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AMW Reviews: Fairydrops Creamy Treatment Base Mascara

For someone who has non-existent lashes, using falsies is the best way for more defined eyes but I prefer not to use this  method on a daily basis as I love my existing lashes, I want to enhance what I have and of course, protect them while I can!

One of my recent favorite mascara brand Fairydrops came up with a Creamy Treatment Base.  Hailed as a lash base that protects your lashes from mascara application with extra "fibers" that could increase volume/length, who can say NO to that?

Fairydrops Creamy Treatment Base Mascara comes with unique 3 teardrop mascara wand patented in Japan and USA.  This patented wand makes my mascara application fun!  (Check review on Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara Waterproof and Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Film Type Water Resistant)

Fairydrops says ---
Pearl gray color won’t look too obvious (compared to white colored mascara base) if some lashes are missed during mascara application

Can also be used as a base for waterproof mascara. If applied before the waterproof mascara, one can easily remove the waterproof mascara with lukewarm water.
Has a light Sexy Vanilla scent.


AMW says ---
  • Super cute packaging!  I love that the Creamy Treatment Base Mascara comes in white tube making it easier for me to spot inside my makeup case.
  • The fiber shade is gray so even with uneven mascara application, it won't be obvious you have a base underneath like most white colored mascara base.
  • Has a faint vanilla scent but not too much.
  • Does a great job in adding thickness to my lashes.
  • Works well especially on my bottom lashes.  I can't seem to use regular mascara on my bottom lashes but I can with Fairydrops Creamy Treatment Base Mascara.
  • Makes waterproof mascaras easier to remove with the base underneath.
  • Doesn't stiffen my lashes.
  • Has 5 treatment ingredients claiming to retain moisture, soften, hydrate and add volume to lashes.
  • Hard-to-remove mascaras are easier to remove with this base underneath.
  • Can't tell regarding the treatment as of this early stage.
  • May clump if not applied properly.
  • May weigh down curl.
I love the shiny gray-colored base as I don't have to end up going out with white lashes.  The fiber gives extra volume and length.  The treatment base from the brand helps treat your lashes at the same time protect it from constant waterproof mascara usage which could dry and weaken our lashes.
  • Curl your lashes before applying the Fairydrops Creamy Treatment Base mascara.
  • To keep the curls from weighing down at the end of the day, apply maximum of 2 coats of mascara!  
  • Try combining the Fairydrops Creamy Treatment Base Mascara with various mascara brands and see which one gives the best result.  As for me, I enjoy using this with my K-Palette Tattoo Mascara.
  • Be very careful with application to keep the fibers from getting into your eyes.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Daily mascara wearers who likes the treatment and protection.

Where to purchase and how much?

Available in all Beauty Bar stores for Php795.00 (approx $19.88)LIKE FairyDrops Philippines on Facebook for more product updates.


The usual gorgeous packaging you get each time you buy something from Fairydrops.

Clear diagram on how to use the mascara base.

  A closer look on the treatment base.  
You can see fibers and the shade is in gray which works so well on our natural lashes.

I like looking straight and gently wiggle the lash wand starting from the roots to the tips.  Re-application maybe needed depending on how much of the creamy treatment base you want.  Apply both upper and lower lashes.

Front view after application
Looking close, you can see some fibers extending the length of my lashes in a very subtle way.

The fibers blend into my lashes making it look very natural, I can even leave home without applying mascara on top.

Side View

Are you currently using a mascara base? 
If yes, which brand? 

I am currently enjoying my Fairydrop Creamy Treatment Base Mascara because it gives a very natural effect.  I like the fact that my lashes are soft and waterproof mascaras are easier to remove at the end of the day!

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  1. The mascara "brush" is kindda funny :P But it looks nice and natural on your lashes :)

    1. Anastacia, its the funny and cute wand that made me want to use it on a daily basis! :D sooo cute!

  2. that brush is cute! looks like some lollipops joined together. the base looks whitish more than grey though, wouldn't it be obvious on eyes?

    1. hahaha I agree! :)

      With re: to the whitish color, no, this is more grayish than whitish, I have tried whiter base in the past and I swear, it does look obvious. With this one, it's not obvious at all!

  3. no, I don't use a mascara base. Their packaging is really cute noh?

    1. Issa, maybe you don't need it din kasi you have long lashes! The packaging is super cute and unique and easy to spot!

  4. You say that it makes it easier to remove waterproof mascaras, but is the staying power the same? What I mean is if you wear waterproof mascara and you cry/sweat, does it smear with the added Fairydrops base mascara?

    1. Based on personal experience, letting the Fairydrops Base mascara dry before mascara application, my mascara doesn't smudge nor smear the whole day! :)

  5. I can not WAIT to try this. I adore the original Fairydrops mascara and if this is as good as that I'll be wearing it daily. Woot!


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