Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eureka Moment: Inexpensive Moisturizer that Works!

After giving birth, I've noticed that my hands and feet are extra dry!  I know I've been complaining about my dry skin for years but the dryness today is different and I call myself a "shrink" (not the but a lady with shrinking skin (from dryness)!  

Since I'm actively moving and staying close to Baby AMW for the whole day, I stayed away from any lotions or creams as I know how sensitive baby skin could be so I'd rather suffer the dryness rather than Baby AMW suffering from possible allergies.  But after 3 weeks in denial, I've decided to at least moisturize my hands at night as I spend lesser time cuddling Baby AMW (trying hard not to do so).

I've had the Jergens Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer for quite some time and even gifted some to my mom who actively uses moisturizing lotions for her legs before she use her medical leg stockings!  I'm glad I finally gave it a try as this product is indeed "Eureka Moment" worthy! 

Jergens says ---

Works with your body's natural restorative process for revived-looking skin.  
Made with a rich blend of antioxidant vitamins and pure evening primrose extract, Jergens Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer repairs a week's worth of dry skin damage in one night, for visibly smoother skin the next morning.

  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Contains evening primrose, jasmine and black currant extracts.
I enjoyed using this at night as the texture is creamy and smooth (not to forget it smells great!), though texture is thicker than regular Jergens Lotion, I find that the product gets absorbed into the skin easily and I wake up with smoother hands after a week's usage!  

Since I'm still on "recovery" period after labor, I also use this immediately after washing my hands as my fingers are still swollen and numb from pregnancy!  There's no medical evidence if this works or not but my hands and fingers have the feeling of relief after doing the application.

Why this product is part of my Eureka Moment?  Well...Jergens Overnight Repair costs Php99.00 (approx $2.00) for 100ml and Php342.00 (approx $8.55) for 650ml.  

Definitely a product worth checking out!

Any Eureka Moment you've encountered lately?  (product related)
I'd love to hear from you as I've been out of the loop and been staying at home for quite some time, I need enlightenment!  *laughs*

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  1. I have to agree with you, this lotion really works! I tried the smallest bottle they had and it was very moisturizing. made my hands feel soft. I didn't repurchase it though, coz I was so curious to try out other brands...hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. I know what you mean Hollie! we really like to try different brands no? But I'm glad you feel the same :D

  2. Is it good enough to use on cracked heels?

    1. It depends on how "deep" the cracks on your heels are! I suggest you use a more potent lotion made especially for cracked heels (even if you do so, it takes a long time for product to really work) and wear socks in the evening! It'll help keep the moisture intact :D

  3. i'm a jergen's fanatic and this is a must try ;)

  4. I used Jergens before and got great results with it.however, my hands and feet are also prone to fungal infections for some reason and I switched to a doctor prescribed moisturizing cream which didn't aggravate the fungal infections. Otherwise, Jergens is a good brand for moisturizer that I'd recommend too

    1. oh, if you are prone to fungal infections, you did the right thing by having them checked by a doctor! :) goodluck, I hope everything is better now


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