Saturday, October 6, 2012

AskMeMom: The Beginning

Yes, you read it right!  It's AskMeMom!!!  *laughs*  Before you start asking me questions regarding motherhood... HALT!!! I am in no way an expert and will never be!  I guess I put this post up for future;  I want my future son/daughter to read this post and understand how proud I am to have him/her!

Most of you know by now that I am expecting!  Thank you for all the well wishes!  Those messages meant so much to me especially on days I want to hit my head with a hammer!  (funny but seriously true!)

Let me share to you the story of "AskMeMom: The Beginning", a lot of you who knew me personally may know the story by heart!  

Mr. AMW and I got married October year 2007.  We've decided to enjoy marriage for the first year and we lived the life of young love, sweet love!  *laughs*  We traveled; we gifted each other what we considered "luxury".  We were able to "check" whatever we have on our wish list!

Then comes year 2, that's when we're ready to have a family right?  Wrong!  My mom got terribly sick and it was a huge nightmare for me and my family!  I vouched to put my mom first because I know I will have my own time in the future!

Fast forward to our 3rd year anniversary!  Our friends were starting to ask us about babies thinking it wasn't our priority!  In our hearts, we do want to have our own family but I was too focused to make sure my mom is fine and I told myself I want to make sure I'm not only physically but also emotionally ready!  I even remembered the heart-to-heart talk I had with my mom just to make sure she goes to every doctor's checkup!  "Mom, let's focus on making sure you get well then once you're fine, I promise to focus on myself!"  It was a wonderful line and it worked as my mom wants us to have a baby!  That short talk was  an inspiration for her to get well ASAP!

Thank you God, she's miraculously well! :)

January of 2011 was the first time I went on a checkup for myself!  I despise hospitals and clinics but this has to be done and I'm not getting any younger!  With Mr. AMW's support, we picked a doctor and we've decided to go through "work-ups" as I have Polycystic Ovaries (which I knew I had as early as 16 years old!).  It wasn't a heart-pounding case and a lot of girls I know go through the same situation.  All we need to do is to take the right medications!  BUT!  Who says life is easy?  One of the medicines I took that's used to help treat polycystic patients called Metformin is "hell on a tablet" for me!  I've suffered months and months of "morning sickness" and I wasn't even pregnant! 

Comes January 2012,  we've decided to change doctor and thankfully, I wasn't forced to take Metformin tablets anymore as my insulin level is normal!  So after months of going in and out of the doctor's clinic, thankfully, the clinic of my new doctor looks and feels like home instead of regular hospitals, I'm finally pregnant!  I thank God that it was the natural way I prayed for!  

So now that I'm pregnant?  How do I feel?
Like CRAP!!!
I know 80% of pregnant women suffer morning sickness while the lucky 20% of you don't!  Where can I buy those lucky genes????  Please???  *laughs*

On my 6th week, a week prior to my doctor's checkup, I woke up with a pounding headache that started from the moment I wake up until I sleep at night!  It was excruciating and I don't know how other moms survive this!  Are you even human???  *laughs*  Taking paracetamol tablet is safe according to the doctor and I tried taking one but guess what?  The tablet didn't stay more than a minute;  it went straight up from  my mouth then out on the floor!  *gross*!

On my mid-6th to 7th week, that's when my nausea started and my strong sense of smell starts to kick in!  My stomach hurls at least every hour!  Stomach acid is literally going up to my throat and I need to eat at least every 1.5 hours!  Eating every 1.5 hours sounds easy for a regular Jane but for someone suffering from morning sickness?  The word EAT is equivalent to TORTURE!  (Now, friends, do I still sound the normal cheerful self? hahahaha) 

As negative as I may sound, I am still thankful I get to swallow and digest the food I eat, at least I know I still get some of the nutrients unlike my sister who vomits all the food that comes into her stomach!  So I'm considering myself lucky! (Yes Nikki, tell myself that 100 x!)  *winks*

To sum up my first trimester, I have nausea, headache, vomiting from 6th week until present (I'm on my 12th).  Food?  I still have a hard time deciding on what to eat so I focused on planning my meals!  Mr. AMW is sweet enough to take home different foods just because my baby doesn't want to eat dishes that I've already eaten!  *laughs*  So far, li'l AMW is one health-conscious baby!  Vegetables, fruits are top of the list while eating fried and junk food will always give me a good trip to the washroom! "Barf Bag" is my best friend as of the moment!

I am not going through an easy pregnancy like other lucky girls or I may be having it easier than some of you!  I may sound like a negative, ungrateful witch but Li'l AMW, I know you're worth it!  And just so you know, your daddy AMW is very supportive and has always been there to help ease your mommy's pain!  

We love you Li'l AMW!  We hope you stay healthy inside my tummy and grow up to be a good boy/girl!

Here's the most recent ultrasound photo of my baby AMW! :) He/She is very active according to the doctor and is facing the camera! Shall I say?  Good posing skills? :P

Can you see the head? Hands and feet?

And before I end this post, I want to share the first gifts received by Baby AMW!  Thanks ARC Public Relations, Inc., KinderCare and Beginnings for spoiling my baby at this early stage!

  1. Beginnings Suit Up (Cardigan) and Tee Up (Spaghetti Strap)
  2. KinderCare Hoody Towel
  3. KinderCare Bottle Brush
  4. KinderCare BPA-free Bottles Wide Neck
  5. KinderCare BPA-free Bottles Streamlined
  6. KinderCare Digital Thermometer
  7. KinderCare Baby Nail Clipper
  8. KinderCare Wet Wipes
  9. KinderCare 100% Liquid Silicone Nipples
Sorry for the loooonggg entry! :) I just want to share my experience not to scare single ladies out there but for everyone to appreciate their parents, especially their moms! Please, call your mom and tell her you love her!  NOW! :D

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki!

    You're almost out of your first trimester so the morning sickness should stop, right?

    You'll hate me but I'm part of the 20% that never threw up. I'm going into my 9th week now and still no vomiting an I'm crossing my fingers that this continues. But I do foresee a lot of weight gain as I'm always hungry and shovel food in my mouth like you wouldn't believe.

    Anyway, through morning sickness and weight gain and everything else, I'm glad you're my preggy buddy :)

    1. Trust me Jill, my fellow pregger mate, I don't hate you but please enjoy the moment! You are soooo lucky not to have these crazy pregnancy hormones!!! lol :) I lost a lot of weight naman 5lbs in total since my non-preggy days! But babawi talaga ako once I feel better! :) Take care preggy buddy! Let's update each other!

  2. So so happy for you Nikki! We look forward to your baby posts! :D

  3. So excited and happy for you Nikki! Hope to read more about your journey to motherhood.

    God bless you! :)

    1. Hi Katlin, sure! Will inject some of my journey once in a while! I don't want to scare the single ladies out there! LOL

  4. Congrats!!! its such an exciting year for you!! Me and the hubs celebrated our 4th year anniv, so far no baby yet.. but who knows ;) keep updating us!! pics of baby bumps too!! :D

    1. Hi Iyah Love, well when the time is right, it'll come! :) Stay positive!!! :D

  5. You can do this Nikki! I'm so happy for you that you were able to have this precious baby the natural way and that both of you are healthy...God bless :)

    1. Thanks sis! I am so happy too that I don't need to go through those medical treatments I'm so scared of! :D

  6. congratulations!!so excited for your other posts! im a newbie mom to be (just like you) and im 9 weeks preggo. lets do this together ;) as with morning sickness etc...i think i am the 20% (with jillsabs) that have not felt it...i just feel lethargic and have lost my appetite.

    goodluck and cant wait for more updates!!


    1. Lucky you JD! Thank goodness you don't go through the same morning sickness as I do! :) Stay healthy too and let's share more insights! :D

  7. You still sound excited even when you're talking about barfing 24 hours a day! I don't know how you do it!

    Reading this made me smile. You and Mr. AMW are so cute! Wish you and your littl one all the best.

    1. Sis, really? I thought I sound ungrateful na and I don't want that! I am really thankful for this precious gift but seriously, I can't seem to celebrate yet due to this crazy hormones! :)

      Glad I made you smile! Thank you!!!!!

  8. Congrats again Nikki! If you don't mind, can I know your 2nd OB? I think it's about time for me and hubby to have ourselves checked and askked for a workup as well. Time is ticking for me....hehehe..-Thanks in advance!

    1. sure Joanne! Email me ntiu1027 (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll share to you the details!

  9. Congratulations! Wishing you well on your pregnancy :)

  10. Niks congrats ur done with first trimester. I have not told you im on my 7th-8th week too. My initial symptom was spotting... So im on bed rest for my fifth week now :( only time i cn get up is for washroom n food. Im super bored coz i cnt read long while lying down co i end uP sleeping and watching series all day makes my head hurt. As you said everything is worth it. I had a previous cervical pregnancy that miscarriaged last april so this is really came as a bug blessing. I dont hv am sickness but whenever i eat i have heart burns. Im not fond of bland foods and mdyo quite picky with food (which on a normal basis m not). I agree that having a very supportive hubby helps the journey too... He is more worried than i am. I guess since im in the medical field sometime a little spot for me s a small thing to him its another story. But none the less this new journey makes all our relationship much stronger.
    Enjoy ur blessing :)

  11. Aweee! Thanx for sharing this personal life story! First pregnancy is kindda hard for mostly all women but the second one U'll enjoy, really :)
    U're very strong Nikki! I wish U only the best!

  12. Don't you worry you were not alone. I vomitted everything I ate till my 7month. My excessive vomitting lead to acid reflux. Amazingly, my baby when born was 7.7lbs.

    The best part of my 2 pregnancies were wearing two piece bikini without worrying what people will say. hahaha

    Enjoy your journey.



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