Saturday, July 25, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline's Vivid & Smooth Liners

After wondering "What's the best eyeliner pencil for my readers", It's time for me to share my thoughts on pencil eyeliners I own. I seriously do not have a lot but I have a couple on my plate for reviews, those I have are the ones that were talked about...eyebrows raised at! They are hot in the news!

Vivid & Smooth Liner in Forest Green and Dark Purple

Vivid & Smooth Liner says ---

Introducing Maybelline's Eye Studio Vivid & Smooth Liner - it glides smoothly on the lids while its cream based formula gives instant color in just one stroke. Perfect for a long day at work or night out on the town, Vivid & Smooth liners are made to last - waterproof, smudgeproof and long-wearing. This easy to use liner can also double as an eyeshadow, providing instant stunning color

in 6 vivid shades:
Dark Purple
Ocean Blue
Forest Green
Pearl White

Askmewhats says ---
  • very smooth and creamy, does not tug the lids
  • VERY pigmented, one stroke definitely is enough
  • colors are wonderful!
  • inexpensive compared to other brands that are comparable with quality
  • upper lashline - smudgeproof, waterproof, long wearing
  • the packaging looks expensive! love it
  • the exact color of the eyeliner is seen on the pencil! Easier to grab when you're in a hurry

  • doesn't stay on waterline for long, only approximately 2-3 hours (but what the heck? It's so inexpensive you wouldn't even care!)
  • if you are like a dog (like me) "arf arf!" -- who loves to sniff on products, this has a "crayon" scent, if it bothers you, it's a con, but it doesn't bother me!

Remember AMW report on "Be Stunning for a Steal" event that took place last month? I had a great makeover from Maybelline's makeup artist Mr. Jim Ryan and when he pulled out the Vivid & Smooth liner, I thought he was pulling out a different brand! Seriously, it looks so professional and so "un-drugstore looking" pencil! He showed me swatches on the liner at the back of his hand and I totally forgot about the makeover but was focused on trying to steal his liners! *just joking*!!!

I chose a simple black color as I wanted to test the shade, black eyeliners that goes crazy on me, anyone could give a mental institution a call and tie me up with a straight jacket!

I took the risk! Had vivid & smooth black liner on both upper and lower lids and I took a cab home! (After almost an hour of stress, traffic, the sun shining straight on my face and being paranoid when people from the other cars took a look at me)

I got home, I took a good look at myself on the mirror...

Upper lashline: No smudge, no budge, PERFECT!
Waterline: the liner was gone
Lower lashline: has some smudging but the color was still there, this can easily be fixed by wiping it with a cotton bud.

I have tried other Maybelline eyeliners in the past. This is seriously the best they've got to offer! And the price is seriously affordable!
  • if you are living in a hot and humid country like mine! And you are going for a full eyeliner (whatever brand) always carry along cotton buds on your makeup pouch to wipe the little smudges on the lower lash line! It helps rather than using your fingers as it's harsh on your eyes!
  • if you want this to stay super long! Purchase an eye sealant
  • for lower lashline: pat on the liner with a similar e/s color or setting powder to "set" the eyeliner and prevent it from furthe smudging
  • if you plan to use this for e/s, smudge the liner right away after application with a smudger brush or pencil brush
  • in a hurry for work or school? Line your eyes with colored Vivid & Smooth liners and you're ready to go!
Will I repurchase?

Where can you purchase and how much?

On Maybelline counters for Php359.00 (approx $7.50)

Here are visual aids for you to decide for yourself
if the new pencil liners from Maybelline are worth it or not! :)

Swatched on hand for
Dark Purple and Forest Green

Let's say I cried like a faucet! lol
I wet it with running water, no rubbing
The liner didn't run it didn't budge

Rubbing test
(left photo: rubbed more than 5 times going downwards, the first rub didn't budge the liner
right photo: rubbed my hands like there's no tomorrow! )

I love it that the color disappeared rather than smearing all over my hands! This is only for the purpose of experiment, no sane person would rub their eyes as hard as I did on my hand.

You want to know how it looks like on the naked eye? No eye primer, no eyeshadow! Applied them on both upper and lower lashline including waterline. You can click to enlarge and look closely that the liner doesn't like my waterline area, it must be my "anime watery eyes" lol

I hope this review is helpful for those who's planning to start up on makeup! You don't have to go for colors, you can always start with the usual blacks and browns! If you're used to eyelining your eyes, that's the best time to explore on other shades!

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to answer them in the best of my "superwoman" abilities! lol No superwoman costume ok?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Happy weekend!


  1. We have similar taste in eye makeup (although my skill is a lot worse) whenever I see a collection I just go for purple and teal...

    They don't really have this in US...(But I am not a bit fan of maybeline products anyway.)

  2. hello niki good morning :)

    i got interested about this post, because i am on a hunt for colored eye liners.

    but, it seemed pricey for me :(

    i am planning to buy the nichido colored eyeliners. i do hope i could find time to go out this weekend :(

  3. Thanks for the review Nikki!! These liners look great!! :D I wish they were available here though! :(

  4. I love the look of the green eyeliner on you. And because you said they perform well enough, I might consider getting these. Thanks for the review, Nikki!

  5. Thanks. I have to try them out!

  6. Reminds me of a similar liner from a Canadian Brand, Annabelle... and they have a line of 'Smoothliners'

    I did the exact same test with those too

  7. the purple liner looks nice and its affordable!

    and btw, i forgot to tell you AVON glimmerstick is also a nice pencil liner. That's what am using now. Its budge-proof on my upper lashlines and best of all needs no sharpening. Its costs only around php 200

  8. Great review here, Nikki! I'm heading to the mall to check this out later. I never knew Maybelline has such liners, parang 24/7 or MUFE ang dating nito ah! :)

  9. hi, thanks for review ^_^
    this looks very interesting. I'll wait for BOGO. hehehe

  10. that's bold.. I don't think I can carry a colored eye liner.. :(

  11. Hi sis! Thanks for the review. I'm also in search of a good eyeliner as I prefer lining my eyes these days rather than applying eyeshadows on my eyelids. The only eyeliner I've tried so far are those from Nichido (the Girl's Night Outs) and Avon. I was so attracted with the Nichido eyeliners as they are so cheap and they've lots of colors to choose from. Unfortunately though, for some reason their liners aren't that pigmented.

    By the way sis, I've a question, does this pencil easily break when you sharpen it? Thanks!

  12. hi nikki! the green looks nice!!! wonder can we get it here... i don't think i've seen this here before in malaysia... maybe i missed it... will dropby watsons or guardian later to check for it... i love the color!!!

  13. I think I'd like to try this. :D Have been looking for better eyeliner options as I'm seriously getting lazy in applying liquid e/l. Thanks for this post, sis. As usual, you are informative. :) Mwah!

  14. Citrine, hahahah you are right! Purple and teal seems like it's the best choice for colors! Come to think of it, I do have the CS gel liner in purple and a bit of a teal color too! hm that got me thinking :D

    GirL with GLasses, You can always start with the cheaper alternatives! If it stays on you and works for you! Then you are lucky!!!! I am very particular with my liners because I put them on my eye and my eyes are seriously sensitive! So I have to make sure I test them well before I use them!

    Jenn, they're not available there??? ohh it should be! I guess they will be! It was just launched a couple of months ago! :)

  15. Tish,no worries, let me know how you find them! I love them on upper lashline! It stays on me!

    hungrygirldiary , no problem, it's my pleasure to do this review and let me know how you find them!

    cherz ...master, really? that's great! Thanks for commenting! :)

  16. Khymm, compared to other high end brands, these are definitely cheaper, but if you compare them to our local brands, they will be considered costly, it really depends on how you can find cheap yet great products that works for you! :) Thanks for the tip!!!! :)

    herroyalbleakness , yes, the packaging does remind you of the MUFE right? hahaha

    PinkyKathy, awww lucky you if you find them in BOGO :)

  17. shulace, nah! trust me, you'd think it's bold but it's actually nice and not too vibrant! I think I had a flash on from cam, so it's super vibrant :) Its wearable :)

    Golden, oohh same here! I am a bit lazy on the e/s the past few days, so colored liners can brighten your overall look! :) I have a thing for pigmented eyeliners! LOL That's why those pigmented out there definitely gives me the urge to try :) and regarding your question, no it doesn't break off easily when you sharpen it, and sis, sometimes it doesn't have to do with the pencil but the quality of your sharpener, take note on that din ha?

  18. Janice, maybe I have a feeling they will be going there soon! Some collections come in earlier in Malaysia some gets to launch earlier down really depends but I have a feeling it'll be available in Asia..just a hunch :)

    teeyah, sis! are you feeling better? Well..about the liner, yes I am a bit lazy these days in applying gel liners too! that's why i'm opting for pencil liners for the past weeks!

  19. wow this seems like a nice set! i'll go check it out when i go shopping!

  20. thank you for reviewing an inexpensive pencil liner! I'm still on the hunt for something that doesn't budge on my LOWER lashline... I wonder if something like that exists?????

  21. The green one looks so cute! I like it!!

  22. hmm i think i havent seen this one yet, i will worship it if it can sustain my lids. LOL. till now i havent found a pencil liner that does not smudge on me. =/

  23. the teal makes your brown eyes pop!! i love teal shades.. its the between shade of green and blue, both shades which i dont wear that much haha

  24. i have the white one and i am loving it :) i just put it on my lower lashline and it definitely opens up my eyes :D

    i also like to put in on my upper lashline, then smear on some eyeshadow over it. it creates a 'frosty lid' ;)

  25. Thank you for the review. The teal one looks so pretty!

  26. Very pretty eyes! :) The cotton bud tip is great, thanks! I would also suggest lining the lower lashline with eye primer like UDPP or MAC Beige-ing or Butternutty shadestick to prevent smudging. Works great for me. :)

  27. I am really impressed with your last two posts: your eyelining and cheek contouring are incredible!

    I hope your mom is doing well now..and you take care too!

  28. Very good product review. You look so gorgeous on your photos.

  29. Crystal, let me know how you find them :)

    K,girl! we're on the same page, I am still looking for the pencil liner that doesn't budge for the WATERLINE! let me know too if it exists! i think at the moment, it doesn't.or we haven't been looking really hard :)

    ☆Anastacia☆, it'll look great on you for sure!

  30. prettybeautiful, nah, it won't last on your oily lids sis! hahhaa

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡ , awww thanks , i'm glad you like it on me, I'm sure it'll work on you!

    Mia, oohh that's great that you're using the product and loving it :)
    I love frosted lids :)

  31. Gio, you're welcome, the teal one looks like a winner to the rest of you! :)

    The Shades Of U , yes, I did line the lower lashline with UDPP and Beige-ing shadesticks, both doesn't work still, I guess it's the super humid weather down here :)

    JC,awww thank you :) thanks for wishing my mom well! I appreciate it so much *hugs*

    Patrice,thank you for commenting and for complimenting :) you made me smile! :)

  32. I'd like to try the usual brown & black..and yeah, I'm STUPID on liquid liners. LOL. Thanks Nikki! =D

  33. Neurochiq, hahahah Me too! I've had tons of blacks and browns! THat's why i'm opting for colors nowadays :)

  34. These are rockin'. And they need to make their way to the US so I can do some damage. :)

  35. B!!! I think there are some products that won't go there and a lot of those products (Lash Stiletto) won't be coming down here!

  36. i really love this eyeliner!!
    but i live in US and i cant find it in my country!!
    do u know where can i purchase this eye liner in US or on which website that i can purchase online!
    if u know the anwser, plz email me " "
    thx a lot!!!!!

  37. Kumiko! I believe these are sold in Asia...not sure if they are sold online! Will let you know if I find any other information ! :)

  38. hi! just want to ask what's a good brand of eye sealant? how much?


  39. hi nikki! because of your review, i decided to try it out and it's great. one concern though.. how do you sharpen it and what kind of sharpener do you use? mine's pudpod already.. and a small ordinary sharpener is not that effective. pls help. thanks!

  40. Hi Tei, you can try Makeup Forever's Eye Sealant around Php1,250 :)

    Cin, thanks! :) How to sharpen? You can purchase eyeliner pencil sharpener either local version from Fanny Serrano or Ever Bilena, The Face Shop also carries it! Do not use ordinary sharpeners for Pencils! :D Oh yeah, it is even better if you have control with "cutter" and slowly sharpen it by scraping the "wood" area thinly! this method does not waste the eyeliner pencil! :) Hope this helps!


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