Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AMW Bulletin: Spend Happy-Together Time with BPI

Spending quality time with friends and family is very important to me.  No matter how busy my schedule gets, I make sure to squeeze in some time for my family and loved ones as they are such a wonderful breathing ground for my super busy life!

Let me share to you the people who means the world to me....

AMW spends time with Family
My family has always been my greatest support system!  They believed in my talent way more than I do!  The random "bonding nights" where I stand in front of them and tell them how my day went gave me the confidence to be a public speaker!  *laughs*

AMW spends time with Extended Family
Though I haven't really gotten to spend time with my extended family (as some of them are living in Canada), a short "balikbayan trip" recently completed the missing puzzle.  We caught up in no time and it never felt like we're miles apart.

AMW spends time with School Friends
My grade school and high school friends have seen me in my best and worst!  We grew up seeing each other go through awkward stage from having crushes to first love then getting hitched and creating our own family!  These are the types of friends whom you can lose touch for so many years yet once you get to meet up, there won't be any dull moments!


AMW spends time with College Friends
Though I've only spent 4 years with them, meeting up with them on special occasions can bring us to tears!  Tears of Laughter!  Those moments we reminisce and laugh about our petty fights, our college professors, our thesis, etc...  I'm glad to have them back me up on whatever decisions I make and have them root for me for all the success I have!

AMW spends time with Blogger Friends
With blogging, I never thought I'll get to have my own set of friends!  Blogging could get competitive and crazy but I'm glad I don't need to deal on that with a good set of friends who share the same passion and love for blogging!  We started out sharing product raves and rants then, on the latter part, we started sharing personal information about our life in general which makes them not only blogger friends but real-life friends!
**photo taken from Iambrigitte.com

AMW spends time with Colleagues
In a work environment, finding real friends could be as rare as a gem.  Lucky for me, it wasn't the case as I have good set of colleagues whom I lean on not only on work issues but personal problems!  I am so lucky to have them listen to my never-ending life problems and instead of letting me deal with it alone, they are always there to give me a shoulder to cry on!

I can go on and on and on with Happy-Together Time memories and this post may go on forever!  I am glad my family and friends have the same idea as I do on the importance of spending quality time with each other. 

Speaking of quality time, it's nice to know how companies give the same importance of spending time with friends and family the way I do like BPI.  BPI has a fun app on Facebook that allows us to creatively invite the people we want to spend meaningful time with!  That, I'm sure will catch the attention of my friends whenever there's a plan for get-together!

Because I've been suffering from morning sickness for the past months and Mr. AMW did nothing but take care of me at home, now that I'm feeling a wee bit better, I have decided to use this fun app from BPI to create a cute invite to my darling Keith!  It brightened his day and he's glad I turn into the "man-in-charge" for a change! :P

Check out the simple steps on creating a fun invite using the BPI Facebook App

You can view my Spend Happy-Together Time videoke to Keith HERE.

AMW and Mr. AMW
Need I say more?  My strongest support system came from my dearest better half!  Spending time with Mr. AMW makes me feel like a teenager on a first date!  There won't be any dull moments with my husband as we get to share our favorite dishes, shop our favorite items and even spend half a day inside the coffee shop sharing dreams with each other.  Though I was super tired and exhausted after a long day, it was all worth it!

Spending Happy Time together is made possible by BPI Express Credit

Who would you create this special videoke invite to?

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  1. Awe! All ur pictures looks very happy and relaxing!!

    1. I'm glad I looked relaxed and happy! Thank you!

  2. indeed, it's the people who you love and loves you back that matters most in life. you are surrounded by people who loves you! praise God! :-)

    i checked out the videoke you made and it was cute haha! can even name names aliw hehe!

    1. hahaha I know, although na weirdohan ako sa kanta niya kasi One Syllable lang si Keith! hahahahha


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