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Shiseido 215 Mini Eyelash Curler Review

I've always wanted to purchase a mini eyelash curler for the longest time but I told myself I can survive with a regular-sized eyelash curler!  Last year, during my Tokyo trip, I was inside a huge cosmetic store and saw Shiseido verion of mini lash curler numbered 215.  With a retail price of 800 Yen (approx Php400.00), it's a great deal can't resist!

Shiseido 215 Mini Eyelash Curler and
 213 Regular Sized Eyelash Curler

I was expecting a similarly curved mini version of the regular sized eyelash curler but I was wrong!  The thing is, does this works better?  Scroll further down for my in-depth review!

Shiseido says ---
For partial curling of eyelashes such as the corners of eyelids. It's compact size makes it Perfect for taking out on the go.  Contains one replaceable rubber pad. Size: length 90, width 12 thickness 50 (mm)

AMW says ---
  • Can easily grab hard to reach lashes on both outer and inner corner.
  • Easy to tote along for travel.
  • Best for touch-ups especially mid-day when the curl of your lashes are starting to fade.
  • Comes with free pad.
  • Can reach even the shortest lashes!  As a makeup artist, I can't seem to use a regular sized eyelash curler on my mature clients as most of their lashes are very sparse and short, this tool does the trick!
  • If not curled correctly, can easily create L-shaped lashes.
  • Not widely available on all countries.
  • Can pinch your eyes if not careful.
The Shiseido 215 Mini Eyelash Curler is an okay buy for me.  I can live without it but it's a nice added tool especially if most mascaras tend to weigh your lashes down. 

  • The Shiseido mini eyelash curler is meant for hard to reach lashes and not to curl all your lashes as it may take some time.  
  • The curler is best to curl original lashes and fake lashes together.
  • Practice makes perfect, I had to try so many times to find the right way to use the mini eyelash curler due to its non-curved shape.
  • Just like a regular eyelash curler, curl your lashes section by section.
  • Best to ask a friend purchase this for you if he/she travels in Japan as it costs way cheaper than online shopping!
  • Wipe the curler head after every use with a clean cloth to prevent mascara build up.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
People with super short lashes that regular eyelash curlers can't reach or anyone who likes to touch up the curl of their lashes midday!

This product is a nice added tool for professional makeup artists out there!

Where to purchase and how much?
I bought mine in Tokyo, Japan for 800JPY (approx $10.00/Php400.00).  Based on research, the Shiseido 215 Mini Eyelash Curler is available on Ebay and Asian Online stores.


A closer look on Shiseido 215 Mini Eyelash Curler 
The head is around 13cm and straight, making it easier to grab even the shortest lashes.

The rubber on both sides have a slanted angle giving less chances on pulling your lashes.

As stated over my tip, the Shiseido 215 Mini Eyelash Curler is meant for retouching the curl of your lashes (on certain areas)  but not to be used to curl all your lashes as it takes more time and energy plus more chances for error and irregularly shaped lashes.  But just in case you're hardheaded like me *laughs*, you can divide curling into 3 sections.  

The Outer Corner

The middle section

and the inner corner

The style of curling should be just like how you would do it on a regular-sized eyelash curler to get the optimum curling effect!

Bare lashes after curling using the Mini Eyelash Curler

Do you own a mini eyelash curler? Which brand are you using and do you use it as often as a regular sized curler?
This is my first mini eyelash curler and so far, I am contented with the result and I do take this along with me on my makeup gigs as I love using this especially for my bridal clients!  Retouching the curl, making sure the original lashes and the fake lashes blend together are some of the requirements I have and the Shiseido 215 Mini Eyelash Curler does the trick!

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  1. no, I don't have one because I think I am satisfied with the regular size. :) this must be very useful for makeup artists like you :)

    1. I think if your lashes are long enough and regular eyelash curler can grab all those lashes, you're fine to go :D

  2. hehe~ never have seen something like that before! seems like very useful tool especially for asian lashes :P
    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Oh Anastacia, I've always been lemming for the Shu Uemura one but failed to purchase, I was just forced to buy one as I know I won't find the Shiseido version locally! :D

  3. Regular eyelash curlers don't seem to get the corner lashes so I have to use a small eyelash curler for those corners. Yeah, these metal curlers seem to give the L-shaped curls but I watched a video somewhere where the makeup artist mentioned that after curling the end (near the root) you can curl halfway through or little by little going up if you don't like the L-shape.


    1. Yup, I agree, and I do the same to prevent L-shaped lashes! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  4. I have the regular size Shiseido curler and it can't reach the corners hehe hmmm this seems interesting. I'll just ask someone in Japan to get me one hehe :)

    1. Yes, this is great for corners talaga! :D If you have friends in Japan, have them purchase for you, mas cheaper talaga :D

  5. This is awesome Nikki. Love the mini eyelash curler :) Small enough to do the job by curling by sections of the eyes. I am using an el cheapo one and everyone is a practise session not to pinch or accidentally pull off my eyelashes! Thinking whether to get Shu Uemura or Shiseido normal sized one. I have been reading mixed reviews online on the comparison between both eyelash curlers. Since I have the typical Asian hooded and almond shaped eye, maybe the Shiseido one will work on me. Will have to drop by the counters to try.


    1. Thanks, glad you think this one would work for you! With re: to Shu Uemura or Shiseido, it really boils down to your eye shape, both brands are seriously good but true to what you said, you have to drop by their counters and try which mascara brand would work best for you! :D Goodluck!


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