Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work Look 1: "Clinique's Strawberry Fudge" Look

Happy Thursday everyone! :)

A reader once told me that she's tired of the usual "brown" look, she loves to put on make up for work but she wants it to be "office friendly" without the boring feel!

I'm introducing, a WORK LOOK series that incorporates the boring browns added some twists! Work can get too boring, but your looks shouldn't! :)

Sweet Bronzey Work Look

AMW Diagram

Prior to step 1:

If you don't have oily lids and e/s stays on you, you don't need to prime your lids daily especially if you work in an air conditioned environment.

Step 1:

Using Clinique's Strawberry Fudge Colour Surge e/s duo, pat on the pink e/s with gold specks all over the inner thirds of the eye using the free sponge applicator.

Note: Using a sponge applicator and patting the e/s makes the color more vibrant

Step 2:

Using my Ecotools big blending brush, apply NYX Latte Foam on the outer crease area blending it inwards. Make sure to blend in harsh lines. Redo step 1 if needed.

Step 3:

Using a smaller crease brush, apply Prestige Surrey's palette darkest brown on the outer v to deepen the look of the crease.

Step 4:

Wipe your Ecotools fluffy brush with wet wipes, use Prestige Surrey Palette's lightest shade as highlight. Apply the inner corner of the eyes to make the eyes pop.

Step 5:

You don't need heavy looking eyes for work look, so use an eyeliner pencil instead of the gel liners or liquid liners. Applly Lancome's Le Crayon Khol Noir on the upper lashline extending the line a bit to create a livelier eyes.

For the waterline, use Urban Decay's 24/7 Yeyo to brighten the eyes and apply Lancome's Le Crayon Khol Noir on the lower lashline and smudge a bit with a pencil brush.

Apply 1-2 coats of mascara

I used Lancome's Oscillation mascara

I do skip the eyelash curling step if I use this mascara
Very helpful as we're always in a rush for work

Fill in your brows and take a look
before you leave for work! :)

The look is quite simple, doesn't look too made up but it has a hint of gold shimmer
that screams "I am alive and kicking for work!" :D

What's the rest of my work face?

(Special thanks to Liz for the Finbaaa Mascot!
Love it!!!
So cute!
She also sent me a wonderful post card from Dublin

and some nice makeup for her blog anniversary! MUWAH :x)

Ellana Foundation in French Vanilla
buffed with EDM Flat Top Brush

For the cheeks:

Paul & Joe Face Color no. 8 topped with
The Body Shop's Mineral Blush in Warm Copper

For the Lips:

Kiehl's Lip Balm hue no. 58B
Lined my lips with MAC's Lipliner in Gingerroot
NYX Round Lipstick in Herades

All you need to do is SMILE
and forget about traffic,


work stress....

wait, I'm starting to lose my smile!*laughs*

Will do the next work look soon! :)
Thanks for entrusting me with the work look request!

If you're unsure, rule of the thumb...

Always be Comfortable with whatever you have one!

and don't forget to...
Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. Cute work look! I need something like this for work too! Daily basis on the morning weeks.. Awesome!

  2. Hi sis! Thanks for the tutorial. I am also looking for a not-so-boring eye makeup.

  3. This is such a cute look! I love that Prestige palette you used too! Haven't seen it around lately though hmm...

  4. Very nice! :) It goes really well with your hair too.

  5. this is another lovely one... do u have any matte e/s? i would liek to see some looks wit matte e/s! =) everytime wen i try to put less makeup and make it more natural.. its so hard to.. do u know wut i can do? im pretty tan.. so i feel that sometimes i look funny wen just a foundation and e/s.. any suggestions, opinions? heheh


  6. Great look for everyday! Looks so nice! Like brown!

  7. office-friendly! very pretty, Nikki <3 love it to the max! oh the Finbaaa Mascot is too cute for words!

  8. nice :) i would say its subtle yet dramatic enough to make you look awake in the morning.

    btw nikki, when u wear makeup to work, do u do it in the office or at home?

  9. Jasmin , thank you! thanks for leaving a comment and nice to see you here!

    Golden! hey sis how have you been? I'm glad this is helpful!

    Catherine, the Prestige palette has been out for quite some time, they have the blue and the purple version! :)

  10. Shopn'Chomp, thank you :D

    LipStick Staiin, sure I can try using the matte one next! Just for you :)

    ☆Anastacia☆, girl! You are the queen of eyeshadows! YOu can do this better and you don't even need to read this post

  11. Fuz, thanks!

    Ai,you are too cute with your comments! :) Thanks! I am in love with the Finbaaa mascot too!

    Prettybeautiful sis! I apply my makeup at home :) I am too lazy to carry a lot of makeup at work :D how about you?

  12. Hi! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say how much I love those colors. You look really pretty and professional. Thanks for the post :)

  13. Thanks for the inspiration Nikki!! I definitely can see myself wearing this to work next time! :D

  14. very lovely. I can do this at home. I really like this look

  15. yep that's right, we don't know if certain products we read about are really good unless we try them ourselves. but i always love reading up on product reviews and love it even more if they end up working for me :D

  16. This is really pretty.
    And if you're going out after work, you can easily add a black eyeshadow to your outer V and smoke it up 9:

  17. very nice! will try to copy this look.. thanks nikki!

  18. It's such a simple, everyday look. Gorgeous and loving the NYX eyeshadow!!! :)

  19. it's a very lovely look. i did a similar look as you today but a bronzy lip colour.

    you look great.

  20. I like the look :D I'm always partial twds gold n browns e/s,maybe because they are my comfort e/s lolz
    You look pretty and fresh :)

  21. This is such a nice look. Very natural and office-friendly.

  22. Tammi_LA, thank you so much for visiting my site and I hope to see more of you and keep the comments coming, they give me energy :D

    Jenn, no problem! I appreciate it coming from yoU! I wish to see it!

    T, can't wait to see your version! Show it to us :D

  23. Jo, same here, product reviews from real individuals help us to decide or know what to expect!

    Arezu, yes! so true!!! Thanks!

    Khymm, yay! show me your look sis! have a great night!

  24. Ahleessa, yes, the NYX e/s is gorgeous!

    Jojoba,wow on bronzey lip color! that looks fab for sure!

    Hana, I know what you mean, i go for golds and browns on daily basis too!

    Gio, thank you!!!

  25. Hi nikki, I love this look, it suits you. I want to try this too... Thanks for the tutorial. Btw, I like your last photo, so pretty =)

  26. Charry, thanks! I'm glad you liked the blush and the photo :)

  27. crystal, thank you for saying so :)

  28. That's a very good look for work :)

  29. tine :) Thanks! I do wear this look mostly for work :)

  30. Thanks! I think I'll be remaking this for my graduation look hehe... I'll keep it simple na lang.


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