Thursday, September 13, 2012

AMW Reviews: Face Of Australia High Definition Liquid Liner

Good morning!
How are my dear friends doing?  Today, I will be sharing a new brand that probably isn't new in other countries but quite new to my ears since its arrival to our shores via a reseller who's a sister of my batch mate in high school.  

I want to thank Karen for sending me these Face Of Australia products as it is always nice to try something new!  

Liquid liners, I've always been a lover for liquid liners and I do not mind liquid liners that comes with super sharp, pointed brush.  My hands are (thankfully) quite steady.  But what about the rest of the population who worries about shaky hands but likes the effect of liquid liners? 

Well, that's a reason why felt-tip pen liners were made available!  There isn't a lot of them I believe as compared to those "soft bristled" brush but I was able to try one from Jessie's Girl several years back and another one which is from Face Of Australia (FOA).

The one I tried is in Black

Face Of Australia says ---
FACE OF AUSTRALIA High Definition Liquid Eyeliner pen delivers precision color with the ultra high definition felt tip applicator.

For clean, sharp defined lines in a convenient no mess pen application that creates precise definition to the shape of the eye. Create a dramatic statement with a mistake proof application which sets in seconds and is water resistant.

AMW says ---
  • Well sealed upon purchase.
  • Felt tip pen makes application a breeze even for unsteady hands.
  • Nice formulation.
  • Pigmentation is good.
  • Can create a perfect "flick" or "cat eye" look all the time!
  • The product didn't smudge.  It does lighten a bit ONLY if I accidentally rub my eyes.
  • Easy to remove with regular eye makeup remover.
  • No scent.
  • No irritations.
  • If applied with heavy hand, may hurt the eye.
  • If the pen is not stored properly, there will be times the line won't be as dark thus it is needed to close the cap and shake the pen again.
  • Since this product is not available in stores for now, online shopping is needed.
A nice liquid liner especially for newbie!  Pigmentation is great, felt tip pen is very precise.

  • Shake the pen well before usage.
  • Best if the product is stored standing up to get the most of the product.
  • Always apply with light hand.  Do not tug your lids.
  • As soon as you finish using, put back the cap immediately to prevent product from drying.  
  • Be careful not to ruin the precise tip.  Once ruined, the pen will be useless!
  • Do not apply on waterline.  Never tightline using a liquid liner.
  • Once signs of irritations occur, stop usage immediately.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
First time liquid liner users or those who love to create cat eyes or draw "Avant Garde" style makeup on face!

Where to purchase and how much?
At D Hip Sanctuary for Php618.00 (approx $14.40). Add them up on Facebook or email them  If you want to learn about their bazaar schedules, contact Karen 0999-888-2682


Marker-like tip making it easy to create straight, curve lines

With the pointed tip, it is easy to create thick or thin lines.

I tried smudging the product but I ended up rubbing very hard thus the lines almost disappeared!  Keep in mind that I took all the effort to rub off the product (in which we don't usually apply that amount of pressure on our eye area.)

Apply on the upper lashline with the pen facing sidewards as shown on photo below.

Once you reach the outer eye area, feel free to point the tip and create a flick.

The pen can also be used to apply on the lower lashline.
Keep in mind to use light-hand strokes for a natural finish.

Never press the pen hard on your lids nor apply with pressure.
See how the hard tip can pull the skin on your lids?

FOA High Definition Liquid Liner in Black
Applied on upper lashline

Have you heard about Face Of Australia Products?
Would you go for a felt-tip pen type of liquid liner or a liner with soft bristled brush?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. neat! i agree that felt tip is much easier to work with then the normal soft brush tip, especially for newbie to liquid liner. however, my hand sometimes jerks when i am applying own ....then it totally ruins the thin line! then i will have to thicken it on the other side to match them

    1. Awww I know what you mean about the jerking, you get uneven lines! :)

  2. i hate pencil liners 'coz they hurt too much. And using brushes is too pro level for me. I'm a noob. :D Also, I heard there's this hassle about cleaning brushes. I don't have that kind of time. T_T

    That's why I love felt-tip liquid liners. :3 This looks awesome but I've got a heavy hand so... :| hmm...

    1. Well if you are into Pencil liners, the newest from Bobbi Brown applies like a dream, yon nga lang I dislike sharpening (lazy bone) :)

      Which felt-tip liquid liner brand are you using?

  3. informative post! <3 felt tip liners are easier to use :) well for me. Ahh I just really love the fact that you post amazing reviews about products <3

    1. thank you Raych! that's very nice for yout o say :D


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