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Weekend Food Trip at: Dakasi, Makati

There are a lot of milk tea brands out there and I'm sure everyone has his/her own favorite!  As for me, I've been quite vocal recently on my love for Dakasi Milk Tea!  If you follow me on Instagram (AskMeWhats) and Foursquare, you'll know that I go there almost on a weekly basis because....I'm pregnant and I can get anything I want!  *laughs*

**dress: Latch a Babe

But seriously, I love Dakasi Milk tea because....

According to the Dakasi Head of Operations, Mr. Aldrich, the tea made are always on the right temperature, if not, it must NOT be served!

The sugar used are made by Dakasi themselves, they don't use regular sugar you can purchase at groceries or supermarket.  Aside from that, the milk used are measured well and all the staffs are trained tediously for consistency.

Even the ice used are weighed pretty well, you can't go more or less! 

Last but not the least, the "shake" machine is used for consistency in milk tea texture, each cup goes through around 25 seconds of shaking motion.  And the coolest trick?

While the person waits for the "shaking motion" to be over, he/she MUST clean the bar.  No wonder Dakasi counters are always neat and tidy!  No room for spillage! 

How do I get to learn all this?  Well, lucky me I get an invite for the first ever Dakasi Grand Launch which happened yesterday at their Dela Rosa, Makati branch!  Thanks to Liz Lanuzo for inviting me and the hubby!  We're both ecstatic as we both enjoy our Dakasi Milk Teas, shall I say, baby AMW also enjoys it too?

Each time I stand at the counter, I get overwhelmed by the huge variety of milk tea and juice drinks and I always go for the original Dakasi Pearl Milk Tea.  I promised myself to be more adventurous that day so I went for a different variant!

Okay, I wasn't THAT adventurous as I cave in to Dakasi Oreo Pearl Milk Tea as recommended by a lot of Dakasi drinkers!  Mr. AMW, on the other hand, got the Dakasi Pearl Milk Tea with Egg Pudding as add-on.  Need I say more?  I finished my large drink in less than 10 minutes!  Thank goodness I'm pregnant, no one will judge me!  (I hope!)

Aside from drinks, the owners from Dakasi were asking us to try on their food as they will definitely include these on their menu for the coming months!
Nachos, chocolate chip cookies and Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches were all a hit that afternoon! 

After a good chat and catch up with fellow bloggers with milk teas and finger foods, the event started with the cheerful and perky host for the day, Melai!   Melai has done a great job on her previous hosting job and I am not surprised to see her doing another one....and more to come for sure!

Fellow blogger/friend Liz, the brand consultant for Dakasi Philippines was also introduced.  I love how she made sure everyone feels welcomed!

Mr. Dexter, one of the owners of Dakasi Philippines also went up on "stage" to talk about the history of Dakasi Philippines.  It was so refreshing to learn that Dakasi started only a year ago (February 14, 2012 to be exact) and they already have 17 branches (and still counting)!  Their first branch is located at Marquee Mall Pampanga and obviously, it was a great success for them to be able to expand to almost 20 branches!

Dakasi was brought to the Philippines when one of the owners, who traveled to Guangzhou, China gave Dakasi a try and fell in love with the taste (I can totally relate!).  Good thing the owners were easy to talk to so it was an easy deal to bring Dakasi here in the Philippines!

Did you know that?
There are 400 branches of Dakasi in China alone!

When asked how Dakasi is different from other milk tea brands, Dexter proudly stated: "It's all about the taste!"  It's true, I've had my fair share of Dakasi experience and one thing I can commend about the brand is that, their drinks area always consistent!  Not too sweet, not too bland, not too warm nor too cold!  The tapioca pearls are always on the right texture and I always smile each time I take a sip! (Consistent product= Consistent reaction!)

After a quick introduction and information about the brand, there was also a quick fun contest held for bloggers who attended the event! 

Whoever finishes their large Dakasi Pearl Milk Tea  gets to win a special prize!  

Congratulations to Ana for bagging first place! She was really fast!!!

Aside from good food, wonderful drinks and fun games, one lucky attendee gets to try on making his/her own Dakasi Milk Tea drink!  And you guessed it right, the lucky person was ME! :P

With guidance from the head of operations and Gabby, I successfully created my own drink!  Of course, it's not perfect but it tastes great! :)

The event was a success and I want to congratulate everyone, even the event stylist for creating such lovely "tapioca pearls" inspired ambiance!

 Dakasi Philippines Team with Liz and Melai 

Congratulations to team Dakasi Philippines!  I can't wait to try more of their drinks!  Promise, I'll be more adventurous next time!

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Visit these Dakasi branches ---
Annapolis Carpark, Greenhills Shopping Center (632)871.5499
Ground Floor, Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Makati (632)401.4929
Level 1, Marquee Mall (6345)304.1343
Level 1, Market! Market! (632)514.0249
Level 1, SM Sta Rosa
Level 2, Harbor Point (6347)306.5061
Level 2, The District (632)710.2561
UN Avenue corner Orosa, Manila (632)917.7077
Level 1, Festival Mall (632)775.6465
Level 1, Robinsons Place Otis (632)710.2562
17 P Tuazon, Cubao (632)945.2646
Level 1, Technohub Iloilo
Level 3, SM Calamba
Level 1 Padre Faura Wing, Robinsons Place Manila (63926)681.9698
Level 3, Trinoma (632)710.2547
207 Banawe St, Quezon City (632)546.8146

Have you tried Dakasi?
If yes, what's your favorite Dakasi drink?

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  1. there's one near my place, I wanna try it! Hmm, halo-halo milk tea and taro MT sounds good to me :D

    1. one near your place? aren't you a very lucky girl?!!!! :D :D :D Give it a try and tell me your thoughts!

  2. Nikkiiiii you look so happy and glowing! I'm sad I missed out on the event. :( And I miss you! Grabe, so excited to see baby AMW

    1. Ay sayang, so you weren't able to make it no? Well understandable, it's a Saturday! But hey...once an addict, always an addict! see you soon!

  3. What a blooming momma to be you are! :) Sad I missed this event, I would've love to see you & the other bloggers heehee. I'm sort of a milk tea addict heehee. See you soon sana! :)

    1. Sayang, the first time I met you, YOU WERE PREGNANT then! imagine, ang laki na ng baby mo now! and my tummy is big na din! Hope to see you again sometime, you're ONE GORGEOUS MOMMY!

  4. wow marquee mall ang first branch nila! i live in angeles, whenever I go to marquee hindi pwedeng walang dakasi pearl milk tea :) sometimes I go there para lang magDAKASI then uwi me dakasi-dik (dakasi adik)! hehe


    1. Good! I was surprised too na yun ang first branch, alam naman natin, usually sa Metro Manila nag oopen! :) You are so funy with Dakasi-dik nickname!!! Can I call myself that too?

  5. I usually go to the Market Market branch. I love the bubble milk tea! Next time I'll try the Halo-halo one.

    1. Halo Halo! I'll give that a try too! I love their original milk tea!!! Kaya nga I can't move on! kainis! :P

  6. Nice to know there is Dakasi in Dela Rosa near in my place...wanna try this:-)

    1. Hi Luz, give it a try! You'll never look back!!! You'll remember me pa! :P

  7. It was great seeing you there!!! :D

    1. Same here!!! Hope to bump into you again in other events! Stay gorgeous! :D

  8. I am 36weeks pregnant,and i really want to try the product, but they said that tea is not good for pregnant woman;( What can you say about it?

    1. Depends on how sensitive you are with your pregnancy, ask your doctor about it but I had a couple of Dakasi during my pregnancy but controlled :D


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