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AMW Reviews: J&C Super Clean Solutions for Your Make-Up Brushes

You have your gorgeous set of makeup brushes that you spent your hard earned money on, now, what's next?  How to take care of it to extend the life span of your precious tools!

One of my pet peeve as a makeup enthusiast and makeup artist is seeing dirty brushes being used on oneself or others!  I can't help but shriek each time I see a friend taking out a dirty brush from a bag and start using it!  That, for me, is the biggest crime you can do to your face!  It's like attaching germs on your face to breed bacteria!

It is easy for me to clean my brushes on a daily basis as I have a collection of extra brushes to use if ever one doesn't get to dry up quickly.  What about the rest who owns only 1 set of brush? 

Quick drying make-up cleaning solution! One of my favorite makeup cleaner is called Parian Spirit, it's quick drying and I can immediately use my brush in an instant!  I've recommended this to a lot of my friends but I understand how pricey this product could be as it manufactured in the US.

Most readers would ask me for the next best thing and prefer a makeup cleaner made locally so the product would be within reach plus price point will be better!  

Finally, business partners Celine Gabriel-Lim and Jenny Yrasuegui heard all your woes and came up with a no-nonsense make-up brush cleaner that can instantly strips off make-up residue without harming your brushes.  Best of all, they said this product is quick-drying!

J&C says ---
Made especially for extremely busy individuals, Super Clean features a quick-drying solution that is perfect for people who need clean brushes right away. This special feature allows professional make-up artists to do several make-up jobs in succession, as well as enthusiasts to experiment and try several make-up swatches in a row. The solution is also fortified with spearmint oil to keep brushes fresh and in prime condition.

Size: 120ml

AMW says ---
  • Spritz bottle makes cleaning an ease!
  • Eye brushes dries up pretty fast.  Face brushes dries approximately after 5 minutes (please read tips on how to quicken drying time!)
  • Scent isn't too strong.
  • I have used the brushes that I've cleansed with J&C Super Clean Solutions and no allergies or skin irritations on my skin.
  • Price.
  • Scent.  The scent isn't as strong but other buyers who have sensitive nose may find this a con.  (As for me, the scent is okay!)
  • May need to use more of this product if you plan to clean your brushes that have liquid or cream products.
I believe most of you would want me to compare this to my Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner.  Parian Spirit is still the quickest drying makeup solution (based on personal experience) but J&C Super Clean Solutions definitely comes in second (out of all the makeup cleaners I've tried).   The scent of J&C Super Clean Solutions is milder, and the best thing is, it doesn't dry out my brush hairs!  

  • If your nose is sensitive to citrus scent, use a face mask while cleaning your brushes.
  • Do not clean your brushes in an enclosed room or space.
  • Help save the environment; use an old towel to clean your brushes!  At the same time, the towel absorbs the makeup cleaner faster than regular napkin.
  • 2-3 spritz needed for small eye brushes.
  • 5-6 spritz needed for face brushes (used with powder products).
  • For brushes that have cream/liquid based makeup products used, it is advisable to pour a bit of the J&C Super Clean Solutions in a cup and dip the brush hairs a bit on the solution.  (Tip: The ferrule of your brush should not touch the solution!)
  • Deep cleaning should be done at least once a week!  
Will I repurchase?
Yes.  Will also recommend.

To whom do I recommend this to?
People on a budget who needs a quick solution to clean their brushes without harming the brushes brush hairs.

Where to purchase and how much?
Php395.00 (approx $9.40) for a 120ml bottle.  Available at , B&M bazaars, Digital Traincase's booth in the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar December 7 to 9. LIKE J&C Super Clean Solutions on Facebook and email for more information about the product.


J&C Super Clean Solutions housed in a spritz bottle

Thanks to Mrs. M for doing the cleaning for me!  This was during the J&C launch at Peninsula Hotel.  I have strong aversion to scent that time so Mrs. M was kind enough to do the demo.

Because we were trying to clean a Charm Foundation brush, a cup was given to us and we filled the paper cup with J&C Super Clean Solutions and dip the brush hairs for a couple of seconds as shown on photo below.

Foundation gets slowly stripped off from the brush hairs.  

Because towels aren't available that night, we gently wipe off the solution on a clean tissue paper.  The step above could be repeated until not much makeup product gets transferred onto the tissue paper.

Clean Foundation Brush

At home, I also tried cleaning my MAC 169 angled blush brush.  I've taken care of this brush for the past 4 years and I have always been careful in cleaning this particular brush as using a harsh makeup cleaner may ruin the natural brush hairs of this expensive brush!


As stated on my "tip" above, it is best to use an old towel to wipe off brush cleaner and makeup product onto a towel as it also aids in quick drying!

After a couple of swiping back and forth, my MAC 169 is clean and  90% dry after less than 3 minutes.  The brush hairs are still soft and in good shape.

Congratulations Jenny and Celine for creating such product that suits the needs of a makeup enthusiast like me!  

What's your current to-go-to make up cleaner?
Are you happy with it?  Would you give J&C Super Clean Solutions a try?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received during an event attended.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I am also using Parian Spirit! I am happy with it kaya lang medyo mahal nga siya. yay, swak ito sa budget! can't wait to try this! :)

    1. Hi issa, give this a try! you may like this too and tama ka, swak sa budget!

  2. Can't wait to try this one. I just ordered this from Digital Traincase! :)

    1. oohh can't wait to read your thoughts on this! Enjoy!

  3. "If your nose is sensitive to citrus scent, use a face mask while cleaning your brushes."- TRUE! Di din ako sanay sa strong scent, di ko kaya eh!

    At kasali pala ang mala mowdel kong kamay dyan hahaha

    I miss you!


    1. hahahah oo thanks for doing the cleaning for me!!! Sobrang bumabaligtad sikmura ko that time as I was still on my first trimester then!! Mwa :x

  4. wow!!! it can dry so fast? mine usually take a night to dry...

    1. for a makeup cleaner? Spritz version? Yours dry overnight?? Wow, that's long!

  5. Good price! I hope the scent will be okay for me :)

    1. the scent isn't overpowering or overwhelming, I think it'll be ok, but if you really have sensitivity to scents (esp citrusy) go ahead and use a mask! It works for me!

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you also advise washing the eyeshadow applicators that come with most eyeshadow kits before use? And also the disposable ones we buy to replace old ones? Thanks.

    1. For sponge tip applicator that are newly purchased, I just spritz them with alcohol and let dry, since I usually just use them for myself, I don't need to wash them as often. I actually do not wash them much as most of them may crumble in no time! So I just spritz them with my makeup remover once in a while and gently wipe off excess eyeshadow on clean cloth and let dry.


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