Friday, June 8, 2012

AMW Reviews: Benefit's Brows A-Go-Go

Brows, brows, brows!  One of the most talked about way to change your look!  As a makeup artist, I do take time to fix the brows of my clients as it can really make or break an eye makeup look!  For years, I have practiced on various brow shapes, I have tried brow pencils, liquid brow liners, brow gels and brow powders.  Which products mentioned is the most important? 

It is difficult to say!  It really depends on the types of brows you are working with, but as a makeup artist, a brow powder is a must in a kit!  I have carried with me the Ruby & Millie Brow Set as gifted to me by Gracie years ago and I need to chuck them out as it has been years!  Luckily, Benefit opens its store locally and I was able to get my hands on Brows A-Go-Go!  I love makeup sets, for me, it's worth the money you pay for and you get to try out a lot of products in one tiny box! :)

Benefit Brows A-Go-Go comes with:

Light and Dark Brow Powders
Brow Zings Wax

Cream Eye Brightener
Brow Highlighting Powder 

Smokin' Liner (Black Eyeliner Pencil)

Mini Tweezers

Hard Angle/ Talent Brush

Benefit says ---
(click photo to read description and ingredients)

AMW says ---

  • Quite sturdy packaging with magnet, huge mirror.
  • You get a lot of products in one square packaging, you get to try a lot of products at a good price.
  • The wax helps in shaping brows and keeping it that way for longer period of time.
  • The 2 shades of powders can be mixed together during application for a more natural outcome.
  • 2 brow powders can double up as eye shadow.
  • The Brow Highlighter is a nice addition to the palette as it does its job.
  • The mini brow tweezers is a smart idea!  It helps remove those unwanted hairs that pops out a bit too early than the rest.
  • Lasts all day!
  • The free brush is quite useful!  
  • Easy to remove.

  • The Dark Brow Powder have a reddish tint which may look unnatural to others.
  • The black eyeliner pencil is great but a bit too short so its difficult to control the application.
  • Too much of the wax application may make your brows turn really dark.  

A complete brow product meant for everything that concerns your brows!


  • If you find the brow products too much for you, you can choose to go for the simpler, smaller packaging called Brow Zings which costs Php1,600 (approx $37.00).  You get 1 wax and 1 choice of shade.
  • If you have super light colored hair and you need to lighten up your brows, a brow gel may still be needed as the Brows A-Go-Go is best for people with medium to dark colored hair.
  • Bring along with you an extra eyebrow brush with spoolie.  Perfect to try Charm Dream Brow Duo Brush, using a spoolie will make your brow powder application more natural.
  • Use Eye Bright to apply on the inner corner of your eyes for a nice wide awake look.
  • Warm the eyeliner pencil at the back of your hand as it can feel a bit too hard upon application.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's addicted on brow products.  Best for people who likes to change the color of their hair often thus doesn't need to purchase different shades of brow pencils!  With Benefit Brows A-Go-Go you get to customize the brow shade, practice is all you need!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Benefit Boutique (Greenbelt 5 and Shangri-La Rustans) for Php2,000 (approx $46.50).


Start by using the free angled brush and apply Brow Wax to "fix" the brows and put it in place.  The Brow Wax is pigmented so try not to apply too much.

For Brow Zings Powders, I prefer to use a natural-haired angle brush to apply.  I mixed both the light and dark color to create the shade that would match my hair color!  Practice makes perfect!  My recipe would be 1 dip on the dark powder then 2 dips on the lighter powder!

Note: Light powder is a matte, taupe-y brown shade
Dark powder is a medium to dark brown shade with a hint of red

To make the brows look more natural and not too strong, I prefer to use a spoolie and gently brush the hairs outward.  Step back then fill in gaps if needed.

Before and after shot of my brows

Now on to the Brow Highlighting Powder, I used the fluffy eye brush and grab a bit of the product tapping before applying.  Apply on the brow bone blending until harsh lines are blurred out.

As for the Eye Bright, this is a cream based eye product, so it is advisable to pick up a bit of the product by using a synthetic brush or use your clean finger.  I chose to use my finger and dab a tiny amount on the inner corner of my eyes for a very natural glow.

Would you go all the way from Wax to Brow Powder application to Brow Highlighting and Brightening up the inner corner of the eyes on a daily basis?  I don't mind doing so on some days as practice does not only give you perfectly looking brows, it also speeds up your brow time!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i have had an eyebrow kit like that from a local beauty brand, it's nice and all with tweezer and a brush, and also an eyebrow template! but in the end i got too lazy and only stuck to brow pencil for convenience :P and for personal use, i guess i might take 50 years to finish a palette like tht :P

    1. Ah, I know what you mean, that's why this kit is best used for people who really are into fixing their brows on a daily basis :) LOL on your funny comment for 50yrs! :))

  2. I wanted to get this initially about a year ago, but ended up getting Benefit's Smokin' Eyes instead. It comes with Brow Zings brow shaping wax in the light shade and includes the hard angle brush too. I love it for shaping and filling in brows!
    Thanks for the tip on using Eye Bright ! :D

    1. Ah yeah, the Smokin' Eyes is a nice set but I didn't pick it as I have so many eyeshadows that I need to finish up! (You know how hard it is to finish up an eyeshadow!) lol :)

      My pleasure, I'm glad to help out! Oh, does the Smokin' Eyes include the Eye bright too?

  3. i love brows and i love your picture tutorial :D

    though im super distracted by the cuteness of your nails :D -Loving Sunshine

    1. LOL! hahahah FAIL on the tutorial as you got distracted :)

  4. Lovely brows! I must say it looked natural. Love to have this one on my shopping list. ;)

    1. Thanks sis for the compliment! You do have gorgeous brows na!

  5. This reminds me that I have to clean up my eyebrows soon! Thanks for the review and tutorial!

    1. No problem, always a pleasure of mine to share reviews!

  6. What a nice kit! Your brows look beautiful and natural.

  7. It gives you such nice, natural-looking brows! But ang mahal. :D

    1. Sis! same as you, first impression was "ANG MAHAL!" pero you know me, I like "kits" and with the number of products I get in one kit, I do divide the price and medyo keri na! I have been using this kit on clients and so far, dami pa! as in parang forever ngang mauubos! :)


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