Tuesday, March 19, 2013

AMW Reports: The Rose Fever

Hi AMW friends!
How do you feel about receiving a lovely long-stemmed teal colored rose not knowing who it is from?  It could be freaky to some but on a special International Women's Day, it made my day!

I was having dinner with fellow bloggers and friends at Italianni's, High Street when I received this lovely rose with a short note from a man named Jorgen.  The note was short and sweet, and for a pregnant, hormonal woman like me, it made my night! (P.S. hubby wasn't jealous as I wasn't the only one who received this! :P)

To be honest, we asked around who Jorgen is and we got no response but a huge smile from people who sent us the rose.  Well, smile and *kilig* to be exact.  We still do not know who he is as of the moment but we still appreciate him for his sweet gesture.

Photo taken from Earth's Instagram
Top: Liz, me and Earth
Bottom: David, Liz, me and Earth

What made me like Jorgen even more?  Well, the rose-giving didn't end that night, teal roses were handed to random women with short poem celebrating women's day on different places around the Metro!

 Happy Security ladies

Random by-passer

An older woman who got really excited
 to receive such gorgeous rose
 Ladies at the Spa

Because of this act of sweetness, everyone's definitely wondering who Jorgen really is!  After some research on, where else?  Facebook, I found this --- WHO IS JORGEN? 

It would be great if we all take part in guessing who this sweet guy really is!  Here's a photo I grabbed from their FB page...

Any ideas?
The guessing game is really going to be exciting!  Some clues that I get to gather, he's not an actor.  Okay, just a CLUE lang pala!  Sorry, the people behind this have their lips sealed pretty tight!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What a sweet person!! That is so amazing of him to make such thoughtfull flower gift!! Aweeee! So respectful!!

  2. Aw what a sweet person:).... sana dumami pa tulad nya:-)

  3. Napakatamis naman nia. Sana kagtrending to. Pogi b nikki hahahha

    1. hindi ko pa kilala! I kept on asking them nga but no clues talaga! hayaan mo...once I get to know him, photo op agad!!!

  4. awwww, this is such a sweet gesture! sana nakatanggap din ako, LOL! :)

    1. Issa, lumiwaliw ka na sa Makati and Ortigas area! lumabas sa office!!!!!!

  5. I find him gwapo na agad sa lips pa lang.. Who is Jorgen? Balitaan mo kami Mommy Nikki! ♥ Sayang.. I wasn't in Fort that day..

    1. hahah Elaine! you are so funny, talagang sa lips pa lang ha? Sige sige, I'll update you guys pag na knows ko na kung sino!


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