Saturday, December 22, 2012

AMW Makeovers: Last Wedding for the Year 2012!

Happy Saturday AMW Friends!  Today, I will be sharing my final Bridal gig for the year 2012!  I am very thankful as I have prettified so many men and women this year and I'm looking forward for more!

Thankfully, I am feeling so much better on my last Bridal Gig and I was able to enjoy and savor the prettifying session with our gorgeous family featured in this post!

The Bride
Skin type: Normal
Request: Smoky eye makeup
Seldom do I get "smoky eye makeup" request from brides so it was a bit of a shocker for me coming from a Bride who's not used to having her makeup done!  It was a request I can't deny as I can immediately imagine a daytime smoky eye makeup look that would work well for her features, skin tone, dress and hair!

Let's start with her skin, the Bride has lovely skin to start with, not oily, not dry.  So I picked Laura Mercier Foundation Base and applied it all over her face and neck for a smoother foundation application.  I want her special day to be her "most radiant" day, I took my time applying layers and layers of medium coverage liquid foundation using the same foundation to cover the darkness under her eyes.

As for her requested Smoky Eye Makeup, I picked a medium gold eyeshadow color and applied it all over the crease blending and applying more.  I layered the eyeshadow with medium brown eyeshadow in matte and finished the rest off by applying glittery black eyeshadow near the lash line for a perfect "gradient" effect.

Gel liner was applied very close to her lash line and strongly recommended her full falsies for an extra drama!

I contoured her face and applied a matte peachy-pink blush finishing up with a similar shade of lipstick.

I love how the Bride is in a festive mood!  She was smiling and laughing the whole time which made her even more beautiful! :D

The Groom
Skin type: Combination (Oily on the T-zone)
Request: None
The very sweet groom was there all the time to help out with the wedding preps!  Most grooms are just in their rooms waiting for photo-ops while this groom was very hands on!  I even had to ask him to relax and savor his special day!

When asked about his skin condition, he groom complained to me his oily T-zone so I applied an oil-control primer generously on the said area and applied a shade darker powder foundation all over his face applying a bit more on under eye area for more coverage!  I did a lot of contouring for a nice dimension both on and off camera!

A brow gel was used to maintain the shape of his brows and a very natural colored lip balm was used for that wonderful "You May Now Kiss the Bride" moment!  (The lip balm tastes great by the way!)

MOG (Mother of Groom)
Skin Type: Dry
Request: Natural-looking
MOG is very young at heart!  I enjoyed prettifying her as I get to hear her share her stories! I took time preparing her face by applying good amount of moisturizer all over her skin waiting for the product  to set in before I proceeded with foundation application.

I gently drew her brows and redefined it before I apply liquid foundation.  As soon as the moisturizer was set, I tested on various foundation shades and was able to prepare her most matched shade by mixing 2 colors!

A matte colored eyeshadow shade was used mixed with shimmer-gold shade applied carefully at the center of her lids giving her the feel of her makeup. 

Matte peach blush was used and a brownish orange colored lipstick was used.

MOB (Mother of Bride)
Skin Type: Normal
Request: None

Looking at MOB's facial features, I've decided to focus on giving her eyes a lift and cover some of the pigmentation around her cheeks.  

After moisturizing her skin with an oil-free moisturizer, I applied 2 layers of cream foundation and used concealer for some dark spots.

MOB's tattooed eyebrows were fading a bit turning into a grayish shade.  Armed with my K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow in dark brown, I gently filled her brows with a gray-colored eyebrow powder as well to make her brows look more natural than ever!

As for her eye makeup, I focused on creating a "lifting effect" so I applied darker shadow shades on the outer-V and used light reflecting shadows on the inner corners of her eyes to the center for brighter-looking eyes!

Red lips would make her look gorgeous and I'm glad she agreed! 

If  I were to do your makeup for a special occasion, what would your request be?
I'd love to hear from you!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OH! I love how you do mature make-up! So flawless!

    1. thank you for the compliment Anastacia, I am happy you liked the makeover!

  2. Hi Nikki, what foundation did you use on the groom?

  3. They all look gorgeous and flawless! Well done!


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