Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Annabel Lee Cafe

Happy Sunday everyone!  What are your plans for the day?  I'm planning to rest as my weird sleeping habit has been ruining my "zzz" time and I need tons of beauty rest!

Now, let's talk about food!  I may post a lot about food or Instagram them but my appetite isn't back yet!  I do eat more now than my first trimester but I'm quite picky with the food I put inside my mouth!  So once we get to dine out, Mr. AMW always puts me in charge of picking a restaurant, well it's Li'l AMW's choice I guess!

Annabel Lee, a quaint restaurant/cafe that was owned by my schoolmate (lower batch).  I've dined in this restaurant once during my friend's baby shower party 2 years ago and I've decided to take my parents there for a quiet night!  Well, I was hoping it was a quiet night but I didn't know they have Karaoke nights for customers during weekends!  *laughs*
Soup of the Day
Php149.00 (approx $3.55)
Soup that is prepared with today's fresh ingredients topped with croutons
I was actually looking forward to try their Clam Chowder soup but I was told it isn't available!  The soup of the day was tomato soup which I'm okay with it as I'm craving for something sour too!  The soup came out in a small soup bowl, it wasn't as small as I expected but the soup was so rich one small bowl is enough for the night!  The ingredients used were obviously fresh!  A regular Jane/Joe who aren't into sour soup may not enjoy it but it was perfect timing for me that I was looking for something super sour and this soup made me happy!  The heartburn came afterwards but at least, I was happy during the process of eating!  *laughs*

Quesadilla with Cajun Chicken
Php299.00 (approx $7.10)
fresh salsa, basil pesto and mozzarella cheese sandwiched 
between flour tortillas served with ranch dip
I wasn't craving for any particular food that night so I was going for an appetizer that's light yet filling!  The description of Quesadilla caught my attention as you can choose from Vegetable Salsa, Cajun Chicken or Ground Beef.  I went for Cajun Chicken and the dish satisfied me so well as the chicken pieces were flavorful and super tender!  Both my parents and Mr. AMW enjoyed this appetizer so much we don't have to use any of the ranch dip!

Side note:  Ate some leftovers the next day and the chicken remained tender and juicy!  Will definitely order again!

Roast Beef Steak (local beef) with drink
Php249.00 (approx $5.90)
Seared slices beef, sweet onions, lettuce and tomatoes
 Once the sandwich arrived, we were torn between excited and disappointed all at the same time!  Excited because they used my favorite bread called Ciabatta, but a bit disappointed as the bread was a bit small.  But once we took a look inside, it was a good amount of beef slices enough to make a grown man full!

The only thing that we would like to change is the fact that they used ranch dressing instead of the usual gravy we love on any Roast Beef Steak Sandwiches!  The ranch dressing didn't go well with the flavorful slices of beef.  We did try to request for a separate gravy as sauce on the side but they weren't able to make one.

Boneless Bangus with drink
Php279.00 (approx $6.65)
Crispy deep fried whole boneless milkfish fillet
served with tomato and cucumber slices
 This was my mom's order and I'm quite happy she steered away from her usual "chicken" dishes each time we dine out!  Once this meal was served, we had our mouths open as the fish is quite huge and it was fried perfectly!  I was able to taste this and it tastes really good!  The milkfish was fried to perfection!  A must try!

Breaded Fish Steak
Php359.00 (approx $8.55)
Golden fried white fish topped with lemon butter sauce
and honey mustard dressing
 You can opt for plain rice or mash potatoes.  Since this is my dad's meal, you will definitely see mashed potatoes as this is his favorite carbs!  The fish was fried perfectly and the lemon butter sauce is just right to remove the "oily" taste most fried fishes can leave to your taste buds!  My dad finished his dish in no time as he enjoyed one bottle of his favorite beer!

Blueberry Cheesecake
Php999.00 (approx  $23.80)
There's something about me with my love for cheesecake!  I'd go for cheesecake any day!  But, I am very particular with the taste of my cheesecake and there's only a few both Mr. AMW and I love!  First, we prefer the no-baked version and it has to be flavorful!  Since I was craving for cheesecake for the past few weeks, we've decided to order the whole cake!

I haven't tried their baked version but so far, it wasn't as flavorful as expected.  The cheesecake was smooth to taste (almost like gelatin texture).  Anyone who likes to have a light dessert after meal would appreciate this!  My dad, who's not into cheese, was able to finish 2 slices of this!

Side note:  The cheesecake tastes better several days after it was refrigerated!  
And another side note:  I've found my favorite no-bake blueberry cheesecake!  It's from Chocolat!!!  I love it so much I had to ask Mr. AMW to buy another slice for me!

Overall, Annabel Lee is a nice place to hang out and spend time with family and friends.  If you're looking for quiet moments with loved ones, go on a weeknight.  If you have the voice to share, go on a weekend and request a song to the piano guy and sing on top of your lungs for all the customers to hear! :)

Service was great, the servers were very attentive and the washroom is clean!  The prices of the dish aren't too cheap nor expensive, do not forget that a separate service charge will be added on your bill.

Annabel Lee Cafe
65 Timog Ave South Triangle, Quezon City
(632) 926-6995

Have you dined in at Annabel Lee Cafe?
Which among the dishes we ordered would you want to try?

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  1. OMG! I want to eat now! Everything looks sooo yummy! Esp the cheese cake mmm...

  2. Annabel Lee is a Edgar Allan Poe poem! Love the decorations of the resto's interior. :) The bangus looks so good :D

  3. Where is this cafe located? Those quesadillas look so delicious! :)

    1. Sis thanks for asking, I actually forgot to write the address and phone of the resto, the post has been updated na :D


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