked earth colored tones using deep gold, medium browns and grays.  A baby pink colored blush was used and a pink colored lipstick.  So far, she is happy and comfortable with the end result. 

Younger Sister of the Bride
Skin type: Normal
Request: None
Since the younger sister is still young, I've decided to keep her make-up apt to her age and as simple as possible.   Her eyebrows were shaved and redefined by yours truly and I made sure to leave the "thickness" behind not making her look older than her age.  

For eye shadow, I've decided to create an illusion of even-looking eyes faking a "crease".  Pink blush and pink lipstick was also used!

It was another fun-filled day of me prettifying my friend and her family!  I am so happy to have witnessed such important event of her life and I thank her and her family for entrusting me with my skills!

Clients' hair done by: Kim Tan-Rodriguez

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  1. Congrats to ur friend!

    What a great make-up make overs! U're such an artist! Are U do hair styles as well?
    So nice job!

    1. Hi Anastacia, I also do simple hairstyles but for this particular gig, I have a friend with me! Kim did their hairstyles and has done a great job!

  2. Great work, as always! The bride looked like a Chinese monarch after the makeover!


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