Friday, March 15, 2013

Readers' Corner: Fix Your Brows with Eyebrow Pencil

Dear AMW Friends!
Today is the day!  We talk about brows AGAIN!  The reason why I'm sharing another tip on how to fill in brows is because I was asked about brow questions so many times during my Benefit Fine One One Emergency Workshops 1, 2 and 3!  Yes girls!  3 workshops and most girls ask about brows!  

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that you guys are so interested about this particular beauty topic because I cannot stress enough on how important it is to fix your brows!  Trust me, it's like chocolates, it's addictive!  *laughs*

The reason why I created a separate post on using eyebrow pencils as I have done a tutorial on how to fix your brows using brow gels and brow powders!  I know some of you are not comfortable with the mentioned products so to those brow pencil users out there?  Raise your eyebrow pencils and let's start the eyebrow party!!!

Just in case you get lost on the way to the party, let me share to you my previous related posts---

First and foremost, it is very important to groom your brows!  You can either do that yourself, or in my case, I always advise readers to trust the professionals!  You can groom them on your own later on!

Step 1:
Starting with clean brows, pick the eyebrow pencil that matches your skin, face and hair.  Keep in mind not to pick any eyebrow pencil with strong red undertone as it gives an illusion of super fake brows.  

In this tutorial, I picked a Blonde Colored Brow and Eye Pencil from BYS Cosmetics (reviews will follow soon) as my brows are way too dark and my hair (though haven't colored for MONTHS) still have the medium brown shade that was left from my pre-pregnancy hair coloring.

Step 2:
Hold the pencil with light hand stroke and gently fill in sparse areas starting at the "arch" down to the end.  Keep in mind to always apply in the direction of hair growth.

 A closer look with diagram 
The key is to mimic "hairs" instead of drawing a definitely line which will create a very unnatural look.

Step 3:
After filling in the "arch" area down to the tip of your brows, now is the time to gently fill in the rest of your brows near the inner corner of your eye.  This time, the weight of your hand is even lighter than that of step 2.  The way you draw should be short, feathery strokes going upwards (again, like that of the natural growth of your brow hairs).


Step 4:
If you have light colored hair, you can either use a light colored brow gel or a clear brow gel in this step to fix messy brow hairs.  As for me, I wipe off excess color by gently brushing my brow hairs using my Charm Dream Brow Duo Brush.

Feel free to step back, stand at a distance from the mirror and check your reflection.  You can always add more color if needed, or if you find your brows too dark, keep on brushing your brows with a spoolie brush to lessen pigmentation.

Additional Tip: 
Feel free to create an illusion of "depth" after fixing your brows by doing some nose contouring.  I picked my Benefit's Hoola Blush and a fluffy eyeshadow brush shown on photo below.

Gently shade the inner "triangle" down to the sides of your nose.  This step will not only create defined looking nose but your brows will look even better!


AMW with "penciled" brows

Of course, you can go on with the rest of your makeup but I feel more comfortable going out even without much makeup on as long as my brows are well defined! 

How do you fix your brows on regular days?
Are you a pencil, brow powders or brow gel user?

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  1. It looks very nice and natural on you! I love using eye brow pencil for myself too :)

  2. it's either an eyebrow pencil or powder for me....i used to not do my brows because i feel that i have thick eyebrows but when i learned how to do it, boy, it makes a lot of difference...i never wanna leave the house without it anymore... thanks for sharing a lot of tips :)

    1. OO no! It makes a huge difference talaga to fix your brows! My brows are thick too and I used to just leave them the way it is, I'm glad I learned the beauty of fixing your brows! :D it can lighten up your whole face
      MY pleasure on sharing tips!

  3. You never fail to amaze me with your simple techniques. :)I will try this asap. :)

    1. Thank you for reading and visiting, It's a pleasure of mine!

  4. Your brows look so pretty and natural. And I love the contouring tip!

    1. Thanks Gio for the compliment, and I'm glad the extra contouring tip is appreciated :D


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