Monday, July 20, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Jesse's Girl Tattoo Pen

Happy start of the week! Time has been flying too fast! And I can't keep track on what I plan to do and what I have done! LOL Am I the only one feeling this?

Thanks to all the lovely comments on my "I am a party girl" look, a lot of you have asked about the Jesse's Girl Tattoo Pen and finally! Here's my review!

Is it really a tattoo pen?
Does it stay for long?
Was it hard to remove?

I am sure those are the questions on your mind! Read on and I wish I'll be "Tattooed on Your Mind" *humming the song*

Jesse's Girl Tattoo Pen says ---
(got this info from Makeup Mix Shop)

Super-fine felt tip applies long-lasting color to lips and eyes!
Perfect as a eye or lip liner.
Color stays all day with no feathering or bleeding.

Askmewhats says ---


  • easy to do winged liner using this pen
  • inexpensive
  • very convenient to use especially for first time eyeliner users
  • can create the thinnest of all thin lines to a thicker line as desired
  • easy to remove with makeup wipes or makeup remover, does not require a lot of rubbing
  • it gives a dramatic effect as compared to pencil liners
  • does not irritate my eyes, I tried putting this around the lower lash line (note: NOT and NEVER the waterline!)
  • hard felt tip that's not friendly to the sensitive lids
  • for people who lives in warm, humid weather like mine, it does smudge, BUT A TINY BIT, in the middle of the day. The upper lashline didn't budge but it does transfer a bit of "smudge" on the lower eye area.

Drew swatches, waited for a couple of minutes
and rubbed gently with my dry fingers

  • because it's a pen, the ink gets lighter as you draw the line, needing to re-draw again and again on some areas.
  • not available locally

If you check out the Jesse's Girl site, you can see that the Tattoo Pens are included in the accessories category rather than the eye. I guess it just shows that the tattoo pen were made not only for eyelining but also to draw the face and body! That shows why they are available in different shades from black, henna, indigo blue, terracota and even violet! It is great for artists who plan to draw their arms or back for a temporary tattoo.

I bought the Jesse's Girl tattoo liner for the purpose of lining the bands of my falsies to make it more natural and doesn't shine on photos. For the sake of review, I've also used this to line my upper lashline and create and winged look. I still prefer my gel liners over this tattoo pen, but with it's price and it's convenience to use, I don't regret purchasing this!

I actually purchased 2, one in Henna, one in Black :)

  • use this pen to line the bands of your falsies (this works really well)
  • close the cap well, always make sure to hear the 'click' sound to prevent the liner from drying up
  • store it vertically so the "ink" won't get dried up during application
Will I repurchase?

Yes, still for the purpose of lining my falsies and for easier winged look

Where can you purchase and how much?

At Makeup Mix Shop for $2.99 (approx Php140.00) shipping NOT included
At the moment, the black is out of stock, you can message them on availability.

Here's a close up on how sharp
the felt tip liner is

The good thing?
So easy to create thin lines
to thick lines
depending on your preference!

As seen on my previous EOTD
I used Jesse's Girl Tattoo Pen in Black all the way
The upper lashline and the lower lashline
No irritations, eyes didn't turn red :)

This is overall a nice product. It's not a MUST for people who already own so much eyeliners but for starters who plan to give different eyeliner products a try, this is a "fool proof" way to line your eyes perfectly!

Any other tattoo liners out there ?
Give them a shoutout!
I love to learn more about it
Have a wonderful Monday!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. very nice. i dont think ive ever seen this before. i better check my local drugstore.

  2. When I saw the name, the first thing popped out was "I should buy that for a prank...Well, I am really good at doodling.

  3. I've been curious about this! Thanks for the review. :)

  4. too bad i didnt order one !
    omg ur eye slook so perfect !

  5. wow.. thanks for the info nikki,, it looks nice and easy to use too..

  6. nikki!!!! *waves madly*

    u did it again! (tempted me successfully) i need a good one to line my band. gosh, must get this if it is available on makeup masala when i do my purchase next time :D

  7. Great review! This looks similar to my Revlon liquid eye pen. It's cool that we both line our falsies bands with these pens, it really does work great. ;-) I love felt tip liquid liners, they're so fool-proof.

  8. Lik felt tip ey liners too, very easy to use :)

  9. It does look good enough... I've tried kate and it's a big nono for me...

  10. becky, oohhh lucky you if you can find them at your local drugstore! I have a feeling you'll find them! :)

    Cirtine, hahahah it would be fun! For someone who can draw well like you??? Go for the prank! But just don't get wet! hahaha

    Chrissy, no worries, it's my pleasure! I've been late with the reviews! LOL

  11. verina oei, awww thanks, you can always order from her everytime she restocks!

    Donnarence, it is quite easy to do a winged liner looK! :) No mess!

    Prettybeautiful! Hey sister! hahah sorry I didn't mean to tempt you! but hey, aren't you the girl who's got the oiliest lids EVER???? so why are you even planning to purchase this? hahaha see? i'm helping you NOT to buy! LOL

  12. The Shades Of U, so true about the fool-proof-ness :) I'm glad you are with me on this one! thanks dearie!

    ☆Anastacia☆, girl! I love your eyelining ! Whatever you say, I love you when I see the way you line your eyes! :D

    Janice,thanks for sharing!

  13. thanks for the review! I ordered mine in violet. :)

  14. hmm if this transferred to your lower lashline then this won't stand a chance against mine. haha.

  15. but i really want something to easily line my lash band!! gosh.

  16. Thanks for the review! It looks great on your eyes!!! Your eyes pop more with this... wheee~ :)

  17. I love felt tip liners. Have you tried fabuliner? I used that one & I love it! I think its better than the revlon colorstay. NYX is good too, but it's small.

  18. the tip shape is kinda similar to elf's eyeliner pen.. =)

  19. Connie , how'd you like the violet? I haven't tried the Henna yet!

    Crystal! Girl , when I test on eyeliner stuffs, I always think about you! I remembered your complaints on oily lids! :)

    prettybeautiful, now! I've done my best! I'm not going to stop you now! GO AHEAD! BUY! It's not too expensive anyways! LOL

  20. Ahleessa, awww thanks!

    Melissa, haven't tried fabuliner, who makes it? I haven't even tried Revlon's Colorstay :) Now, am I missing too much?

    Khymm, I believe they all look the same already! LOL I think IN2IT makes one too!!!!

  21. wow! i never even know jesse's girl has a tattoo pen! thanks for letting us know! looks like a great pen to draw things on faces for halloween and bday parties! nice eyeliner too!! :D

  22. Tahnks for the review. It looks great on you and easy to use.

  23. That's very cheap!! :o do you use liquid eyeliner?I wonder if it's the same thing only different naming :D
    And also what eyelids primer do you use?

  24. Iyah, no worries, I didn't know there's such pen as well, I only knew about it when I saw it on the Makeup Mix Shop :)

    Gio, so true the ease of usage is wonderful

    Hana, yes, i have used Liquid eyeliner too, the eyeliner itself is liquid but it's just from a different applicator, a stiffer one :) Eyelid primer? I change from UDPP, Too faced, MAC Paintpots or Benefit's LOL I am using different ones depending on my mood :D

  25. nice review.
    looks really great on you ^-^

  26. i got something similar from maybelline. hopefully it will work well. :)

  27. Im a tattoo liner user! I agree that its very easy to use! ^^

    Btw It really looks great on u babe!

  28. wow this does look good and promising
    speaking of hard liners
    one of my kohl liners just harden
    even while drawing so hard the colour came out so draggy and light :(

  29. Ilee, thanks! So are you a liquid/gel or pencil liner user?

    Shen! Ohhh Maybelline has a similar one?? What the name?

    Mikayuki, thank you!!! :) Nice to see your comment and great to meet you!

    LyNn, I am so scared to use Kohl liners! i have a feeling it'll be SUPER BIG PANDA eyes for me~


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