Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Narcissist Review

Since we're on the topic of Estee Lauder today.  Let me share to you my most recent nail polish that I'm not afraid to try (had them on my toenails at the moment) as the polish is 4-Free (including formaldehyde resin).

Estee Lauder says ---
Turn your fingertips into fashion statements with a wardrobe of sensational shades to add definition, polish, and style to your fingertips.

Designed by Tom Pecheux, world-renowned makeup artist and Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director.

Tom combined today's top trends with timeless classics-all the colors he prefers for photo shoots and fashion shows.

Formulated with True Vision™ technology to transform ordinary color and make it extraordinary.  Rich, glossy with an intense, mirror-like high shine.

AMW says ---
  • Gorgeous square bottle that sits perfectly on my nail polish collection case.
  • Wonderful shades available.
  • Comes in different shades for the collection (Beyond Black and Metal Mania, Red Hautes and Heavy Petals collection).
  • The cap is long enough to handle polish application and of course, nail art.
  • Brush is flat and wide and the bristles are easy to use.  No streaks on EVERY application.
  • Dries up in a good amount of time.
  • High gloss and shine, I can skip top coat application (since I'm unsure how safe my top coat is).
  • Wore this shade for a week and wore closed shoes most of the time and so far it didn't chip.
  • Price.
  • A bit difficult to roll the polish bottle between your hands due to its bottle shape. 
  • Collection available at limited time.
Great viscosity, pigmentation is very good and can be applied even 1 coat.  Has a good amount of shine even without top coat and best of all?  It's 4-Free!  (Most polishes safe for pregnant women are free from Big-3)

  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • Never shake polish bottle rigorously, try to roll them on your palms instead.
  • Never apply polish in front of a fan.
  • Do not apply nail polish in an enclosed room.  Use face mask if necessary.
  • For polish to last longer, always use a good base and top coat.
Will I repurchase?
I know this is a bit pricey as compared to other polish brands but for someone who's into polish and is pregnant, I don't mind spending a couple more just to feel pretty.  I researched about the polish ingredients online and checked with my OB and got a go signal!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Nail polish lovers!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Estee Lauder counters for Php900.00 (approx $21.40).


Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer
in Narcissist

Flat brush makes it very easy to apply polish even on first time users!

top: 2 coats
bottom: 1 coat
both looks the same as pigmentation is really good!
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Call Estee Lauder counters to check availability of the Estee Lauder New PureColor Nail Lacquer Collection.

Do you like the color Narcissist?
Though I own a lot of pink polishes! I love how dainty this color look!  Reminds me of cotton candy!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG! Such an adorable shade! U are lucky to have this one :)

    1. You had me thinking, what would YOU do with this shade? What nail art design is on your mind? :D

      P.S. read your IG message, glad your boys are big and I'm sure they are both good boys! :)

  2. such a pretty pink color ^^ but oh the price :(

    1. I know! But I wouldn't mind spending this much as of the moment as long as I'm sure it's safe for me (especially when you're pregnant) :D

  3. this is a very nice color! girl na girl!

  4. Amw reviews of Estee Lauder pure color. Wonderful post


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