Thursday, February 21, 2013

AMW Makeover: Trial Makeup for Asian Eyes

Happy Thursday AMW friends!
Today is Thursday and I'm looking forward for the weekend!  Why?  Well, there are so many things to look forward to!  For me to pack my "hospital bag" as I'm officially on my 32nd week of pregnancy and I've been very busy for the whole month of January and February I told myself I needed the rest before the sleepless nights c/o Baby AMW!  

And what's the other thing that I'm looking forward for this weekend?  My 3rd and final Benefit Fine One One Workshop!  The first and second was super fun and I met a lot of cool Benebabes so I can't wait for the third and final installment to be held at Benefit Boutique, Rustan's Makati.

Benefit Fine One One Workshop at Greenbelt 5
February 2, 2013

Benefit Fine One One Workshop at Shangri-La
February 9, 2013

I can't wait to share more tips to the workshop attendees and speaking of tips, have you read the article I've written for Sample Room?  If not, feel free to click photo below as I've written some simple Makeup Tips for Asian Eyes.

Speaking about Asian Eyes, I recently had a trial makeup client fresh from Singapore who requested for a very simple makeup for her wedding reception.  Let me share to you some of the makeup tricks that I've did for her particular feature.

Skin: Combination (Normal/Dry)
Request: The client doesn't have any particular request 
but I'm imaging her going for a very soft and natural look.

Trial makeup client exudes a very positive personality even for someone you just met for the first time.  She's jolly, friendly and very cheerful so I'm imagining a makeup for her that gives a bright and positive outlook just like her personality!  I was aiming for creating fresh, glowing skin!  

To start off, I prepared her skin by applying ample oil-free moisturizer from Paul & Joe on dry areas;  lessen the look of pores on her nose area by applying Benefit's Porefessional and a moisturizing face primer for Laura Mercier for the rest of her skin!  As I let all the products to sit and do their "action", I picked up a small scissors to trim her brows and filled sparse areas with brow pencil.

As for foundation, the client doesn't have much skin problems to cover so I've decided to use a light to medium coverage liquid foundation from RMK.  I also did a bit of concealing to even out the color around the eye area and the sides of her nose using my Bobbi Brown Concealer.

I want to create bigger-looking eyes;  I picked several matte shades for a simple day time smoky eye makeup adding a bit of light, shimmer eye shadow at the inner corner to create an illusion of big, bright eyes!  (Eye shadows used: Lancome, MAC, Bobbi Brown)

For a more natural finish, I picked Dark Brown  Gel Liner instead of regular black gel liner which I usually use for a more natural look.  Black gel liner could make small eyes look even smaller if not applied correctly.  I also added dark matte brown eye shadow on top of the gel liner for a more natural finish. 

Coats and coats of mascara were applied after curling her lashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler;  I also applied falsies on her by cutting 1 into 2 as applying full lashes may make her eyes droopy.

Let's not forget to contour the face and nose area for that instant "painless" nose lift and face lift! 

As for the cheeks, I applied a tiny bit of cream based blush from Stila, and Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Apricot.

As for the lips, I used a lip pencil from MAC closed to her lip color and gently apply it all over her lips and top it with Lancome Juicy Tubes.

Last but not the least;  I set the area that could "oil" with a Shu Uemura Colorless Face Powder.

Client's final look on natural lighting
Hair by: Kim Tan Rodriguez

Thanks to my dear client for the lovely time and for entrusting me to do a makeover!
Do you have any other tips for Asian Eyes out there?  I'd love to hear from you!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. Your belly getting bigger!! You looks so professional Nikki :) Great event!

    1. Hi Anastacia! yes, it is getting bigger everyday! :) Thanks!

  2. That's a wonderful look, Nikki! And good luck on your packing. Don't forget to get a list of things to bring from your hospital so that you won't leave anything behind :)

    1. Thanks Crystal! Yes, i already have the list but too lazy to pack! hahahah :) If I left anything behind, there's always Hubby! *winks* Joke lang, baka mabasa! hahahha

  3. looks like a fun event! I only got one tip for Asian eyes, never forget to put on eyeliner, makes a big difference....

    1. Totoo talaga yan! eyeliner is the best anti "puffy" eyes :D

  4. Thanks for this make up tips Ms. nikki:-) im also on my 32nd weeks of pregnancy , im preparing also my list of things to place in my hospital bag:-),,,hope we can have a safe delivery:-) Congratulation in advance & God bless.

    1. Wow Congratulations to you too! halos sabay lang tayo! :) I agree, let's pray for safe delivery! God bless you too!

    2. Thank Ms. Nikki medyo kabado nga eh hehehehe sana mabilis lng ang labor:-) hope to see the pic of AMW baby..:-) I followed u inFB, IG,Twitter@haleylonluz,,God bless.!

    3. Same here! I guess normal lang talagang kabahan! :) Goodluck to both of us! I'm sure once it's over, it'll all be worth it! Happy Weekend Luz, thanks for being a reader and follower! :D Update me your situation ha?:D

  5. Looks like a great event! You did a wonderful job, as usual!

  6. Wow daig m pa ang photoshop@ @ ! Ang galing nagtransform talaga un face nia i swear 2 kau ni iambrigitte kukunin ko s kasal ko


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