Monday, April 8, 2013

Travel Essentials: the Brag and Pantypak

Velvet Rose --- I consider this a "household name" when it comes to all types of underwear, brassiere, hosiery, lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear to bedroom novelty items.  I've attended a lot of Bridal Shower parties and I always go to this store for sexy yet super tasteful sleepwear for the "honey-mooners".  True enough, my friends got taste too!  I also got a couple of Velvet Rose products as gifts during my own bridal shower party!  

Today, the company has expanded to more products!  This time, to protect the underwear we love!  I mean, I used to put these clothing items last on my "to take care" list!  And boy do good quality, great form underwear makes a HUGE difference!  

When I recently got my own set of Brag and Pantypak (thanks The Brag Company!), I put it up on Instagram right away and immediately put my "most prized" underwear and brassieres and tuck it safely inside my hospital bag!   I know I shouldn't bother but giving birth seriously scares the hell out of me so why not at least have something cute to cheer me up when I'm scared? 

Brag and Pantypak Tiffany
Brag costs Php1,995.00 (approx $49.87)
Pantypack costs Php1,195.00 (approx $29.87)

Okay, they are seriously pricier than those we see inside department stores but (unfortunately) the more inexpensive ones I own aren't that much in a good condition anymore!  Plus, the Brag holds MORE brassieres than the inexpensive ones so I'm definitely keeping my eye on these and see if the quality they say really makes a huge difference!

More designs to choose from ---
Bra Brag

Bra Bag Buxom

and of course, the Pantypak where you get to separate the Clean and Not So Clean undies!  I'd still prefer to have a separate plastic bag to store the Not So Clean undies before putting them inside the Pantypak.

More cute designs to choose from!  These can also work as cutesy-patootsie pouches too!

*all photos except Instagram photo taken from The Brag Company/Velvet Rose Company.
**For more information, please visit Velvet Rose Lingerie's Facebook fan page and Twitter Account.  You can also follow them on Instagram (velvetroselingerie) and head on to their official website for product listing and purchases

How do you keep your brassiers and undies during travel?
Do you own a similar case and do you find them useful?

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(Product received as gift.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


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    1. Super no? Parang lagayan ng undies, accessories na din :)

  2. i have one bra case and i tot it'd be convenient when i go travel, and hoo boy, i was wrong! because the casing is so bulky so it actually takes up the all the space in my luggage =_=

  3. Hi Nikki! Love your feature! Thank you for this! :)


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