Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Bling Bling Nails

I am starting to enjoy rhinestones on my nails! The blings are in! I feel like I'm getting rich every minute! Do I lose the rhinestones before the end of the week? No, it can go for months! And I do wash my hair, wash the dishes and do the regular chores.

Did you know that?
You just have to press the rhinestones well so it gets embedded to the nail polish and always finish up with a top coat!

Step 1:

Apply a base coat prior to nail polish application. Apply 2 coats of your base polish. I am using The Face Shop's Shimmer Pink (old bottle)

Step 2:

Draw a vertical line of dark purple ELF polish. This does not have to be perfect .


You can wet your cotton buds with acetone and wipe those that got into the skin! Checkout the direction on how I remove excess polish.

Step 3:

Using L.A. Art Deco in Silver, apply a thin line in between the dark purple polish and the base polish. This will cover line imperfections!

Step 4:

Press rhinestones, I alternate pink and blues! (click photo to enlarge)

Step 5:

Apply your favorite top coat to protect the rhinestones and nail art!

Now that is easy right?
Come on! Give it a try! You know you can do it!
You can actually add more rhinestones if you've got longer nails!

If you don't have the rhinestones, you can always stop after the vertical lines created! Simplicity is still beauty! :) Do take time to be creative with those nail art designs! Care to show me yours?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay finger lickin' good! NAH LOL


  1. wow, it's so pretty!

    i could never do my nails that well, especially with rhinestones! my hands aren't steady enough. :(

  2. i love how you do your nails, Nikki! you make it so easy and perfectoooo <3

  3. beautiful! :D
    i love bling nails too! hehes
    but the rhinestones refused to stay on my nails for the entire week :/

  4. Ahhh I ♥ you, Diva. You are one talented so and so! LOL I would try that with a dark brown?

    BTW, guess who cut her nails completely!!!! Yup, I feel like a boy...for now.

  5. Nice! I can never use rhinestones that much..I always end up losing them because I am really rough on my hands.

  6. nice!!!!! i have seen this somewhere too, wanted to do the same also. ^5!!! my nails are at the resting stage now. hehe

  7. You're so great at nail art! I love your design! This seems pretty simple too, but still looks elegantly and so glamour! Loveee the bling bling!

  8. kiree!

    its simple but the bling took it to the next level!

  9. Cute!! I really like that pink shade! :]

  10. You make nail art look so easy Nikki!! :D

    This one looks really eyecatching!! The rhinestones definitely blings your digits up!! :D

  11. So cute!! :D

    I just tried rhinestones on my fingers for the first time last week and I lost like 5 of them throughout the week hahaha. I guess I have to press harder.

  12. really cute! i hate gemstones on myself but looks great on you!!

  13. Maggie, yayness! that is nice of you to say, but I really don't have the world's steadiest hands, I am just IN LOVE with nail art to be persistent enough to keep on trying!

    Arezu, hey! it's nice to meet you, thanks for the comment!

    Jasmin, I'm glad you like it!

  14. Ai, hahahah it is really not too hard compared to other nail addicts out there! :)

    Aika,thanks sis!

    miRaCLe, yes, you do need to press your bling blings harder! :)

  15. Dwama. yes of course! you can try this with ANY color as long as it's a shade you love! Nah, Im' sure your nails will grow in no time!

    Chrissy, hahahah I know what you mean, at the start, I was losing all those rhinestones too in the middle of the week! Its just the right kind of top coat and right pressure on pressing the rhinestones :)

    prettybeautiful, ohhh my nails have rested for a week, so I'm back! LOL

  16. Anastacia, I'm glad you like this, I love simple designs with the wow factor! thanks!

    ~tHiAmErE~, hahaha bling to the next level! you are too cute!

    fuzkittie, yes its a pretty shade from the face shop :)

  17. Jenn, hahaha you know its not so hard! :) just give it a few more tries and you'll get the hang of it!

    Catherine, YUP! PRESS HARDER! that's our rhinestones motto!

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡ I used to hate rhinestones, I guess you just have to purchase the right size, the big ones are so uneasy to wear!

  18. OMg you have pretty finger nails as always, not like me my finger nails are yuk cuz i some times bite them><

    plus i don't think i will ever have the patience to sit there and do my nails like that =D

  19. nikki i have an idea .. u should open up a salon and call it 'nikki's nails' hehe

  20. Te nails are so cute! You're so good at nail art!

  21. Nailz-In-Aus, hey! thanks for visiting :)

    Purple snowflake, aww, I'm glad you like my nail art tut, nah! You do bite your nails??? Oooohhh that is hard to stop then!!! I guess I just have too much nail time for myself! hahaha

    Jo, hahah that is so cute! Who knows? And open another branch in Australia? Will you be my first customer? LOL

    Gio, thank you!!!!

  22. The nail reminds me of chocolate for some odd reason. :/ Looks good!

  23. Ahleessa, the dark purple looks like dark brown on photos :) So I know where you're coming from :D

  24. Hello Nikki, where do you get your rhinestones. I'm scoured places over and I could not see any... Sigh! Hope to hear from you...

  25. Kessa Thea, thanks for your query. I sell them myself on my online store :)

  26. I've just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you that I really had a lot of fun doing this nail art on my own nails !
    Thanks for this great step by step :) I'll post pics soon on my blog ;)


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