Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Food Trip: Go Nuts' Cookie Butter Donuts

Happy Weekend AMW Friends!!!
Finally, I'm blogging in real time as Baby Kyle is sleeping!  You've been reading some scheduled posts for the past few weeks and I missed you guys!  As promised, I will be sharing more about my experience being a mom when I get the chance! Baby AMW is a good boy, he's not a handful (for now) but I still prefer to watch him every minute and memorize all his cute expressions!  As you know, they grow up pretty fast and I don't want to miss those special moments!

I just want to write a quick post to thank our dearest friends from Go Nuts Donuts!  I haven't been going out since giving birth, I went out exactly once for Kyle's first doctor's check-up!  So weekend food trip isn't possible as I am vowed to eat some specific foods to nurse my body back to health! One of the "best" nursing back to health food that I need to consume are chocolates or anything creamy that "warms the body", it was great timing when Go Nuts Donuts asked us to pick a dozen of their newest Butter Cookie Donuts!

I love how they have more choices of doughnuts to choose from!

The newest Cookie Butter Donuts which I believe received positive responses based on my Instagram  (@AskMeWhats) feedback!

Just because I believe in sharing, half of these were shared to Mr. AMW's colleagues and the other half?  Went straight to my stomach!  *tee hee* Can't help it!  The big watermelon inside my tummy was gone so I have more space for food! :P

My feedback?  Well, I'm usually not into creamy doughnuts (I always go for the simple original ones) but I am quite surprised the cookie butter cream isn't too sweet, it melts perfectly inside the mouth on each bite!  My verdict?  Will definitely go back for more but I'm sure my waist isn't happy with my decision!

Cookie Butter Donuts from Go Nuts Donuts costs around Php36.00 (approx $0.90) each.

Have you tried Cookie Butter Donuts?
Do you like it?  

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  1. If you get the chance, try Biscoff Spread talaga, hehe!

  2. i wanna try this but having second thoughts... hahaha baka my toast smothered with cookie butter is better lol... but i'm interested. i find gonuts so sweet before so i rarely buy.

  3. hi nikki! i saw my name as a winner of your celeteque giveaway, but i didn't receive any email...

    btw, congrats on ur baby boy! :))


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