Friday, July 24, 2009

Mineraux Skin Perfecting Minerals Beach Tan Bronzer Review

A month ago, my favorite blush for the week was Mineraux's Beach Tan Bronzer. After more than a do I feel about this?

It's AMW Revisits time and I'm happy to say, it hasn't left my "favorite" list! It's actually still on top! Read on for my review!

Mineraux Beach Tan Bronzer says ---

Finely-milled mienrals that are highly pigmented and provide a warm, sheer and natural finish.

Ingredients: Sericite, Titanium Dioxide, Silk Powder, Magnesium Stearate and Iron Oxides

Ingredients imported from USA and Canada. Packaged and perfected in the Philippines

Askmewhats says ---

  • very pigmented
  • gorgeous color
  • a little goes a long way!
  • lasts almost the whole day!
  • affordable
  • versatile, perfect for both day and nights
  • doesn't look "wet" on photos unlike other shimmery makeup products
  • the usual messiness of mineral makeup, but who cares?
I find it very difficult to have favorites for mineral blushes! Why? It seldom stays, it's always pretty to look at but before half of the day ends, I need to retouch! With the Mineraux Mineral Bronzer in Beach Tan, the peachy shade with hint of gold shimmer works so well on my skin tone, it looks so natural on my skin and the best part, it stays longer than my other mineral blushes or even regular blushes!

Once I went out with mom (before her operation) and we were out for the whole day, it was a day of tasks to do and we were out in the sun for long! I remembered having my usual BB cream, powder, blush and lipbalm!

After a long day, we got home and rested. Mom took a look at me and said: "You look pretty, you look like you're blushing!" I thought I just needed water due to dehydration *laughs* so I went to the kitchen and took a look at myself expecting to see a horrible reflection!

You know what I saw??? A blushing bride *joking!!!!* I saw someone with healthy skin looking back at me, and I swear! After more than 5 hours under the sun and pollution, Mineraux's Beach Tan survived! It stays on and it looks gorgeous!

Mineraux stay's true, it's made with perfection especially for our needs!

  • use a fluffier blush brush for a more natural look
  • use a slanted angled blush brush for a more defined cheeks
  • swirl the blush and tap your brush upside down not to waste the minerals, gently buff onto your cheeks
  • always be gentle in buffing
  • less is always more!
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

At Mineraux website
10g jar: Php 330 (approx $6.90)
20g jar: Php 500 (approx $10.42)
30g jar: Php 600 (approx $12.50)

Here's the swatch again!

And I've sported this blush in 2 ways:
More dramatic cheeks to pop up my cheeks

A sweep of very light bronzy look
for a healthy and natural glow!

I remember telling my blogger friend Paris B, that I find using bronzers as blush looks better on my skintone! I find it so true! My other favorite daily blushes are my Stila Bronzing Powder, MAC's Grand Duo in Light Over Dark and Elizabeth Arden's Bronze Powder. Now the list can go on and what's similar in all of them? Bronze, shades of brown! :)

If you plan to check out this Beach Tan Bronzer, hurry! All items from the Mineraux website are 20% off! :)

Hayyy...good times!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love your smile, it's so bright and happy :)

  2. Very pretty! It looks divine on you :)

  3. Cute! Love minerals.. I know what you mean about the mess.. hahha.. I always end putting it all over the place.

  4. i just started getting into mineral blushes and i have been lucky as they last on me just as well as regular blushes. maybe it's because i also have concealer on my cheeks so the concealer works like a glue? HAHAHAHAHA

    by the way, i think you should call the lip colour on the 2nd FOTD a HG!

  5. blushing bride! LOL Nikki you are too cute.. OMG i love the color! i think i'm obsessed with bronzer right now. aiish, if i have all the money in the world i think i'd buy all the bronzer in the world lol

  6. Looks great Nikki :)

    I have difficulty with staying power of mineral blushes. I bought Alison Raffaele Inner Glow & apply that after foundation, before applying powder or mineral blush. It stays on longer than blush alone. If I apply the Inner Glow after blush, it won't apply evenly. At least from my experience.

    I use Sexy, a coral-orangey shade that works great with warm toned blushes. Glamorous is also great with other blushes, but it has quite a lot of shimmer.

    Hurry, it's on sale in Beauty Bar (65% off from 1500 - 525) til the end of the month. Bought mine in Gateway. Sadly, only Glamorous is on sale.

  7. nikki, now im starting to think that bronzer is also the IN thing now, prob i should get myself a bronzer to try out also :P

  8. I'm very excited to find your blog! I was born in Manila but moved away when I was five. Love your blog - just followed. Come and visit mine too and hopefully follow!


  9. Maggie, awww thanks!

    Shopn'Chomp, I know! I can't believe the color would work on me! First look made me think it's just another boring mineral blush!

    Jasmin, hahahaha! But it does take a lot of practice, as long as it looks good, I wouldn't even care about the mess! Mess what?

    jojoba, you know what? Thanks for letting me know! I find myself reaching out for it for a couple of work days! It's the CLinique's Blushing Nude Lipstick!

  10. Fuz, thanks!

    Ai, I am crazy Ai! Trust me, you wouldn't find me cute i you have the chance to meet me, i can go CRAZY!!!

    Crissy, thanks girl! :) Great for you to have found your HG! And the best? it's on sale!!! Thanks for the tip!

  11. prettybeautiful, oohhh give it a try! It could look great on you!

    Michelle (Lipstick Rules), hey!!! Do you speak Tagalog still or no??? Thanks for visiting my blog and nice to see you here!

    Catherine, thanks! Glad you approved my fave blush!

  12. lovely look ..i luv the last picture "parang si Lani Mercado hihi :)" nice review bout mineruax i wanna try it compared with other mineral product this is affordable :)

  13. that bronzer looks nice coz its gives a subtle effect. Other bronzers I tried gives me a muddy look.. I like the first pic, what lippie did you use btw?

  14. Louie! hahahah is it a compliment? LOL I gotta say it is ! coz she's still an actress though she's older *pouts* lol thanks girl!

    Khymm, thanks I know what you mean about the muddiness :)

  15. Like your bew icon pic, Nikki!

    Also like how that bronzer looks on you! Very natural!

  16. It looks so pretty and natural on you!

  17. Wow!! I love how this bronzer didn't look dirty at all on you... it perks up your complexion so nicely!! But most of all, i think it's your megawatt smile that captivates me!! :D It's so lovely!! :D

  18. I think bronzers look really good on you too. they make you glow! :D I personally am a big bronzer fan

  19. Anastacia, thanks! wow you noticed on the change of my icon photo :) Thanks for the compliment!

    Gio, thanks!

    jenn, yes, it doesn't look dirty on me, I'm glad! Aawww I do have this crazy cheeky smile!!! Ooohalala now I'm embarrassed lol

    Connie, thanks!!! I know! Girl! You look GREAT in bronzers! I swear I'm having a crush on you when you do those looks!

  20. i rarely use a bronzer because i'm such a pink girl! but regarding minerals, there are mineral brands out there that are SOOOO long-lasting even on MY skin! i'm glad mineraux lasts on you. i hope you have better luck with other mineral brands too.

  21. the bronzer gives you an understated glow!! very pretty :D hope you have a great weekend too :D

  22. Crystal, aww pink looks sweeton you :)

    NicNic, thanks :)


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