Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gifts for the Happy Baby and Mommy

Happy Saturday!!!  I'm off for another busy Saturday as my social life circulates mostly on a Saturday as I heavily depend on Mr. AMW to drive me around!  *sobs*  I'm not complaining, I promise you!  Even if I'm just staying at home, I feel the love coming my way in my enclosed room!  Thank you so much to the gifts both Baby AMW and I received over the past few weeks!

I want to thank mommy blogger Michelle from My Mom Friday for sending me gorgeous baby stuff from Green Sproutlets.  They are made from 100% cotton and I can literally feel the comfort of my little AMW using these once he is born! 

 Mustela has been a number one brand that was recommended by most moms when we talk about pregnancy and baby stuff.  A lot of moms swore by it!  When my Sample Room family sent me these for Baby AMW, I nearly shrieked as these are the products I need that I didn't get the chance to purchase yet!  Thank you so much Mustela and Sample Room team!

 L-R Mustela Ciudado Especifico Busto Cream, Agua de Colonia sin Alcohol 
and Foam Shampoo for Newborns

Aside from the 3 star products above, I was also sent a travel size set of Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Fluid, Body lotion and Dermo-cleansing gel for hair and boy. 

Speaking about Sample Room, I recently got an email on my mailbox regarding the search for Sample Room Bloggers Circle Members!  If you are a blogger and you want to be part of this family, please, I highly recommend you guys to join this group as this community is really wonderful!  Imagine, a community of girls loving and enjoying the same products!  Read mechanics on poster below on how to join! 

Adore Fragrances and Aqua Fresco
 Of course, baby AMW isn't the only one who received gifts!  I also got some gifts from Adore Fragrances via NJ Torres (thanks girl!)!  I can't believe how gorgeously named and packaged these fragrances are!  Where were you guys when I was in high school saving up for an expensive cologne???

Of course, there's also something for Mr. AMW!  Aqua Fresco fragrances for men!  Create your own story line with the names of the scent!  Mr. AMW was creating one while taking this shot!  :P

Pond's Age Miracle Line
I have to admit, I did try out a lot of skin care brands and Pond's is one of them but out of all the Pond's line, I seriously haven't get to try the Age Miracle Line!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a denial stage!  I love using anti-aging products but I always end up giving this to my sister because she loves this line so much!  I may have to insert the Age Miracle Facial Wash in my current skincare system just for the sake of understanding why my sister swore by this!  Have you tried this line?  Tell me if this works for you! 

Last but not the least, a new online shopping website was launched, Taste Central, is the official retail partner of Deal Grocer !  I've always been an online shopper!  (Most of my maternity clothes were bought online and I purchased so many deal coupons I have a special folder for them!)  So having another site with good taste added isn't a problem for me, it excites me as I scour on various products which I don't see much on other online websites!

Yes, the landing page looks like this, so deliciously yummy right?

Because Taste Central wanted to make Mommy AMW happy, they sent me and Baby AMW special gifts and I have to apologize that I didn't get the chance to take professional shots on most of them as I ended up going "gaga" over the food!
6-Pack for Php1,334.00 (approx $33.35)
Thin-crisp oatmeal cookies that helped me through "in between" hungry moments! 

3 packs for Php468.00 (approx $11.70)
 Imagine your favorite polvoron with rice crispies but this time, wrapped with a thin, crunchy-layer of Belgian Chocolate?  I was in heaven!  (Was- Past Tense because it's all gone by now!)  I usually have these after meal when I'm craving for something light yet not too sweet!  I'm proud to announce that the selfless I was able to share some Mr. AMW!  I can't wait to order more of these!!!  

Php2,900 (approx $72.50)
 This is one baby product I missed jotting down on my "must-buy" list!  Thankfully, I was gifted one as I was told by moms here and abroad how useful this is for the little one!  I can't wait to put this on test and to moms out there who have this, where do you buy the cover?  Any ideas?

Huiles & Baumes Face Soft Scrub
Php2,000 (approx $50.00)
I appreciate it that Taste Central didn't forget the fact that I'm into beauty so they made sure to include a beauty-related product!  A facial scrub that's paraben-free?  I'm sure it'll be something worth having a look!

There are so many reasons to have a bad day and there will always be more reasons if we let them be part of our lives!  My personal goal?  Is to appreciate blessings in life, no matter how big or small it is! No, I'm not saying that being happy means receiving gifts or products here and there, the point of being happy and staying that way is acknowledgment and appreciation!  Acknowledging the effort and time people give you and appreciate them for being part of your lives.

If I'm going through a bad day (promise, I have loads of that recently), I look into those emails, handwritten notes, text messages and comments from readers, friends and families and the troubles may still be there but at least, I have this feeling that I'm not alone!  Last but not the least, learn to pray and thank God for each day and moment that we get to breathe and enjoy life here on Earth! :)

Okay, that's me talking, not my pregnancy hormones! :P  Have a wonderful weekend ahead and stay positive!

What are you thankful for today?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. So many nice things for the baby!! I'm so can't wait to see your boy! :)

    1. Thanks Anastacia for being excited for me! I am getting really excited as the date draws closer and closer!

  2. blessings talaga ang babies =) hope i we could have baby boy on our next child..

    1. Goodluck! I'm sure there's a chance for baby boy next! :)


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