Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Italianni's Tomas Morato

Sunday!  Ah, another weekend food trip post brought to you by AMW Family! :P  
Over the week, we had a lovely dinner at Italianni's Restaurant a day before Valentine's Day!  My brother was here for a short vacation for Chinese New Years so I've decided to take him to Italianni's as both of us haven't been back in this restaurant for a while!  I was told by my Uncle that the menu are getting better and there are a few new dishes added that are worth visiting!  

We've decided to visit Tomas Morato branch and the place was packed on a weeknight!  If you've been visiting Italianni's a couple of times, you know the extra helping of free warm bread is a great way to start any meal!  (Sorry, we weren't able to take a shot on the free bread as we were famished from traffic!)

Beef Salpicao
Php395.00 (approx $9.88)
Italian version of beef salpicao.  Spicy beef tips sauteed in olive oil, garlic, 
chili flakes, button mushrooms, black olives and cherry tomatoes.

Our appetizer for the night, I was aiming for Truffle Fries but I opt to stay healthy as I'm with my mom and dad!  Both of them are suffering from cough and colds and of course, with my current situation, eating beef is the best bet for baby to stay healthy!  With the order of Beef Salpicao, I requested to remove the chili flakes and keep the dish spicy-free as possible for my dad's enjoyment!

So far, the beef tips are really tender and the added sweet cherry tomatoes made the dish worth it!  I love the 2 extra garlic toasts as I dip it with the sauce of Beef Salpicao!  A healthy appetizer for sure!

Fish Fillet Cartoccio
Php395.00 (approx $9.88)
Seasoned dory fish and vegetables baked with butter, wine and spices.  
Served with garlic rice on the side.

Both my mom and dad's dish for the night.  Most of the chicken dishes are unfortunately unavailable that night so we opted for something healthy!  The baked dory fish upon unwrapping exudes a wonderful fragrance from all the wonderful spices used!  My mom and dad enjoyed this dish so much they finished this in an instant!  For health conscious out there, this is a  must-order!

Crispy Pork Ribs
Php425.00 (approx $10.63)
Deep-fried tender pork ribs.  
Marinated in Italian spices with garlic rice, seasonal vegetables.
This dish has "NEW" written on its menu and I'm glad Mr. AMW ordered this as I can't help taking 3-4 bites!  The Crispy Pork Ribs could come out a bit crispier but the pork ribs itself isn't dry on the inside!  The gravy is a perfect combination by the way!  Not the regular "instant gravy" taste you get from other restaurants!   Super 2 thumbs up!

Chicken Marsala Risotto
Php495.00 (approx $12.38)
Boneless chicken breast fried in our special egg batter over a rich vegetable marsala risotto.
Okay, out of all the dishes we ordered which are extremely good!  I felt bad that the "guest of honor" (my brother) didn't enjoy his dish as much as we did!  The Chicken Breast doesn't have much flavor and the risotto came out a bit unexpected!  We've had risotto in the past and so far, this doesn't come near to most risotto dishes we tried!  I wish they could have added more flavor to the chicken breast in the future!

Fettuccine Tartufo e Prosciutto
Php495.00 (approx $12.38)
 Premium pasta, truffle essence cream and Italian ham 
Another MUST order!  I can never go wrong ordering pastas at Italianni's and I'm glad the "truffle essence" caught my attention as the whole dish itself is a winner!  The thick pasta is cooked just right (al dente) and the Italian Ham on the side gives the right "saltiness" to the whole pasta dish!  And let's not get into the truffle essence, who can say no to that?  Not me for sure!

Overall, servers were really friendly that night but service was slow!  They probably lack staff that night as I only see a few taking orders and serving dishes!  As for the food, I'm glad to have returned to Italianni's Restaurant after YEARS as I'm glad to taste good food that makes me and my baby happy! :D

Restaurant accepts Cash and Credit Card Payments.  There is a separate service charge that will be added on the bill!  I highly recommend everyone to purchase The Bistro Group card as I was able to get 25% off the total bill for my birthday month! :)

Italianni's Restaurant
G/F Unit 1 CKB Center, Tomas Morato Ave  
Laging Handa, Quezon City 
Tel no: (632) 376-2382

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  1. nikkiiiii your baby bump is coming full circle! so excited for you. :D please always stay healthy and keep that happy positive vibe. :D

    1. Thanks Kumiko! I'm glad to have caught up kahit sandali with you before I pop :D

  2. Aweee! You looks sooo sweet and happy!! What a nice family picture!
    You know what, I need some beef too! lol~ your pictures always makes me hungry :P

    1. hahahah so sorry Anastacia, you know how it is food food photos, they literally can make your appetite grow!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your dinner at Italiannis. Nothing can beat being with family to make everything good.
    Sadly, after I tried eating there, I did not come back anymore coz I didn't enjoy any of the food served (I tried 5 dishes ata)...but they're not that flavorful for me. I'm used to eating really seasoned pasta and dishes hehe :)

    1. wow!!! 5 dishes and none suits your taste! Well it really depends talaga on what you're looking for! I haven't been back for ages na din coz the last experience wasn't as good, I'm glad the recent one was great :D

  4. Replies
    1. :) Have you tried Italianni's? What's your fave dish?


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