Thursday, November 22, 2012

Unboxing my October SaladBox

Good morning everyone!
I may be late in this post but it's actually my fault! I assumed the first SaladBox I received was for the month of October and this box I will be featuring today is for November! Please blame the pregnancy hormones!  I read that being forgetful is part of process!  *winks*  

I won't be doing an in depth review on the service just as last time (link HERE) but I will be sharing my thoughts on the second box I received and some added information I get to learn about this service!

SaladBox for the month of October

I believe some of you who have registered for the service will get a similar box as this one I'm featuring today.  I actually asked their customer service if everyone gets the same products on each box but I was told that the box may vary depending on the beauty profile of each subscriber!  That for me is a huge PRO as I prefer personalized boxes rather than random products chucked inside the box!

Let me show you the contents of my SaladBox

  • 3pcs travel size Virginia Olsen Minerals Eyeshadow  (Php150.00 each)
  • 2 x full-size Sakura Hand Foam Sanitizer (Php90.00 each)
  • 2pcs trial size Black Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner
  • 1pc. travel size BC Fragrance Spiced Fig Tea Room Fragrance
  • Full Size 50ml HotShop Pour Femme - Pink Touch scent (Php400.00)

The contents of the box totaled to Php1,030.00 not including the Black beauty and BC Fragrance sample sizes!  At first glance I wasn't as excited as my first box as I'm not a fan of foam-type hand sanitizer (as I prefer regular alcohol during travel).  As for sachet-type shampoos and conditioners, I could never tell how good a hair product is by using sachets!  So what excites me in this month's box is the Virginia Olsen Minerals Eye Shadow as I have never tried the brand and the shades I got was quite interesting!  The best part of this box?  The HotShop Pour Femme Scent in Pink Touch!  I gave it to my mom right away and she told me so many times how much she loved the scent and has been using it on a daily basis! 

Overall, the service is great as the first one!  I have some problems on the October box and emailed them right away and got answers within the day! 

Have you subscribed to
If not, which box subscriptions did you subscribe to and do you like it?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Box provided for PR purpose.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Putting 2 the same product in one box is kindda funny :P

    But U're very optimistic girl Nikki :) Can't wait to see those colors on ur eyes :)

    1. Anastacia, I can't wait to use them too! They're quite pigmented! :D

  2. Honestly speaking sa lahat ng box ito ang pinaka hindi ko type ang laman. :/

    1. Me wala naman akong na try na iba pang boxes! So I can't tell, but boxes, mukhang ok nga! thanks for sharing Gwama!

  3. erm it's indeed unusual to find 2 same products in a not a fan of sachet shampoo either. i don't even bother to bring it to travel

    1. I know what you mean! Hey, we really are sisters in terms of sachets! I purchase sachets only if I've tried the full sized version and loved it, I'll purchase sachet of that same shampoo and conditioner I love for travel purchase! Guess it's the other way around when it comes to haircare samples! :)

  4. very nice concept angsalad box hahah i think im going to subscribe as i love surprrises!

    1. Hi Miz, goodluck! hope you like your box for the coming months!


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