Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Salon Report: Univers Kaizen Salon Hair Color

It has been weeks since I last colored my hair and I just had the chance to write about it!

First of all, I want to thank the wonderful people of Univers Kaizen Salon. It was a lovely experience and I enjoyed how they treated my hair like a separate individual! Ms. Mary Ann Orca consulted me first on what color I prefer. I told her I am into "natural" NOT "Hey! I dyed my hair"look"! She patiently explained to me that Matrix ColorPro Copper Brown would work well on my skintone, I'm glad I listened.

The salon offers Hair Color using Matrix products. Ms. Mary Ann colored the regrowth first, left it for approximately 15 minutes, then went on to color the scalp. I found myself looking freaked out! Who wouldn't if you look like this?

(sorry for the blurry photos,
I forgot to bring my camera)

After approximately half an hour of coloring my regrowth and scalp area. They proceeded with coloring the rest of my hair! And I got a wonderful back massage and tea! I don't mind staying there for more than an hour! Wonderful ambiance, magazines to read (I actually learned so much about showbiz gossip as I was reading the entertainment magazines), hair wash with Biolage treatment that left my scalp minty fresh, relaxed back and....

Wonderful looking hair! :D What more can I ask for? It's a big plus that their staffs put on a smile every time you talk to them! I was even asked if I'm bored! Even if I am, I can always do a song and dance number, they don't have to worry about me! :P

Here's how my hair looks like with and without flash! I love it that the hair color changes depending on lighting! :)

Price of full hair coloring varies depending on the length of your hair and how many tones. I had a one tone treatment for the length of my hair, costs around Php2,000++ (approx $42.00).

I had a reader once asked me about brow coloring! I learned that Univers Kaizen Salon also does brow coloring service, no, they don't use the hair dye but they use a special dye for the brows for only Php 200 (approx $4.00). The Eyebrow Color lasts approximately 3 months.

Univers Kaizen Salon
2nd Level South Building,

Mall of Asia Pasay City

tel no: (632) 556.4631

Have you done any pampering to your hair and scalp?
I believe if you are into taking care of your face!
Do not forget the part of your head that gives you the glory!
NO, I'm not talking about the "morning glory"! *grins*

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Awe! So nice color! Like the undertone!

  2. ohh Nikki! That's a wonderful deal! I got mine colored before from F Salon and it cost me 2k too! i really gave up after that..too bad I am now really going for my natural hair since i damaged mine from my prev hair colorings.. but again it was a great deal u got and i can see that your hair is still shiny!!! ugh i wish ive known earlier on..

  3. i always love copper brown! and best part is, when the color fades, it won't look like some lion's hair on the head. love the color nikki! :D

  4. great hair color!! I wanna get mine colored too :)

  5. I love this color. So warm and fresh! Work it.

  6. I love the color! YOu have such shiny hair!

  7. wow! the color looks good on you! =)

  8. so shiny and warm! I love it! and you had a great time. i need to escape to a place like that

  9. Pretty hair color! I want to color my hair soon =)

  10. ☆Anastacia☆, thanks! I really like this shade too! It's a shade I'm comfortable with :)

    Paula, oh wow! F salon costs a lot!!!! But I think it's worth it coz your hair color is pretty!

    prettybeautiful, I know whwat you mean! I hate it if you can see regrowth! that's a big NO NO For me!

    Connie, :) Yours is so beautiful! Black works really pretty already but if you had it colored, i think you'll look like a totally different person! In a good way! :)

    T, thanks girl!

    Y,awww thanks for saying so, I do make sure to take care of it :)

    Charry, thanks!

    Jojoba, it is relaxation and at times, we needed it! :) Especially hardworking moms like you!

    Melissa, :) what color are you looking into?

  11. Looks great on you! Love-love the color!

  12. wish it was girl..i had to wash it black and gain back my natural roots..and yea they cost alot..i dont know if its me being fooled..coz u alrady had yours on a professional salon and its really fab on you! :) im growing on my natural roots now :)

  13. beautiful! as in super beautiful!! sis, i really need to learn how to blow dry my own hair. my kulot is showing na!:)

    miss yah!!

  14. That's a pretty hair color! Looks great on you!

  15. it looks like a vibrant plum color with the flash. very nice nikki!

  16. nice colooooor! booy it's good to be back reading your blog again :D

  17. Wow... the color is so lovely and your hair is so shiny!! :D

    I'm ashamed to say that its been more than a year since i touched up my hair color, and almost 2 since i did anything major to it!! >.<

  18. I love the color,looks nice for your skin :) I used to dye my hair so much so I don't do it anymore now :) but when I go to pamper myself I have a nice creambath or hairspa plus head n back massage, followed by spa treatment if I have enough time :D hmm I miss pampering myself

  19. Mrs.Zeus, I'm glad you like it! I love it too thank goodness my first Professional coloring experience is great!

    Paula, girl! I just don't get it why F salon charges so much, isn't it supposed to be "them" being there because they charge cheaper? Medyo over pricing nga..and your hair is shorter than mine! Well at least we learn our lessons! :)

    Shen, sis, I seriously LOVE the color on you! come to think of it, virgin hair ka nga! I didn't know that til I read your post! :) I'm glad you had a wonderful experience girl! Miss you too!

    Gio, thanks!

  20. Jo, it is! LOL I was a bit surprised myself when I saw the one with flash, it looks like a totally different hair color! :D

    Ai, hey! welcome back!!! thanks!!!how are you??

    Jenn, awww its ok, actually coloring your hair regularly is like torture for your hair! so don't be ashamed that you don't do it regularly, I'm sure your hair is happy! :)

    Hana , thanks! I know what you mean about pamepering! I love massages too!!! But really, have you tried someone who massages you and instead of being relaxed you felt like you're in a death bed?? LOL

  21. yay! thanks for the info nikki! (remember, i was the one pestering you with eyebrow-coloring questions haha :)). i must try that place, sounds great. thanks for the heads up!

  22. Nice color! Looks great :D And thank you so soo much for all the sweet comments (: You are such a nice person too hehe (;

  23. the colour looks stunning
    especially on you hun!

  24. Nice color! I am in need of getting my hair colored too!

  25. Thanks Yumeko! :)

    Blue, hahaha yes, I always remember your question, so given the chance to ask, I'll definitely ask for you! :)

    e.motion in motion , nah! no worries, I enjoyed reading your post! :)

    LyNn,I'm glad you like it, it does look ok ha? hahaha

    Pang, when do you plan to color your hair? And what shade?

  26. Wow the colour looks gorgeous on you! ^^ Such nice shiny hair ;_;

  27. ahleessa, glad you liked the color of my hair :)

    Sofie, thanks!!! :)

  28. thx for posting your blog. and im quite lucky to read it.. im going to kaizen .. not because i want to . i have an assignment, well visiting one of the top ten salons here. and MOA is the nearest place. of course they now what color to put on you tone. because they studied it. as what i am doing right now. im enrolled in CAS. my concern is , they price list of their services. i have to know it to have a budget for it.. but i can find and website that have their price list and services.
    i already have my color. as i read to your blog. i think i'll have my eyebrow color .. thx.. Lady padilla.

  29. Hi! Happen to be googling on Univers kaizen and your blog was on top of the list :) am searching for a salon who has a good rep on hair coloring so I might try out this one primarily because of your good review :)

  30. hi gudday!! this is ms. Mary Ann Orca, from Univers's Kaizen Salon MOA. If you want to try me in Hair coloring just pls. call us 556-4631. and set an appointment.. we also have our newest and very safe treatment that will last up to 12 weeks,[Brazilian Blowout] it will look like naturally straight. for more info pls. contact us... thank you!!


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