Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Wonder: How Often Do You Change Your Pillowcase?

Ah-ha!  I probably hit a soft spot for you to keep on reading!  

Since we love to talk about beauty!  From makeup, skincare, fragrance and hair care!  Why don't we get back to the basics and talk about hygiene?

I used to change my pillowcase *embarrassed* once a month!  (sue me!)  And when I got a bad case of eye allergies several years ago, I was highly recommended by my doctor to change my pillowcase once a week aside from the usual eye drops and medications!  

What's with our pillowcase?

Well, little do we know, our pillowcase collects all kinds of dirt and residue from our face and hair!  These can definitely clog our pores and cause our skin to breakout!  So yes lady, no matter how expensive your current skincare products are, if you have dirty pillowcase, you'll definitely have a dirty face!  *laughs* (That rhymes eh?)

Since I'm quite picky with my pillowcases, I've started hunting for really cute, bubbly and lively pillowcases!  Check out the red pillowcase which I got from Thailand and the cute bubbly bed sheet that comes with a pair of pillowcase!  Yes, we use 4 pillowcases and we actually have 3 more which is not included in this photo!  *laughs*  

Piggy showing us who the boss is!

Recently, I was sent a satin pillowcase from Lady Satin, okay, satin pillowcases are great and quite, ahmm..mature!  But guess what?  After constant research, I find myself to lean on satin pillowcases more!  Why?

Cotton pillowcase can cause us to wake up with creases and lines on our skin (true true!) and based on research, satin pillowcase leaves no marks or stress on your skin which helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines!  Aside from that, your expensive night creams gets absorbed into the cotton pillowcase and it won't rub off on satin made pillowcases thus leaving your skin moisturized until the next morning!

Cool huh?  I didn't know that too!  So for now, I had my Satin Pillowcase from Lady Satin all ready for use especially since I'm lacking so much sleep with my huge tummy, I should at least reward myself with a good pillowcase!

Back of the packaging

Plain White Charmeuse Pillowcase
2pcs for Php800.00 (approx $20.00)


 Though Ms. Piggy isn't happy with the next change of pillowcase, I think she'll change her mind once she rubs her butt against the soft, satin-y finish of my new Charmeuse Pillowcase!  Honesty speaking, it's pricier as compared to regular cotton pillowcases but I'm quite happy on how soft it feels against my skin!

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I Wonder:
"How Often Do You Change Your Pillowcase and does the quality of the pillowcase matters to you?"

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 (Product received for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I change my pillowcases (and bed sheet) every week. :)

  2. Ang cute ni Ms Piggy! I changed sheets/ pillowcases as often as possible. Buy sheets with at least 400 to 600 thread counts for a good night's sleep!


  3. The creasing thing is actually an interesting view~

    Anyway, I change mine once a week. I learned my mistake when my face broke out like crazy...just on one side...the side I slept on haha

  4. Currently, I'm changing mine every 2 days. I don't turn on the AC, I can still tolerate the heat but I can't tolerate sweaty pillow cases.


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