Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Readers' Corner: Nail Art Brushes and Their Uses

Happy Tuesday dear friends!  Today, I will be answering a major question regarding Nail Art Brushes which I haven't gotten the chance to tackle for months due to my pregnancy!  Since I'm back to my usual self and I'm not that sensitive to nail polish scent anymore, I'm all game to share some tips that I learn through years of practice and experimentation!  Keep in mind that this is just my "amateur-ish" advise, feel free to add more tips and tricks on comment below so we'll both learn from this!

Let's start with nail art brushes.  Nail art brushes doesn't have to be expensive or specifically made for nails, I started purchasing single nail art brushes at local bookstores and once I got the hang of it, I've decided to try the nail art brush sets sold online or from professional nail art supplies stores!

For instance, I recently got a 2 sets from Born Pretty Store.


The Set of 15 Nail Art Brushes comes with 3 drawing tools, 7 painting tools, 2 liners, 1 dotting tool and 2 fan brushes.  The 3 pcs nail art brush liner drawing line pen comes in fine detail, medium liner, and long striper brush.

Adding them all up, I have 18 different nail art brushes that could look overwhelming at first glance.  To make this post easier for all of us, I have grouped these brushes based on their similarities in functions and it is your choice to take a pick on the brushes you need for your nail art designs!

Fine Detail, Medium Liner and Long Striper Brushes
These brushes are similar to the L.A. Art Deco Polish which I love to use for all the lines and stripes that I would like to create on my nails.  

The Fine Detail brush is wonderful to create simple short lines or even French tips!  The Medium Liner on the other hand is great for drawing wisps and some netting designs.  The long striper brush is best used to create thin lines.

Some ways on using the medium and long striper brush, wisps and thick to thin lines.

Vertical and Horizontal lines can easily be created by using the Fine Detail brush.

Dotting Tool
The dotting tools usually come in different sizes too!  As for the set I got from Born Pretty Shop, the tip is very fine perfect to create tiny dots and can also be used to pull dots creating flower petals.

Dots created by using fine dotting tool.

Tiny flowers can also be created by drawing 6 dots!

Various Drawing Brushes
These brushes can be used to create simple to more created designs!

The most tiny detail brush from the set is my favorite brush to draw faces, write alphabets or numbers!  If you have stable hands, this particular brush can also be used to create dots!

I also like to draw some animal prints with the same brush!

Shading Brushes
These shading brushes also comes in various sizes and can be used depending on the size of your nails and the size of the art design you plan to create. 

Aside from using these brushes to create one stroke nail art like creating French Manicure, I also like to use these brushes to create flower petals or leaves.  The biggest shading brush is also great to apply background shade using 2 different shades!

Angular Brushes
These brushes are optional but the angled head of these brushes can create intricate detailed designs and the 45 degree cut of the brushes are also perfect to create slant strokes.

Added tip: The longest tip of these angular brushes can also be used to create dots!

Fan Brushes
If used as a makeup brush, I love to use these brushes to remove excess makeup fallouts, contour the cheeks or apply blush for a very natural finish.  

If these brushes are treated as a nail art brush, these fan brushes can create abstract nail art designs using 1 or multiple shades. Aside from creating abstract designs, these fan brushes are also used to apply glitters on nails!  How?  By applying your choice of glitter powders on top of a wet polish!  The outcome, I promise you, is worth the mess!

Fanning the tip of the fan brush onto the nails for random designs.  You can feel free to swirl the brush tips for more creative outcome!

Have you given your artistic side a shot by trying out nail art designs?
If yes, have you thought of investing nail art brushes?

I have been doing nail art designs for years and haven't really thought of investing nail art brushes until I get into designs I'd like to do but I don't have the right tools for it!  The nail art brush sets I got from Born Pretty Store is actually very affordable and I am very happy with the result of my nail art designs each time I use them!  The quality are even better than those single brushes I bought in random bookstores! 

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(Nail art brushes provided for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I have this brush set too and really like flat brushes for one stroke!
    Thanx for sharing your opinion Nikki!

    1. Isn't this brush set heaven sent? I love this too! Glad you're enjoying yours!

  2. I am really very lazy when it comes to my nails, I would just swipe the color and that's it. Plus, I am not very artistic like you, hihihi. :)

    1. hahaha wala sa artistic yan ! hahaha sa TRYING HARD :P

  3. i always seem to have the trouble of removing acrylic/nail polishes from the brushes properly and as a result, when they are dried, they seem to clump up :(

    1. Hi sis, immediately after use, I dip the brush on a bowl of water and wipe it off with clean cloth, it removes acrylic paints in no time! (do it while the paint is still wet) :D

  4. What a handy set. I'd really need something like this so I can start learning how to do nail art.

    1. Ahhh let's start with dotting tool, that's the easiest and best way to start nail art :D

  5. OMO~! Eonni! I am now convinced to really continue my love for nail art!

    And I might convince the hubby to buy me the nail brush set from Born Pretty Store! In fairness, mas mura cya kesa sa Divi, ah! =D

    Mishu, Eonni!!! =)

    1. oo mura siya no? and good quality pa :D

    2. Twice ko na pinakita sa kanya... and mukhang approved! hehehe... kasi last time, ibibili na sana nya ako sa Divi (168) kaso umurong ako... parang 300 yung 3pcs na dotting tool, eh..

  6. Hello po, just wanna ask how much was the tax you paid for your bornprettystore purchase? Been wanting to buy from them pero I'm really hesitant as I'm afraid the tax will be ridiculously high.. thanks a lot po!! :)

    1. Hi Loli, you mean tax here in Manila? I didn't pay for any as I just purchased these tiny items in 1 quantity, just paid the post office fee for 45php or something hope this helps

  7. thank you so much!! you've helped me a lot :) more power to your blog!

  8. Nice blog on nail art brushes,I got some set of brushes from Naio Nails UK, which also provides nails art brushes on very affordable prices.


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