Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Chosun Restaurant

How's the weekend friends? I've been busy the whole Saturday at the hospital, no, it's not me! But with my mom! She's having her check-ups, more blood exams and more ultrasound. Things have really been hard for our family for the health of my mom but I am staying positive! I really appreciate the positive responses from my dear readers too! Thanks everyone! This is a wonderful group of online friendship :D

Anyways, let's get into the lighter mood. FOOD MOOD! Who doesn't love food? This is another one of my favorite Korean Restaurant. Yes, this is definitely fusion Korean-Filipino restaurant but the taste of their food makes me warm and fuzzy inside!

Korean BBQ & Noodles

A small restaurant located at the 6th level of Shangri-la mall right beside seas of more restaurants. I love that their service is great! They are very attentive with our needs and we are served with a smile! The place does look a bit intimidating but the prices are just mid-range, not too cheap yet not too pricey! You just have to order what you can eat though! Their servings are quite big :)

Love everything!!!!
This actually made me full
even before I start the main dish!

Seafood Ramen
Php185.00 (approx $3.85)

Doesn't look that appetizing right?
Wait til you scroll down!

Yes, I believe I see a lot of seafood!
Shrimps, squid, fish
Love it! I am going Under the Sea! :D

Beef Bibimbap
Php215 (approx $4.50)

Who could eat this alone? Well definitely NOT me!
I make sure to order the extra gochujang or chili pepper paste!
Love it when I am starting to perspire! LOL

Chosun Korean BBQ & Noodles
Shangri-la Mall
6th Level, the Ledge
tel no: (63.2)638.6741

So what's your weekend tripping?
Any food that can warm your heart?
Do share, I needed those!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Get well soon mommy!


  1. Ooh the food looks good! I love Korean food :)

  2. I'll be keeping your mom in my prayers. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.
    Yummy pics! I just ate dinner but I want to go there now xD (avid seafood and spicy stuff fan)

  3. you know God will take good care of your family. just seeing how much people care for you and her health. she'll be great in no time :)

    i've never been to korean restos here in pinas..we have a lot near my home coz angeles city is literally a korean town especially in my area..hahaha i'd love to eat the seafood ramen!! omg!

  4. youre funny!! the food looks really good. and i love her appetizers. its a lot. This one koren restaurant by my house has fried fish included in one of their many appetizers.

    i hope everything goes well with your mom.

  5. Fuz, I can't help but want to eat again after seeing my own post! LOL

    * : . b | u 3 . : * , I love Korean food even better than Chinese food! uh Oh! LOL

    Puff,thank you so much! i appreciate the prayers for my mom, our family needed it the most! I am a spicy food fan , wanted to be a seafood fan but can't have too much, allergies!

  6. Miemiemie,thanks shobe for the sweet words thank you for making me warm and fuzzy with your kind words! *hugs*

    - - aika - -, food really can make us go gaga :P

    Becky, I love the appetizers! I make sure to check with them what they have to offer, I have the thing for Kimchi too! Thanks :)

  7. I hope your mum will get better soon. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    The food looks good!

  8. Will keep your mum in my mind n prayer nikki! Food mood! Lolz..I love korean foods too esp bimbimbap!

  9. Gio, thanks for the prayers! me and my family appreciates it :)

    raymund, I'm glad you find it nakakagutom :P

    Hana, thank you dear!! I love bibimbap too!!!

  10. Wow, everything looks so yummy!!!!

    I hope everything goes well with your mom, I can only imagine how hard it must be to see her sick like that. I wish the best health for her!

  11. Hope things improve for your mom :)

    Food mood, yay!!

  12. Tanya, thanks for the well wishes! that is very sweet of you!

    Fab Beauty, ME TOO! I love Bibimbap the best!

    Shopn'Chomp thanks, i wish she'll be better as the days go by!


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