Friday, February 15, 2013

AMW Baby Fashion: Greendays Organic Baby Clothing

I know I know!  It is too early for Baby AMW Fashion but who can resist?  We're a couple who loves cute stuff and can you imagine just how excited we are to shop for "cute" baby stuff during our first Baby Fair a couple of weeks ago?

Anyways, before I show you more of the baby stuff that we bought, Baby AMW received another gift from our friends from GreenDays Organic Baby Clothing!  Judging by the look of the box and packaging delivered, I originally thought someone was trying to make me fat by delivering me a cake!  Boy was I wrong, it was way better than a cake!

Super cute box that lifted my not-so-good mood that day!  Who can resist gifts that are well packaged?  I know I can't! 

If you can read Chinese, feel free to browse their website  as I enjoyed seeing all the cute organic clothing creations meant for our sweet little angels.  There are only a few organic clothing lines available in our country and I'm glad someone's brining GreenDays in!

The gift comes with cute sticker (in which I will stick in my Baby Album) and a super nice personalized card for Little AMW!

Since Janice from Greendays Organic baby Clothing knew I'm having a baby boy, here are some of the cute baby blue products she sent! 

I'm glad she included a newborn essential, I know I have bought enough but who can wait for 6 months to 1 year to wear such cute stuff?  I know this mom (pointing to me) can't!

Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Price: Php750.00 (approx $18.75)
Tank Bodysuit
Color: Blue Stripes
Price: 699.00 (approx $17.48)

She also added some accessories to keep my baby warm and cute at the same time!

 Baby Beanie
Color: Blue/Pink
Price: Php449.00 (approx $11.23)

  Baby Mittens
Color: Blue / Pink
Price: Php245.00 (approx $6.13)

Baby Bib
Color: Blue/Pink
Price:  Php345.00  (approx $8.63)
Baby Booties
Color: Blue / Pink
Price: Php245.00 (approx $6.13)

All of the products available at GreenDays are made from 100% organic cotton that's why their prices are a bit higher than regular baby clothes you see inside the mall!  I wouldn't mind spending a bit for baby AMW as he's my number 1 priority for now!  The quality of each piece are made with care and I don't see any flaw in terms of production!

Here's an overall photo of our Piggy Model!  I'm sorry Baby AMW, you're still inside my tummy so piggy gets to model for now!  Once you get out, I promise to show you the real photo of Baby AMW wearing Greendays Organic Baby Clothing! :D

Like Greendays Organic Baby Clothing on Facebook for more product details.  Thanks Janice for the lovely gifts, I'm sure Baby AMW is excited to wear them!

Are you into baby stuff?  
Even before I got pregnant, I have always been into baby clothing and accessories and I love attending baby showers as I get to shop for cute little stuff!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

 (Products received as gift.  Opinions 100% mine.)


  1. Awe! So cute baby clothes! Can't wait to see your baby boy wearing this :)

    1. Same here Anastacia, been very excited with the clothes I have ready for Baby AMW to wear :D

  2. Can't wait to see baby AMW wearing the cute clothes!

    1. Same here :D I really can't wait to take shots of Baby AMW! I can't wait to see him!

  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely organic baby clothes which are always better to be used than any other sort of clothes.


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